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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 438 days (345 days less than average)
19 Jan 2008
Buffalo, USA
20 Mar 2008
16 Sep 2008
10 Dec 2008
10 Dec 2008
10 Feb 2009
02 Jan 2009
06 Mar 2009
01 Apr 2009
01 Apr 2009
438 days
30 Nov -0001
05 Apr 2009
The materils is resubmitted on Jan 19,2008. AOR was got on Mar.20.2008 .The case is trsnsferred on Sep. 16 2008. Interview waived. Medical request.

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Posted by hope2011
11 Dec 2007 #1
Hi flybird! I'm sorry if this bothers you. I was actually planning to send my application this december considering the slow movement of applications here in US. But due to some circumstances, I wasn't able to send my application this month and might be pursuing by next december. How do I remove my case from this discussion?
Posted by capikecil
20 Dec 2007 #2
I see your application filed is almost the same as mine (11/13)
So, let's keep track at each other.

Just wondering, have Buffalo encashed you money order?
Posted by flybird
20 Dec 2007 #3

Thank you for your kind. it is good to track at each other,for the applying time is almost same.
I don't know if my money order is encashed, I bought them in USPS and them can't be tracked.
Posted by capikecil
21 Dec 2007 #4
hey, looks someone just get his/her AOR (see on the list)
so, hopefully ours are next.
Posted by mescalito
09 Jan 2008 #5
Hi flybird,
Any news on your AOR? I'm next in line after you and it'd be nice to know if there'a any movement in your case.
Posted by flybird
09 Jan 2008 #6
I am so regret for my case. I got nothing so far.
And you? Let'me know how you are going
Posted by Rorschach
15 Jan 2008 #7
Flybird - Any updates yet? I am 10 days behind you and any AOR notification for you will mean good news shortly for me :)
Posted by Rorschach
19 Jan 2008 #8
Flybird - Sorry to know that the application was returned - al the best and hope the reprocess happens quickly
Posted by tangocharlie
11 Mar 2008 #9
hey flybird. we are in same time frame. i applied on jan 18,2008;waiting for AOR.
good luck and stay in touch.
Posted by mescalito
19 Mar 2008 #10
Flybird, do you know when your check got encashed?
Posted by mescalito
19 Mar 2008 #11
My check got encashed on 05th March 08. So hoping to get my AOR sometime soon.
Posted by mescalito
24 Mar 2008 #12
Congrats Flybird
What information or documents did they ask for along with the AOR letter?
Posted by flybird
24 Mar 2008 #13
Thanks. They don't ask for something. Just waiting...
I hope you also get your AOR soon.
Posted by timu12
25 Mar 2008 #14
good luck.
Posted by mescalito
28 Apr 2008 #15
Thanks Flybird. I trust all's going well with your case.
Posted by zxwy
22 Sep 2008 #16
I have the same timeline with you. They transferred my case to NY, 555555555... Which city did they transfer you case?
Posted by timu12
15 Dec 2008 #17
long time coming!
Posted by ontariopnp
14 Mar 2009 #18

Th mail which you received PPR with had senders information on envelop? yes or no ..please reply.


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