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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 880 days (-97 days more than average)
25 Mar 2007
London, UK
29 Jun 2007
07 Mar 2009
10 Apr 2009
08 Jun 2009
10 Jul 2009
29 Jul 2009
02 Aug 2009
21 Aug 2009
21 Aug 2009
26 Sep 2009
14 Nov 2009
880 days
30 Nov -0001
16 Nov 2009
Received passports with visa :-) So happy that it is over now.

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Posted by mjehanzeb
16 Jul 2007 #1
AOR waiting period 42-48 months
Posted by alimola
20 Mar 2009 #2
i think we should get our 90 days letter in 2-3 moths cuz everybody who applied in may got there's init bruver.
Posted by fariborz98
19 Apr 2009 #3
3 july has recieved
u are quite close
may be tomorow
Posted by mjehanzeb
08 Jun 2009 #4
Finally today, sent my updated documents to CHC London. Now, back to waiting game!
Posted by KakashiSensei
09 Jun 2009 #5
Hi, I saw your latest update and congratulations for getting here so far, less than the average days of a normal application. I am working here in Riyadh and I am wondering where's your location when you submitted your initial application. I understand that the number of days is based on the location of the applicant.

thanks and goodluck....
Posted by mjehanzeb
09 Jun 2009 #6
I am based in Dubai, UAE. Yeah, it seems CHC London is moving reasonably good these days. Hope everything goes well and get medicals request soon! Best of luck to your case.
Posted by KakashiSensei
09 Jun 2009 #7

When do you expect to get the medical request?

For my case, I hope to get the document request in a couple of months from now, btw, did you get the letter from CHC London asking if you wanna continue your application. Ive read some cases recently that some received such letter. Im pretty worried cause i dont receive it yet, been checking the PO Box lately....
Posted by mjehanzeb
10 Jun 2009 #8
I have no idea when medical request comes in but based on recent timelines of applicants, I could expect it within 3-4 months. Actually it depends on many factors. Yeah I did receive letter from London office asking whether I am interested to continue. If you've not received it then no need to worry. Either you'll receive this letter or direct documents update letter. Good Luck.
Posted by KakashiSensei
24 Jun 2009 #9

Hi, sorry to bother you again, I wanna ask you some questions regarding the document request sent to you by the visa office in London.
1.Did you receive the complete list of required documents from them? I have seen updated checklist in pdf files (IMM7023E) from their website, does this list apply to all applicants regardless of when they submitted their application.
2.Regarding the confirmation request, is it true that there is a 90-day period that applicants are required to send their confirmation letter to them? In this case, can I send my reply to them even if I don't receive any letter yet.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by mjehanzeb
26 Jul 2009 #10

Today I got my medical request. The letter was posted on July 10, 2009. Interestingly this is the same date when I asked them to update my mailing address.
Posted by chintu
26 Jul 2009 #11
Dear Mjehanzeb,

Congrats. Thats pretty fast i guess. Hope u get a fast PPR too. I am exactly one month after you [in terms of AOR, update request and document sending].

Posted by 465465
26 Jul 2009 #12
Hi mjehnbaz,

congratulations on your med requests. I have send my document updates on 01.06.09 and have received aknowledgment dt. 11.06.09. My ecase status shows they started processing on 16.07.09. Till now i have not heard anything from them. Hope we will get some good news recently.

Pls let me know whats your qualification and your occupation.


Posted by mjehanzeb
27 Jul 2009 #13
Dear Chintu,
Thank you. Yeah, I hope you'll hear from CHC very soon. Just keep checking your PO box periodically.

@raj, I'm computer science graduate. Wish you best of luck.
Posted by 465465
27 Jul 2009 #14
to the best of my understanding the first preference for processing is given to IT & Systems people. I have been watching the cases of applicants who have received their medical requests within 1 - 2 months from the document updates, 90% of them are Computer Science Graduates.

Any idea about the Accountants - How Long it takes.


Posted by alysayeed
29 Jul 2009 #15

Dear Friends

I too was graduated as a Bachelors of Computer Applications

i updated my late IELTS in 30th jan. when can i except Medical

any one who had updated there documents in June plz update me if they receive medical request



Posted by alysayeed
29 Jul 2009 #16
sorry on 30th June 2009
Posted by ADCOOL
27 Aug 2009 #17
this is avinash, i am from Dubai,
My time line is matching withyou. i have submitted Passports for visa statmping.

if you are from UAE , Please get intouch. we can share info and help each other.

AD - 055 6802063

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