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Provincial Nominees case: Approved in 382 days (126 days less than average)
30 Jan 2009
29 Apr 2009
Buffalo, USA
19 Jun 2009
13 Aug 2009
13 Aug 2009
19 Aug 2009
08 Sep 2009
31 Aug 2009
12 Feb 2010
16 Feb 2010
16 Feb 2010
382 days
06 Sep 2009
16 Feb 2010
Fill in dates as dates of receive & issue by the offices.

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Posted by tessv106
28 Sep 2009 #1
hi cayuse,

your application timeline is almost the same as mine.
did you receieve any letter in your initial assessment. If yes. could you share with us the content of that letter.thnx so much

Godbless us
Posted by cayuse
28 Sep 2009 #2
Aug 31, 2009 Initial Assessment Issued
Sep 04, 2009 Initial Assessment Received
No additional documents required
Posted by tessv106
01 Oct 2009 #3
thnx so much cayuse,

Praying for our initial assessment soon.I noticed your file wasnt transferred, our's was transferred to seattle.

Keep us posted
Godbless us.
Posted by neochap
05 Oct 2009 #4
Hi Cayuse,

Hi Smileguy

My employer has just applied for PNP approval.

I have a few questions...

1. Which category did you apply under- International student?
2. how much time did it take for the employer to get approved?
3. How much time did it take for your application to get approved at PNP?

4. Did you ever call PNP to find out about your application status?
Posted by cayuse
05 Oct 2009 #5
1. Yes
2009/04/29  PNP Nominee Certificate [Wed]
2009/04/23  PNP Nominee FN [Thu]
2009/04/02  PNP Nominee Application [Thu]
2009/03/16  PNP has approved the Employer [Mon]
2009/02/11  PNP employer FN [Wed]
2009/01/30  PNP employer Application [Fri]
4. No
I guess U R CHN too! Welcome to:
Posted by cayuse
05 Oct 2009 #6
Hi neochap

I am sorry, i don't you are from india.
Posted by neochap
05 Oct 2009 #7
Hi cayuse,

Yes I am from India...
How about you?
Posted by cayuse
05 Oct 2009 #8
Posted by goldmtn
16 Oct 2009 #9
cayuse, does e-cas show your medicals have been received?
Posted by cayuse
16 Oct 2009 #10
Hi, Goldmtn
No yet!
Hope it's gonna show "The medical result has been received" in weeks:)
same wish for you.
Posted by goldmtn
16 Oct 2009 #11
thanks cayuse, for the info. it does seem like medical's are taking longer right now. i have ask five
other folks that had medical's done in sept. to see if they have been informed that med.s were received.
i have not heard back yet from them. i just want to know if they are running slower right now or just not posting
on ecase. i am not suppose to contact them until (90days) 11/25 as letter stated, but on 11/26 if i have not heard
anything i will contact them if ecase doesn't show med.s received. best of luck to you. i hope you hear something
soon. i am tracking you and other's that have sent med.s in.
Posted by tessv106
30 Oct 2009 #12
hi cayuse,

the email we recieved from CIC seattle dates oct. 20, 2009. You are next. GOD bless
Posted by neochap
17 Nov 2009 #13
Hi Cayuse,

I have a question.
I am filling up the Ontario PNP Nominee Application.
There is a section for entering the "Citizenship and Immigration Canada Document Number"

Could you tell me where it is located on the work permit?

Waiting for your reply.
Posted by cayuse
17 Nov 2009 #14
Right corner of WP, 8 digits client ID
Posted by neochap
17 Nov 2009 #15
Thanks Cayuse!!
Posted by opnp1
21 Nov 2009 #16
Hi Neochap,

I guess your employer has recently applied for nomination and u have received the employer prescreen approval.

Could you please tell me when was the employer prescreen application received by pnp office and when did your employer receive the approval.

I have applied under international category and pnp office received file on oct 27th, 2009. How long do u think it is going to take..

2. Also my employer says that he did not receive any file number or any mail from pnp office...is that not everyone gets an acknowledgment from pnp office..

Posted by neochap
21 Nov 2009 #17
Hi opnp1

1. employer prescreen application received by pnp office: mid of september
employer receive the approval: mid of November

It took exactly 2 months for the employer to get approved.

2. Yes, everyone gets an acknowledgment from PNP. My company got the file number in exactly 3 weeks of application.

Even I was waiting desperately for the file number.
One thing you can do is call PNP just ask them if they have received the application? that is what i did.
They told me the date that they received the application and said that they were processing it.

This way i knew that file number mail would be on its way.

Hope this helps

Posted by opnp1
24 Nov 2009 #18
Hi Neochap.

Thanks a lot for your information. I deeply appreciate that.
Do you know is there a chance to get the employer approved within 4 to 5 weeks. or is it , it will definitely take upto 8 to 9 weeks. Can I call pnp office and enquire about my employers preapproval process..will they answer me..becoz i am an employee not the representative from company....

Posted by neochap
25 Nov 2009 #19
I have been to several forums online, and after going through the timelines of various candidates, I found that Ontario PNP is taking approximately 2 months for employer approval and 1 month for nominee approval in 2009. Last year (2008) it was different, it was taking 1 month for employer and 1 month for nominee approval.

If your employer has been previously approved then it might take less time but otherwise it is taking 2 months.

Here's what i did. I called up PNP saying that "my company has applied for employer preapproval at Opportunities Ontario PNP and we haven't received any confirmation mail about our application. Its been 2 weeks."

The lady at the other end asked me the company name and then said she can confirm that we have received your application and are processing it."
And then in a weeks time i got my file number.

One more thing, when they send the company the mail about the file number, they also mention that NOT to contact PNP regarding the status of the application as it will delay the application processing.

Which category are you applying in ? International Student ?

Posted by opnp1
26 Nov 2009 #20
Hi Neochap,

Thanks for your comments. Yes I am applying under International Student category. PNP office received my employers file on Oct 27th, 2009. Till not the company hasn't received any file number. My employer is applying for the first time...

Do you think will I be able to get the employer approved before Christmas closure. Thanks Neochap....
Posted by neochap
27 Nov 2009 #21
Considering the fact that your employer is applying for the first time, I feel that you will get the approval around Christmas. I just hope its before Christmas.. :-)
Posted by Mermaid3011
06 Dec 2009 #22
HI Neochap and all the others!

I got my Nominee certificate early in November and am planning to take a trip to Niagara to get my work permit. But I am wondering:

What is your experience with the work permit that goes with the PNP certificate?

Did you receive an OPEN work permit or a CLOSED work permit (employer bound)?

Did you apply for the WP by mail in Vegreville or did you get it in Buffalo/crossing the border in person?

My recommendation letter from OOPNP states my employer and I hope the cic officers is not going to take this as a reason for giving me only a closed WP instead of the usual open WP for LMO exempt categories...

Thanks a million for sharing your experience!
Posted by cayuse
07 Dec 2009 #23
hi, Mermaid3011
I got a closed WP by mail in Vegreville.
Posted by mbfc
13 Jul 2010 #24
hi cayuse,

I received a letter from buffalo a month ago saying that I had to pay the right of permanent resident fee which is $490. Now I think I have to wait for the passport request email. I've heard some stories that for some people the passport request email went into their spam folder and they noticed that after a long time.
I wonder if you take a look at the email you received and tell us the sender address of it so we can add it to the safe sender list to avoid it going to spam folder.
my second question, when did you receive the letter asking the right of permanent resident fee?

thanks a lot for you help,

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