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25 Dec 2005
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08 Sep 2009
Hi, Thank you all for your support. I have got my passport stamping and planning to go to Canada in Jan/Feb-2010. Thank you all again. Regards Bala

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Posted by junaed
16 Mar 2009 #1
normaly it takes about 45 days after your medical result received by CHC. I have done my medical on 13th Feb, 09 and paid RPRF. I hav not heard anything yet.
I hope the above helps.

Best regards

Posted by balakri
18 Mar 2009 #2
Hi Juneed,

Thanks for your comment. I will be submitting my medicals in next 15 days and also the right of landing fee. What i was thinking is that when you are saying they are taking 46 days does that mean that the police verification and the work experience background and also the support money that we are having is that all verified by the canadian immigration or will they start this process once we submit these documetns.

Let me know if you have any ideas.
Best Regards
Posted by junaed
18 Mar 2009 #3
your police verification and work exp. should be verified by CHC before they ask for medical. I think medical and RPRF are the last stage. that means your other varification is already done. I have applied through workpermit.com and at the time of my medical they said it should take about 45 days to get PR. but I do not know exactly how long it will be. I am counting everyday for my case.
I will let you know my updates. feel free to ask any question.
hope above helps.
Posted by alysayeed
31 Mar 2009 #4
Dear Sir/Madam
I would like you to invite on this thread I hope you already aware of this
here we can share our time line and discuss
and kindly request you to please update trackitt so that other can get idea about the time frame
Posted by LostNCA
18 May 2009 #5
Hello, this is an invitation for the people who did there medical in Feb and are waiting eagerly for PPR, Please Post if your E-cas statues changes to "Medical Received" that means that PPR is on the way and its beneficial for all of us to know, God bless you.
Posted by balakri
02 Jun 2009 #6

I have submitted my medicals by 2nd May-09 that was the last date. Now again they have asked for the PCC ( It was submitted earlier) so again resubmitting it. Lets see how long it is going to delay the process. Fingers crossed. Its been a long wait. Hope we get the request for passport soon.
Any ideas if this will delay the process substantially.

Posted by sen2006
06 Jun 2009 #7
Hi balakri,

We have sent our RPRF and new child documents by 27 May and waiting for medicals request. Can you provide information to what all tests are involved in medicals?

Posted by balakri
08 Jun 2009 #8
Hi Sen,

We had done our medicals in India. It was nothing special. Normal Urine test/Blood test/ check for the eyesight / General check up. Doc checks up for any ubnormalities. One chest x-ray. They also check for HIV or AIDS if there is any problem the doctor has to let you know. If everything is okk they just forward the reports to the respective CHC.

All in all Nothing to be worried about.

Posted by sen2006
06 Jul 2009 #9
hi balakri,

i received medicals request on 22nd June 2009. will be completing by 14th july.

Question: after submitting medicals usually how long does it take for passport request? and are the passports submitted to Abu Dhabi or London?

Posted by balakri
16 Jul 2009 #10
Hi Sen,

From the forum it looks like it will take 5/6 months for the CHC to ask for the Passport request. I am not clear if we have to go in person or can we send it by courier or ask any of our friends going there to take it with them. Need to look into that. If you get anything do let me know.

Posted by balakri
21 Aug 2009 #11
Hi Stanger,

I had sent the passport though my Brother in law and it was submitted on the 20th of Aug-09. The stamping would be done by the 3rd of Sep hopefully. Fingers crossed.

Lets see what happens.

Best wishes
Posted by sen2006
07 Sep 2009 #12
Hi Bala,

Congrats on completing the process successfully. Happy landing.

I received my passport request last week. the letter from london office contained a address label (of UK CN immigration office) requesting us to submit passports, photos and self addressed envelope. After they stamp our passports they will send them to Abu Dhabi office which will in turn contact me for delivery. I was wondering if you or anyone received such request.

Posted by balakri
08 Sep 2009 #13
Hi Prashant,

Everyone who is sending the passport by courier gets the same letter. Just fill it the way it says. Its not very complicated.

Here from India we cannot send the passport by post hence had to sent it by my BIL.

All the best. Fill it up fast and send it across and very soon the PR is urs.

Good Luck.
Posted by ADCOOL
23 Sep 2009 #14
Congrates for your PR.

i also got my PR two days before. i am located in Dubai 055 6802063.
i am also planning to land in April 2010 only. if you can pass on some information regarding city , cost of living and jobs that will great help to me.
055 6802063

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