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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 1299 days (-516 days more than average)
15 Jul 2007
London, UK
09 Aug 2007
Bachelors (4-year)
17 Aug 2009
28 Aug 2009
30 Jun 2010
09 Jul 2010
14 Jul 2010
20 Dec 2010
03 Feb 2011
14 Feb 2011
1299 days
20 May 2009
22 Feb 2011
UK pcc sent on 8th Sep 2009.

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Posted by faizan
18 Aug 2009 #1
Dear hemyoki
congrats on getting your document update letter
i have same timline as yours and reside in KSA and still awaiting my letter
it seems all the applicants of our timeline got the update letter
can you kindly tell me whether you reside in UK or in Gulf ? and how much time do you have for submission of documents
Posted by hemyoki
19 Aug 2009 #2
Hi Faizan,

I am currently residing in India, I returned from UK a couple of months ago. I do have an agent representing me.
I have till 17 dec 2009 to submit my docs. I think its only a matter of time before you get your call.

all the best
Posted by azyz01
24 Oct 2009 #3
hello hemyonki!
How r u?I am also an FSW 2007 applicant and i am sailin in the same boat as of you..i got doc update 17 aug 2009 and i had send my documents on 13 oct 2009.
Just want to ask you..does our doc review starts after our final day of doc request..tht is our limit to submit doc update was 17 dec..so the docs r reviewed by the VISA officer after 17 dec.or its as soon as they receive our doc.I m curious coz i am a resident of saudi arabia and i am plannin my vacation to india accordingly..so as not to miss my medicals or any additional doc request from chc london.
Hope to hear from you..have a nice time in india.
Posted by venkydeergha
14 Dec 2009 #4
Hi All,

I am sailing in the same boat as you guys are..... sent in requested documents on the 18th of November but yet to send in IELTS scores that is due on the 17th December. But, the problem is my current visa expires on the 27th of Jan 2010, bit worried if i don't hear from CHC before that. Would it be a problem if i move back to India (my native country) until i hear further from CHC? Can someone suggest if you have any clue please?
Posted by faizan
13 Jul 2010 #5
cheers done with ur medicals congrats
Posted by MedicineHatt
22 Feb 2011 #6
Hi ,

Buddy congrats on getting PPR.Have you received your passports back with stamped visa?
Posted by hemyoki
22 Feb 2011 #7
yes i have received my passport
Posted by MedicineHatt
22 Feb 2011 #8
thanks for the info dear.

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