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Provincial Nominees case: Approved in 942 days (-434 days more than average)
04 Apr 2009
01 Apr 2010
New York, USA
04 Apr 2009
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08 Sep 2011
29 Sep 2011
29 Sep 2011
02 Nov 2011
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22 Nov 2011
03 Jan 2012
Coutts, Alberta
942 days
30 Nov -0001
16 Jan 2012
Received passport and copr. Got a confirmed job too yay!

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Posted by LOURSON
29 Sep 2009 #1
Kumusta na kabayan
tanong ko lang kung paano mo na receive
ang invitation by email or by mail.
Received ko na rin File number ko last July
pero wala pa invitation or certificate.
Saan ka pala dito sa US. Dito ako sa Philadelhpia
Posted by ProcessingUnit
30 Sep 2009 #2
Well, I got the invitation to apply by mail.
I submitted the documents but havent got my nomination yet.

Ang tagal nga.

Taga Massachusetts ako.
Posted by LOURSON
12 Oct 2009 #3
Kumusta na kabayan,
Thanks for reply.
How's your application in Alberta, wala pa
bang nomination?
Posted by ProcessingUnit
13 Oct 2009 #4
wala pa rin, ikaw?
Posted by LOURSON
13 Oct 2009 #5
Wala pa rin ang sa akin,
since na nareceive ko file #
last july 28, 2009.
Posted by ProcessingUnit
13 Oct 2009 #6
sabi nung representative ko it takes 8 months frmo the time you receive the file number daw.
Posted by LOURSON
14 Oct 2009 #7
Tagal din pala ano.So mga march pa
ang sa akin.Siyanga pala ano job mo dito sa US?
Posted by ProcessingUnit
14 Oct 2009 #8
nasa IT ako, ikaw?
Posted by LOURSON
14 Oct 2009 #9
Civil Engineer ako
Toll Brothers Inc. here in Philadelphia since 2003.
Here's my info.
Email add:[email protected]
tel. 215-430-3015 cell
Pwede rin bang mahingi contact mo
if you dont mind.

Maraming salamat,
Posted by LOURSON
01 Dec 2009 #10
Kumusta na kabayan, nareceived ko na
nomination certificate ko from AINP Alberta.
How about you ano ng status ng aplication mo?
Posted by ProcessingUnit
31 Mar 2010 #11
wala pa rin
Posted by ProcessingUnit
31 Mar 2010 #12
Sonny email mo ako sa [email protected]
Posted by harmandeep
23 Oct 2011 #13
hi sir
What documents , they have requested and you have sent to them
Posted by ProcessingUnit
25 Oct 2011 #14

They requested an updated FBI clearance. Luckily, I keep submitting a request to FBI every 3 months so it won't go stale. I have submitted one that I already have.

As per consulate the following information was provided today:

Your file is currently with a senior officer for decision. It appears all is in order as the FBI police certificate was received. Once this officer renders the decision, this office will request you send us your passport and 4 additional photos for visa issuance. Please be patient, you should receive our letter within the following 4 weeks.


Consulate General of Canada
1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
Posted by jinneebhat
26 Oct 2011 #15
Didnt they ask for State police certificates. They do expire too
Posted by ProcessingUnit
04 Nov 2011 #16
no, mine expires every year since I am from Philippines. Also, they have requested my Passport on Nov 2
Posted by jinneebhat
04 Nov 2011 #17
Pl let us know when you get back the passport. Good luck
Posted by dddppp
04 Nov 2011 #18
congrats on PPR.. i gopt mine too and sent passport on the 31 oct to the canadian address given. Did you send yours straight to buffalo? or to fort erie? thanks
Posted by dddppp
04 Nov 2011 #19
...also did they ask you for 4 passport photo's or 2? they asked me for 4.
Posted by ProcessingUnit
04 Nov 2011 #20
I was asked
Permanent resident Authorization
4 Pictures in 2 enevlopes with Name and DOB at the back.
Passport valid for 1 year.
Self Addressed Fed Ex Label.

dddppp - when did you send you passport and which consulate?
Posted by ProcessingUnit
04 Nov 2011 #21
sorry dddppp just saw your other comments that its oct 31.
Posted by dddppp
07 Nov 2011 #22
Thanks! Actually I meant they only asked me for 2 photo's.. oh well.

I sent mine to Bufallo consulate. Hope we both hear back soon. Where was your file transferred?
Posted by ProcessingUnit
08 Nov 2011 #23
Mine was transferred to New York Consulate.
Posted by jinneebhat
09 Nov 2011 #24
Did they ask you Right to Permanet Resident fee in the PPR?
Posted by ProcessingUnit
09 Nov 2011 #25
I had already sent it when I did my medicals. So no they did not.
Posted by jinneebhat
14 Nov 2011 #26
Have you got your passports back?
Posted by ProcessingUnit
15 Nov 2011 #27
nope, not yet. Still waiting..... :(
Posted by ProcessingUnit
22 Nov 2011 #28
Got passport And job in canada yay

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