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Federal Skilled Workers case: Pending for 5001 days (-4218 days more than average)
20 Oct 2008
Buffalo, USA
05 Mar 2009
4378 days
30 Nov -0001
10 Mar 2009
Recieved AOR letter stating "Waiting for the minister's instructions".

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Posted by mery
19 Feb 2009 #1

Here is teh answer to your questions:
I am not sure what are "38 Occupation List", can you please send the list to me?
I applied under federal skilled workers category.
I got a regular AOR
Posted by rahulbhide
11 Mar 2009 #2
orbitz, I have applied on 13th Nov 2008 and havent received the AOR yet(hoping to receive soon). Anwyas Can you tell me what s your profile. For example I have H1 in US currently and have done MS in US. I have refered to the Immigration news which says that Canadian immigration minister is going to make decision about the expected # of immigrants by this March end. Hence I think AOR is good but application will hang until we get the decision by the minister. Hope they keep the # of imigrants to their usual 250K application.
Posted by sbasu
11 Mar 2009 #3
Orbitz, Congrats! on your next step.
Do you fall in the "38 Occupation List" ?
Posted by orbitz
11 Mar 2009 #4

No I don't fall in "38 list". But the online status says "We started processing your application on XXXXXX".
I am confuzed too. The AOR letter says "waiting for ministers instructions".
Posted by orbitz
11 Mar 2009 #5

I think the applications filed in october 2008 are recieving AOR. I believe U will recieve ur aor very soon.
Did u apply before 28th november ?
I have just finished masters in US and currently on OPT.
I believe that they are going to consider cases after FEb 2008 till November 2008 as per the old rules othervise they should have refused the applications straight away. just crossing my fingers and waiting.............
all d very best for your case.

Posted by krishmeu
11 Mar 2009 #6
Orbitz -
I applied on june 2008 and got my AOR in January .
Now compared with other applicants my AOR took such a long time. I have seen people receiving AOR with in a month or two after filing.
Now why Nov 28th is special? Do you know what the major changes in NOC? any other changes?
Posted by orbitz
11 Mar 2009 #7

The new immigration rules were out (implemented) on Nov 28th.
There are no changes in the NOC, but for skilled worker category, the minister has decided "38 occupations in demand".
If you are in that "38 list" you are eligible othervise not.
Applications in between 27th feb and 28th Nov are on hold...I think
they are giving provisional AOR in this time period if you don't meet the criteria of "38 list"
hope it might help ........
Posted by krishmeu
12 Mar 2009 #8
But what does it mean 'provisional AOR in this time period if you don't meet the criteria of "38 list" '?
If I get rejected, can I reapply sometime later?
Posted by rahulbhide
12 Mar 2009 #9
Thanks for the clarification. Hmm sounds right.I read about news during nov 2008. I have applied before 15th nov so let s hope it helps. But minister John has also urged applicants to apply asap before end of mar 09 because he thinks there might some change in the # of visas offered for year 2009.
Lets hope we get cleared in that.
All the best.
Posted by krishmeu
12 Mar 2009 #10
Hi Rahul,

I am confused.. So people who applied (FSK but not in new NOC job list ) after Feb 28th but before November 28th is going to be ok?
Not going to be rejected?
Posted by orbitz
12 Mar 2009 #11

Your discussion above make sense to me. Otherwise there was no point in holding applications for so long.
Lets pray for good for all of us.
Posted by rahulbhide
13 Mar 2009 #12
Sorry for confusion,especially when I dont have 100% idea about whats the sork plan of CIS right now. Last year If you have applied before Nov end, I think they will consider thoese applications for regular FSK applicants. Bcoz I read on the CIS news in specific, it says the NOC 38 FSK applicants if have applied before Nov 2008 should consider reapplying bcoz before nov08 their application was considered under normal FSK application. So to get special treat for noc 38 they said application after nov 08 for noc 38 wil be givend fitst preference.
As far as normal FSK, they are accepting applications but keeping on hold bcoz they are waiting for ministers instructions. If minister says for ex. that if CIS has received more than 200K applications under normal FSK then they wont accept any applications after mar 09. conversely CIS might decide of regular target of 245K visas which might enable our applications to be prossesd at normal spped.
In any case we will have to sit and wait and there are not much activities on day to day basis as far as CIS goes.
So we dnt have any option but to wait for Minsiter John's instructions coming out in end of mar or 1st week april.
Posted by krishmeu
13 Mar 2009 #13
Hi Guys -
You guys are very helpful - Thanks for all the information. I know - lets hope for the best.
Please keep us posted if there is any news from Minister John.

Posted by ferganer
18 Mar 2009 #14
Hey ORBITZ, I am so glad for you and so happy to learn that those not on the Minister's list can actually make it to the next stage. I still cannot believe in this. Are you sure your occupation is not on the list and you have not studied or worked in Canada? I also applied before Nov 2008 and was really hoping I'd get through. But the new rules came out and I got so much hopeless. Anyways, can you, please, let us know why you might have gotten to the next phase? Any clue? Thanks.
Posted by ferganer
18 Mar 2009 #15
Oh, I guess I got the whole thing wrong: your case was not transferred to a local office. I misread your post. My bad. Anyway, I really hope all pre-November cases will be eventually considered.
Posted by KhanNT
26 Aug 2009 #16
any update on your case?

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