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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 457 days (326 days less than average)
17 Feb 2008
Buffalo, USA
23 May 2008
Bachelors (4-year)
28 Oct 2008
02 Nov 2008
13 Nov 2008
11 Nov 2008
23 Mar 2009
19 May 2009
08 Jun 2009
457 days
30 Nov -0001
09 Jun 2009
Local Consulate - New York

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Posted by HCPC
14 Feb 2009 #1
Posted by rimi
20 Mar 2009 #2
Did you send your passport from India then? Did you get your PPR?
Posted by mojojojo
06 May 2009 #3
Did you get your passport back yet?
Posted by sapguru
07 May 2009 #4
Any update? Any idea why is it taking so long.. lot of people who got medical in Nov/Dec have received PPR request!
Posted by juanda
09 Jun 2009 #5
Hi gophillies,

Can you share how long did it take for New York to send your passport back? From the day they received it to the day you got it back (June 8).

Posted by gophillies
09 Jun 2009 #6
Hi juanada,

I had sent my PP to NY CIC on the 28th of April. Got it back June 8th -- so nearly 1 month and 10 days.

Posted by juanda
09 Jun 2009 #7
Thanks gophilles,

gosh.... long wait ahead :P
Posted by gophillies
09 Jun 2009 #8
yeah, they say 15 working days which misleads people like us...
Posted by muzmil
23 Jun 2009 #9
Hi, can u tell me how did u send your passport ?
Posted by gophillies
23 Jun 2009 #10
I sent the passport by UPS Next day air. I had enclosed a Tyvek envelope, but they returned the passport (and the envelope) by Registered USPS.
Posted by imincanada
30 Jun 2009 #11
hi gophillies, i m from india too , i just need help , how long to get back pp from ny , i summitted on 28 may ,,,,,,

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