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Federal Skilled Workers case: Pending for 5963 days (-5180 days more than average)
06 Mar 2006
New Delhi, India
Bachelors (3-year)
04 Sep 2008
09 Aug 2008
5873 days
30 Nov -0001
31 Jul 2009

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Posted by rsurti
25 Mar 2009 #1
Dear Kaur,

Reason for delay after medicals is Background Check. Do you have any foreign travel. I travelled to USA & Uk for 2-3 years each and thus my background check is taking soo long.

What about u, do u have any such travel outside india.
Posted by KaurS
25 Mar 2009 #2
Hello Mr Surti

Thanks for your reply. Basically my father applied under skilled category and then he recieved an AEO. But like my mother underwent a kindey srugery in 2005 and my father was the donor. But our medicals went ok, and my mothers reports were normal. Now doctor did signal in slightest way that my mom was fit and every thing seemed normal. After medicals on 04/09/2008, we received a call from embassy on 8th december 2008. They said they might drop by my fathers workplace. But information after that. And i am studying abroad. My father visited to meet me in 2007 for about 2 weeks. I often traveled to and fro to india in summer holidays to meet my family. Could the surgery be the problematic reason? or is it me studying in Canada?

Best Regards
Posted by rsurti
25 Mar 2009 #3
hey..why dont u apply for CAIPS as u r in canada u can easly get it in a month. Thus u will know about mediclas through caips.
Posted by rahi
16 May 2009 #4

Even I am from India & done my diploma in EC can you just tell me which course r u studying in canada as i am interested to apply for student visa
Posted by chintan155
19 Jul 2009 #5
Hi Mr. Surti,

Can you brief me how did you arrange job there ?

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