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Federal Skilled Workers case: Approved in 1100 days (-317 days more than average)
13 Oct 2005
London, UK
24 Oct 2005
15 Feb 2008
06 May 2008
21 Jul 2008
25 Aug 2008
17 Oct 2008
17 Oct 2008
1100 days
30 Nov -0001
19 Oct 2008
got "90 days letter"....22 Feb 2008 got medical examination form..05,June 2008 Medical done: 21 July 2008 Passport requested :25 August 2008 Sent out passoports: 22 September 2008 VISA recieved: 17 October 2008

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Posted by lucky2008
11 Jan 2008 #1
I'm waiting for 90 days letter desperately.......
Posted by lucky2008
06 Mar 2008 #2
90-day letter was received on 22,Feb 2008. Finally ,got it.
Posted by ivywang
02 Apr 2008 #3
hi, congrats on this. my AOR is on 12 Dec 2006, so still waiting. a quick question: have you been staying in the UK all along ever since as I noticed that you are a chinese :) I am a chinese too, and I left the UK in 2007, and I hope they wont transfer my case to china when they found out that I returned to china since.
Posted by lucky2008
03 Apr 2008 #4
Thank you!
Acutually, I've never been in UK. I am in Europe now.
I'm not sure about your case. But I guess You already noticed them your new mailing address,didn't you? since you are in china now, why don't you think transfering the case to Hongkong office? after all, waiting time in London office is dead long right now. I heard it's not very long in Hongkong office. You can check it out.

Good luck!
Posted by ivywang
27 Apr 2008 #5
hey, thanks Lucky2008.
Hope everything is running smooth for you now!
Keep us posted!
Posted by lucky2008
07 Jun 2008 #6
Got medical examination forms 05, June ,20008
Posted by topu
22 Jun 2008 #7
Hi Lucky2008:
When you say Initial Assessment, what do you mean actually? How do you know about when you were initially assessed? Do they write you about it?
Many thanks for your reply and time.
Good luck to you.
Posted by lucky2008
23 Jun 2008 #8
Hi topu!
Thank you for your comment.

I didnot got any letter saying about being initially assessed. Actually that's my just understanding. when I got medical request forms, I thought I was already initially assessed.

Good luck!
Posted by ivywang
25 Aug 2008 #9
Hey, Lucky2008, congrats on everything! You really got lucky in 2008, eh?
And BTW, I need some advice on proof of education, would you possibly email me through: [email protected] ?
Thanks a lot!!
And good luck to all!
Posted by lucky2008
26 Aug 2008 #10
Hi Ivy!

I tried to send you email. But it failed.It seems your email address is not correct. The following is what I got.

"This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (state 14).
Posted by topu
26 Aug 2008 #11
Lucky, congrats!!!!
Posted by ivywang
26 Aug 2008 #12
Thanks Lucky, for your kindness. Would you please try another account: [email protected]
And I am sure this would work just fine.
Best wishes!!
Posted by lucky2008
27 Aug 2008 #13
To: topu

Thank you.
Good luck to you!!
Posted by lucky2008
27 Aug 2008 #14
To: ivywang

I've already sent you a email to your second email address. Please check it out!
Posted by toronto4life
03 Sep 2008 #15
Hi Lucky2008,

Could you kindly advise what tests are done in the Medical?
I appreciate your reply to my query.

Best regards
Posted by lucky2008
04 Sep 2008 #16
Hi toronto4life!
The tests that we took are X-ray ,urine test,blood test, weight & height measuring as well as eyesight. Also doc asked us about the medical history. That's all what we took. It was pretty simple. We didn't expect that.

Anyway, don't worry about ME as long as you don't have serious disease such as tubercolosis or diabetes or AIDs...

Good luck!
Posted by AndyVerat
06 Oct 2008 #17
Hi Lucky
What is the "90 day letter" ?
Posted by lucky2008
19 Oct 2008 #18
Hi AndyVerat!

90 day letter is a letter which asked me to update some documents& information.

Good luck!

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