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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 712 days (71 days less than average)
22 May 2008
Buffalo, USA
25 Sep 2008
Bachelors (4-year)
05 Mar 2009
25 Sep 2009
30 Sep 2009
10 Apr 2010
04 May 2010
30 Apr 2010
04 May 2010
712 days
09 Apr 2009
04 May 2010
Finally, got my PR.. Wish you all the best to whom are waiting for passport request.

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Posted by filipina
09 Apr 2009 #1
Hi canada4w, good to know that we are same MAY applicants and our AOR are same also just like you we recieved our AOR sept. 2008. We are in the same situation that we totally don`t know what`s their procedure in handling our case. Just like you i`m asking also if they will upate our E-CAS if they had some documents needed. But i guess they will send us letters or notice this time from their satellite offices where our files transferred.

In our case, our files was transferred to Seattle last march 4. I just learned that in E-CAS then march 18 we recieved a notice from Buffalo office stating that our files was transferred to Seattle and not to request status of our file for 90 days. As of now it`s almost 1 month but no further notice from them, maybe around MAY we can hear a positive feedback from them. But i wish that this month maybe our turn for medicals (hehehe). Let`s hope for the best. Goodluck to you also. Just keep me posted if you hear something news from CIC. Thanks
Posted by filipina
11 May 2009 #2
Hi, any updates?
Posted by canada4w
12 May 2009 #3
Hi Friends,

Not yet... Waiting for good news.. Lets see, I think LA office is very fast as compare to other offices as I saw one case in which he got file transfer after me even he got IA & Medical request...

Does interview location or area of residence after PR makes any difference as I selected Alberta as the prospective province to live...
Posted by nindi
12 May 2009 #4
Hi Canada4w,

I guess we all are in the same boat. I filed in May as well, and received my AOR in October. They transferred my case on January 15, 2009 to Detroit office. After that, I haven't received anything from them. It's almost 3-4 months. I have checked online, it says that my case is still in process and they transferred my file.

Hope to hear soon from CIC.. and hope for the best..

Posted by canada4w
14 May 2009 #5
Hi Nindi,

I think 90 days waiting is over in your case as they transfer your file to detroit office. So, I am wondering that did you ask about the status of your application via e-mail or phone. Please give some detail as I am waiting for their reply and if not receiving anything then at the end of waiting time I am planning to send query about the status of my application.
Posted by nindi
25 May 2009 #6
Hello Canada4w:

I didn't receive anything from them. I wanted to email them, but my lawyer asked me not to since he just sent the documents to them May 07, 2009. He wants me to wait for 30-90 days and after that he'll write them a status letter or something..If you send them a query, let me know because I will do the same thing.. Thanks in advance

Posted by filipina
03 Nov 2009 #7
Hi Canada4, How are you? any update pls.
Posted by Waiting4PR
11 Jan 2010 #8
dude even myslef watiing for update from seattle. as i send my app to buffalo they transferred it to seattle on oct 2009. when i enquired with seattle office they said my file is under eveiew by immi officer.... i doono exactly still how many days it will take......
Posted by Jotas
05 Feb 2010 #9
canada4w - just saw your post on hope101 page. Just want to clarify, have you received your passport request?
Posted by canada4w
08 Feb 2010 #10
No.. I m waiting for that but recently I asked for updateand they told me that my application is ready for finalization and they will going to to send instruction in mail but they didn't told me instruction about what ? I am expecting that about passport request as I completed my medical as well as they also updated police clearence by themself.
Posted by canada4w
08 Apr 2010 #11
I also received my passport request and my file is been processed in detroit. So, can you please tell me how did you send your passport. I mean via Fedex / Canada Post.

In addition, Please share your experience about what other formalities We have to complete or What other application we have to do ??
Posted by jydo
09 Apr 2010 #12
congratulations on your passport request. Can you please update your record. Most importantly can you change your visa office from Buffalo to Detriot so that we all can monitor the timeline at Detriot office.


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