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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 1823 days (-1040 days more than average)
03 May 2004
New Delhi, India
14 Aug 2004
24 Jul 2008
31 Jul 2008
18 Aug 2008
23 Apr 2009
30 Apr 2009
07 May 2009
07 Jun 2009
1823 days
30 Nov -0001
27 Jun 2009

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Posted by openoyster
30 Nov 2007 #1

Can I ask about the expiry date of the visa? The visa is valid for one year from the date the medicals done OR from the date the visa stamped on the passport? I appreciate your response.
Posted by vsubraya
04 Apr 2008 #2
should be from the date of VISA stamped....
Posted by vsubraya
15 May 2008 #3
Hi rsurti,
Have you become member of this....i see good discussions going on there. http://www.immigration.ca/discussion2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=25973&whichpage=34 , i have seen your somewhere similar name in the above thread !!
Posted by rajk2004
18 Aug 2008 #4
Hi Rsurti,
How come u got the medical so fast, just after submittion of the documents ?
Posted by deepgagan83
27 Aug 2008 #5
Hi Rsurti,
I did not travel India too much.I think wait is the best thing to complete the process. God will do the good bcoz He never does wrong. Hope for the best. Thnx for ur touch. Keep in tuch. Best of Luck. May luck strike at your door at the earliest.

Posted by Sandip
09 Sep 2008 #6
Hi Mr. Surti,

I am Sandip Patel. I have been following ur case. My AOR date is 11.09.2004 hence i am expecting letter for document updation from CIC anytime now.

Juat wanted to know that what all documents are asked by CIC...?

I had submitted all the required docs at the time of application i.e. PCC, IELTS Score, Funds availability, Job Experience etc.

Will CIC again ask me to submit all these docs??

Can u pls throw som,e light on this so that i can start preparing docs now...


Posted by jeel2008
04 Nov 2008 #7
Kindly view my details also.

I have sent my updated information on 17th June,2008. Still no reply. It is almost 4.5 months. When can we expect any correspondence from embassy.

In trackit there are cases where after sending updated information it takes at the most 5 months after which medical is recieved.

Kindly let me know on urgent basis. Also if anyone aware please let me know when can I expect medicals.

For information I have filed on my own in June,2003. If anyone filed through agent kindly ask them any revert back on my query regarding how much time it takes after sending updated information ? Also is there any way to contact embassy and ask them. Kindly revert and be in touch if u get any correspondence from embassy.

Posted by kam1000
05 Dec 2008 #8
Hi! What's your status? Hv you heard frm CHC yet after your medicals?
Posted by comingcanada09
18 Dec 2008 #9
dear surti could u update members what happ to ur case.
Posted by kumar22
23 Feb 2009 #10
Hi surti

When are u planning to land ,what about job hunt ?what are the best ways to find job while in India
Posted by jeel2008
07 Mar 2009 #11
My medical letter was dated 6th Feb'09. I reveived on valentine day (14th Feb'09). I did my medicals on 16th feb'09. They have asked addnal information of available and transferable funds and also asked to pay right of permanent residence fee (i.e. Rs.19900 per person). The same was sent to them on 6th March,2009. Now I want to know after how many days I will receive request for passport.
Posted by KaurS
25 Mar 2009 #12
Hello Me Surti

Its about to be almost 7 months, since we had our medical done. Do you know what is the maximum gap between passport request and medical? And what is the reason for these kinds of delays? i was looking at the other peoples profile, and their PPR date was very soon after the medical...so i feel a bit worried.....

Thanks & Regards
Posted by KaurS
25 Mar 2009 #13
Hello Mr Surti

Thanks for your reply. Basically my father applied under skilled category and then he recieved an AEO. But like my mother underwent a kindey srugery in 2005 and my father was the donor. But our medicals went ok, and my mothers reports were normal. Now doctor did signal in slightest way that my mom was fit and every thing seemed normal. After medicals on 04/09/2008, we received a call from embassy on 8th december 2008. They said they might drop by my fathers workplace. But information after that. And i am studying abroad. My father visited to meet me in 2007 for about 2 weeks. I often traveled to and fro to india in summer holidays to meet my family. Could the surgery be the problematic reason? or is it me studying in Canada?

Best Regards

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