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Provincial Nominees case: Approved in 690 days (-182 days more than average)
25 Jun 2007
24 Apr 2008
Islamabad, Pakistan
27 May 2008
02 Jun 2008
16 Feb 2009
25 Feb 2009
16 Jan 2009
22 Jan 2009
29 Apr 2009
15 May 2009
20 May 2009
690 days
25 Apr 2009
23 May 2009
My case has finalized......Thanks God

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Posted by winn
26 Apr 2009 #1
In which city of Manitoba you r going ?
Posted by phn1
01 May 2009 #2
Hi winn,
under which MPNP stream have you applied?
Posted by winn
02 May 2009 #3
hi phn1

I hv applied under family stream,
Posted by pakistan
05 May 2009 #4
So you received PPR after 63 days of your medical date. Our medical is done exactly 55 days ago so i hope that we shall receive ours within a week. We applied in PNP for Saskatchewan and its CHC Islamabad. Where you from in Pakistan?
Posted by shah89
11 May 2009 #5
Hi Winn,
Could you please tell which documents were requested by the CHC Islamabad to submit. I'll appreciate your reply
Posted by winn
11 May 2009 #6
Dear Mr Shah89
I hv submitted only Bank stmt on request by CHC Isb. Or u in Pakistan ? and plz tell me that u applied under which program ?
Posted by shah89
11 May 2009 #7
Hi Winn,
Thanks for the reply. I am in Pakistan and i applied under family support program
Posted by pakistan
12 May 2009 #8
so what documents they asked with PPR.. I mean after your medical did they ask about RPRF plus recent bank statements plus PCC. did they ask all these things at the same time in one letter?
How did you pay for RPRF, in Standard Chartered Bank?
I wish you best of luck for your immigration to Manitoba
Posted by winn
13 May 2009 #9
Hi Pakistan
Sorry to delay in answer.
Yes CHC Isb requested for Bank Statement bcoz, i hv submitted application fee of my spouse so they ask for 13486/= CAD$ Funds. I have received email for PPR+bank statement letter.
by the way what is RPRF and PCC ? where u live in pakistan. I'm in rawalpindi. so may we talk on cell phone ?
Posted by pakistan
13 May 2009 #10
Why they ask for 13486 for two person, you and your wife... Saskatchewan gives us guidlines to show only 12000 for two persons....why is the discrepency.... RPRF means visa fee of 490 dollar per person for you and your wife... you did not pay that? this fee is in addition to Processing Fee of 550 per person...PCC means Police Clearance Certificate... My cell No. is 0300-9578222.. Hope to get ur call..

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