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Provincial Nominees case:
04 Dec 2008
Buffalo, USA
09 Feb 2009
24 Jan 2009
4939 days
30 Nov -0001
16 Oct 2013
apply under H1 stream, pre-assement application sent by email on 5/30/08, invitation to apply receive on 6/30/08, complete application package sent to alberta on 7/18/08, PNP certificate received on 10/6/08, ARO received from Buffelo on 1/24/09

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Posted by munnu
12 Oct 2008 #1
I have a Question for you...I am presently in USA under H1b, when i get nominated for alberta PNP...should i settle in Alberta Right away...or wait until i get my Fedaral PR ..i dont want to move to canada until i get my PR from federal government.Is that Possible ?

When i apply for Alberta PNP under H1B, they said that they would contact my present employer in USA...I dont want to know my present employer to know that i am immigrating to Canada....will my present employer know abt it ?
Posted by NayaGabru
24 Oct 2008 #2
I got PNP certificate on 10/16/08. Same as urs in H1B. Have u already sent the completed forms. Were u able to get police clearence frm India.
Posted by ar123
31 Oct 2008 #3
I still did not send the forms and for police clearence I will apply to Indian consulate at newyork
Posted by nix1
20 Nov 2008 #4
Hi ar123,

Congratulations! I have a quick question for you. Did you send birth certificate(s) and marriage certificate (if it applies to you) when you sent your documents for PNP certification? What about photos on the form IMM 0008 before making a photocopy of it? Thanks.
Posted by ar123
01 Dec 2008 #5
Thanks nix1, I did not sent birth cert and marriage cert during PNP application also no photos, only send copy of all federal form they
requested, sorry for late reply
Posted by nix1
03 Dec 2008 #6
No problem ar123. I sent my package on Nov 24th and they received it on Nov 28th. Now I am waiting for the file number from the AINP office.
Posted by ar123
26 Jan 2009 #7
Received ARO and medical forms from Buffelo office on 1/24/09, appointment for medical is on 2/7/09
Posted by nix1
26 Jan 2009 #8

Congratulations on receiving AOR and medical forms. When did Buffalo receive your application package? I assumed that you included police certificate with your application package? How fast do you need to send the medicals back? Thanks.
Posted by ar123
26 Jan 2009 #9
Thanks Nix1, buffalo receive my application package 6th Dec, I included FBI certificate from USA, I did no include police certificate from India as I was waiting for that so I added the note saying it is in process(Now I received it from Indian consulate), they asked to send medical back withing 60 days so I booked appointment on 7th Feb(I am near Boston)
Posted by harivenkat
26 Jan 2009 #10
thanks for the info nix1, ... i have applied sent my AINP to CIC on 22 Jan 2009.... lets see how it goes
Posted by Patience4GC
27 Jan 2009 #11
Do we have to have AE to be eligible to apply under AINP?
Posted by harivenkat
27 Jan 2009 #12
sorry my bad ... it was thanks ar123 for the info on the police certificate ... i did the same thing added a note saying that Indian PCC is in process. pls keep us posted as things progress
Posted by Chow
29 Jan 2009 #13
Hello Ar123,
Did you have any pending FSW CIC application with ARO number and requested to consider it for Alberta? Why I am asking you is, I applied for FSW in March, 2008 and received ARO number in August, 2008. But my application NOC was not listed in changed new NOC 38 occupations list. I sent an email to Canada immigration department asking how to move my FSW application process to AINP, they said I can not request the earlier/pending FSW application to consider for Alberta. I got my AINP certificate in Dec, 2008 and planning to apply my Alberta Final Stage Application processing in next week. I appreciate for your information.
Posted by ar123
30 Jan 2009 #14
Hi Chow, I dont have any other application pending, this the one I sent first time, in some thread I read that "you might have to withdraw pending application to apply for federal after getting AINP", please search
Posted by harivenkat
30 Jan 2009 #15
Hello Chow,

I am in the similar situation.. but the only difference is I had not recieved an AOR although my fee
was cashed... when i sent email to buffalo asking if they could switch FSW to PNP they said this.

But for some people they directly switched FSW to PNP and sent them letter. I have not recieved
any such letter. So I sent them a new PNP application with new fee with a note asking them to
convert FSW to PNP if possible.

"Permanent resident applications are created in our database and acknowledge letters are sent to the applicant within 30 weeks of receipt.

If you wish to be considered in another class, you may:

a) withdraw your initial application and reapply with a new application and new processing fees in the new class, or

b) submit a new application in another class, while continuing with the consideration of the original application"
Posted by nix1
03 Feb 2009 #16
ar123, when you booked for the medicals, did they tell you how much it is going to cost you? I am still waiting for my nomination, but I checked with the panel doctor in my area (Utah and there is only one), they are going to charge $358 per person for adult and $130 per person for child under 5 years old. I am not going to come to Boston even if it is a lot cheaper than here, but just wanted to know. But I am sure Boston doctors are more expensive than Utah. And Good luck with your medicals.
Posted by ar123
03 Feb 2009 #17
Hi Nix1, Thanks, not much difference, it is $350 per person for adult and $120 per person for child here in Boston
Posted by adr37
03 Feb 2009 #18
Hi AR123,
I am planing to apply Alberta H1b (ANIP),
would you give me some info how to answer the following questions?

3. Describe What you have done, or what you plan to do, to search for a job in
4. Describe your plans for initial settlement in Alberta. For instance,
where do you plan to liveand what type of accommodation are you are
5. Describe your familiarity with Alberta. For instance, what do you know
about its climate, labour market, cost of living, geography, etc.?

08 Feb 2009 #19
Hello ar123,

I was wondering if you can guide me with a quick thing for sending the papers to CIC Buffalo. The guidelines for CIC Buffalo mentions that all the attachments should be notarized. I was wondering to know that how did you get those papers notarized in USA (I believe that you are living in USA)? Did you notarize all the attachments or just wrote an oath and signed in the presence of a Notary stating that all the papers that you are sending are true copies of the originals.

Thanks in advance for your reply.
Posted by ar123
08 Feb 2009 #20
Hi Sukhminder, I did not sent notarized paper, all I did is made a copy and send it, they said to send notarized copy but I send without it and it work
Hi ADR, sorry for late reply, some how application I received do not have those questions so I will suggest to answer whatever they ask
Posted by Chow
13 Feb 2009 #21
My law firm asked me to submit new application for AINP. I got my certificate on dec5th,2008 and my law firm sending out today. I applied my FSW almost 10+ months back and got FSW AOR number 5+months back. I think no use of this number.
Posted by harivenkat
15 Feb 2009 #22
thanks for the update Chow... its confusing with CIC because some people were able to switch
from PNP to CIC .. and some in the same situation couldnt.
Posted by edmonton2010
19 Feb 2009 #23
anyone has any idea why Buffalo hasn't issued any new AOR since 24th jan 09?
Posted by Chow
21 Feb 2009 #24
It seems they haven't issued any AORs for applications received after dec 15th(especially beginning of this year). Any changes again....
Posted by Chow
21 Feb 2009 #25
Hi ar123,
Did you get request for medicals? Most of them got medical requests along with their AOR numbers.
Posted by edmonton2010
21 Feb 2009 #26
you are right Chow

now I am worried about my case :-(

it seems they just stopped working, maybe due to poor economy so they don't want new immigrant
Posted by asad80
07 Mar 2009 #27
Hi ar, Congratulations on such a smooth process for you.

I have currently applied on the H1b visa stream and my question is :

1. After receiving the invitation to apply - what did you recieve in that package- what letters and what to submit.
2. My concern is to understand what documents are needed like FBI fingerprinting checks, Police certificates etc to submit to CIC.
3. Can you provide a list of what was required in the package when applying for CIC.

Thank you
Posted by nix1
14 Mar 2009 #28

I hope your medicals went well and the results have been received by the CIC people. I think it goes to Ottawa first right. I still have not sent my docs to CIC. I am waiting for State PCCs.
Posted by ar123
15 Apr 2009 #29
Hi ASA80, when you get invitstion to apply for alberta,police certificate and FBI fingerprinting will not be required , you will receive main application form which you will have to fill up, also they asked to send copy of CIC forms(they will include in package, you will have to fill that up) + you will have to send related documents with the application(like copy of passport, visa, employment later etc.0
Posted by ar123
15 Apr 2009 #30
My file transffered to new york and I received request to send police certificate from india(as I did not included during application) and to send The Right of Permanent Residence fee ( final fee you have to pay if your application approved) meaning my application is approved so I am hoping to receive passport request after I send requested info
Posted by Chow
20 May 2009 #31
hi ar123,
did you get your passport request?
Posted by ar123
04 Jun 2009 #32
Hi Chow,
Yes finally I received passport request last friday
Posted by Chow
04 Jun 2009 #33
Posted by Chow
04 Jun 2009 #34
Hi ar123,
do you mind updating the dates reg. medicals request, transfer of file to local consulate, etc in this site...

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