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Provincial Nominees case: Pending for 5553 days (-5045 days more than average)
10 Mar 2009
10 Jan 2010
Buffalo, USA
10 Feb 2010
21 Jun 2010
21 Jun 2010
5392 days
28 Mar 2009
20 Feb 2012
Strategic Recruitment Stream - H1B - under NOC 2171. AOR and medicals requested but as wife is pregnant, I have to ask for extension and wait until Dec 2010.

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Posted by nightman
29 Mar 2009 #1
Hey Asad

Can you please explain about your AINP nomination. How long did it take you to get nomination. ? the date u applied to AINP, date to get invitation, and date you received certification.

I also applied to AINP H1b streams about 9 weeks ago and still waiting for receipts from them, just want to have some idea abut AINP processing ?
Posted by asad80
29 Mar 2009 #2
Sir jee,

I have just applied for the AINP nomination and made alot of research on this process. They have recieved my application on 10th March and even I havent recieved any nomination or confirmation yet. As per their estimate, they will take 2 months to get back to you saying you have been accepted for nomination application(by email) and they take another 2 -3 months for generating a nomination certificate and mail it directly to CIC. I am in the same boat as you are for now. However, I think you should get a response from them before I would. Email me on [email protected] and we can talk on phone if you feel comfortable.

Posted by nightman
29 Mar 2009 #3
you are right, about 2 months for pre assessment and 3 months for nomination.

In tracker, you put date application sent to visa office which create some confusion, so we are in same boat.

I expect to receive my pre-assessment email by next week, sure we can discuss about this in more detail.
Posted by asad80
29 Mar 2009 #4
email me now. I am online. will talk on phone. I added the application send to office becoz that field was mandatory and I couldnt skip it. Sorry.

Posted by sang1014
11 May 2009 #5
I received email from PNP office in Alberta mentioning that they have received my application and it may take upto 8 months to make the decision...I have received the file number with this email and receipt date is 17th march 09.
Posted by zabaloch
24 Feb 2010 #6
Salaams Asad,
Could you please let me know what documents did they ask for at the time you received you nomination? Any information will be greatly helpful.
Posted by asad80
24 Feb 2010 #7
They've asked me these documents:

1. Police certificates
2. Birth and Marriage certificates
3. Passport photocopies
4. 4 Pictures as per their specifications
and of course the other regular stuff like the forms + the PNP acknowledgemnt letter
Posted by zabaloch
25 Feb 2010 #8
Thanks for the quick reply. I should have asked earlier, but I was worried if they ask for financial documents (bank statement). Let me know thanks.
Posted by asad80
25 Feb 2010 #9
Oh yes ! I forgot that part. You do have to show bank certificate / bank statements. I forgot to mention that earlier sorry about that. Theres a special form for provincial nominee that as you to provide proof of settlement funds. for 1 person its 10000 CAD for 2 its close to 13000 and for 3 its 16800 CAD. Also, I've heard that once you reach to an end - somewhere at the time of passport request they will ask you proof of funds again. One of my friends recently got immigration so he told me.
Posted by Perm0429
27 Nov 2012 #10
Asad - I from pakistan and i have similar situation of applying for GC from OPT. Is it possible to communicate with you over IM/Phone/Email?
Posted by zabaloch
27 Nov 2012 #11
Salam Asad, Any updates on your AINP case? It has been a while with your pending case. My AINP was denied providing the reason "due to economic downturn we are discontinuing this program"

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