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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 445 days (338 days less than average)
11 Jul 2006
Buffalo, USA
24 Jul 2006
15 May 2007
24 May 2007
24 May 2007
15 Jun 2007
06 Sep 2007
29 Sep 2007
29 Sep 2007
445 days
30 Nov -0001
29 Sep 2007
I had sent my passports on 24th september with a prepaid usps express mail and got back the visas within a week.

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Posted by koiek
08 Jan 2007 #1
nachi i am also in your boat, keep in touch,
Posted by arcsap
17 Jan 2007 #2
I have received the same .Any suggestion for buying books.
or any idea for exam. plz let me know. that would be a great help
thanks and good luck
Posted by nachi
17 Jan 2007 #3
Amazon has a couple of books that gives you papers etc. I have already given a University of Cambridge ESOL exam. It was for Business English. So i do not expect this to be a lot different than that. The best thing to do would be to brush up on your writing skills. Reading and Listening and speaking shouldn't be a problem if you have been working in U.S. Thats my gut feeling.

Good Luck
Posted by rani
26 Jan 2007 #4
same boat
Posted by nachi
26 Mar 2007 #5
Send IELTS test results to my immigration attorney today - 20 days before the 120 days. Fingers Crossed.
Posted by razaabbas
26 Mar 2007 #6
do u mind me asking what your score was...???? I mean say if dont have a perfect score, would you still be able to meet the minimum criteria of 67 points...thanks...
Posted by nachi
27 Mar 2007 #7
9 - speaking , listening 8.5 , reading 8.5 writing 7...i have a masters and more than 6 years of work exp....i think i should not have trouble in clearing 67 points.
Posted by nachi
30 May 2007 #8
I have received the following from my lawyer.

We have received your Medical Papers from the Canadian Consulate General, Detroit, pertaining to your Application for Permanent Residence in Canada. The concerned visa officer has made a preliminary review of your file and has decided that interview is not required in your case. However, the visa officer has asked for the following additional documents to be submitted to the Canadian Consulate General, within 90 days from their letter dated May 24, 2007.

* Right of permanent residence fees for you and your spouse i.e US $ 415.00 each payable to "Canadian Consulate General".
* Updated evidence of funds.

Does this mean my file has been transferred to the Detroit Consulate??? Also has my Initial Assessment been completed???

Posted by arcsap
30 May 2007 #9
Hey Nachi,

Thanks a lot for the case update,
And congratulations for the next sep.
I was little late for submitting the IELTS exam result. though I just gave the exam.
My case is 5 days before yours. just hoping to get the medical papers anytime.
Are you from NJ, anysuggestion where should we go for medical,.
or can we do the medical before we get the papers. as I have to go out of country after a month
Any idea?
Posted by koiek
01 Jun 2007 #10
hi nachi, congrats on you IA. I did not yet hear anything since July 06, no IELTS etc. are you a single applicant and in Canada, or your lawyer pushed the IA for you. should I email buffalo and ask my status or request for speedy IA. it's been a long wait man.
Posted by nachi
01 Jun 2007 #11

I am from Chicagoland area. You can check the practitioners available in your area at http://www.cic.gc.ca/dmp-md/medical.aspx
But you would need to wait for the Medical Exam request from the Consulate as they send you a form that needs to be filled by the medical practitioner. They give you 90 days to do the medical exams.


I am applying with my wife. We are in Chicagoland and i did go through an Immigration consultant. I have no idea if you should email buffalo and ask for your status, but i remember reading on their website not to request for the case status etc from them.
Posted by koiek
01 Jun 2007 #12
hi nachi, yaar I did not hear anything since last july. i do not even know whether they are looking thru my file or not. u know what I mean. nothing heard from them except the AOR. i hope everything is ok. when r u getting ur mdls?

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