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Provincial Nominees case: Approved in 1662 days (-1154 days more than average)
14 Sep 2009
25 Jul 2012
Ottawa, Canada
12 Oct 2012
06 Dec 2012
11 Dec 2012
21 Dec 2012
02 Jan 2013
12 Sep 2013
20 Dec 2013
31 Mar 2014
03 Apr 2014
01 May 2014
06 May 2014
1662 days
15 Sep 2009
11 May 2014
On Sept. 12th, CIC has now requested one MORE UPDATE ORIGINAL PCC from USA.

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Posted by md04
15 Sep 2009 #1
Hi, Is Alberta Govt. working as First come - first out or NO RULES like USA?
Posted by avikashyap
20 Oct 2009 #2
Hi md04,

I applied to CIC on 18th Sept but dont see my check encashed yet. Can you please let me know if yours is encashed?
Posted by md04
20 Oct 2009 #3
Hi avikashyap, I have not yet applied to CIC. I have just applied for AINP - Alberta Govt.'s nomination program. Once I receive nomination papers from Alberta Govt., I need to apply for PR Visa at CIC. I am actually using a lawyer firm to help in doing this.
Posted by avikashyap
20 Oct 2009 #4
if u have not paid those lawyers I would advise not to do so. They take money for doing nothing. Filing the application is easy and you jsut need to speak with someone who is doing.
Posted by potsan18
19 Feb 2010 #5
Agreed, filling application is piece of cake. Good luck
Posted by md04
09 Jul 2012 #6

As I mentioned earlier, I did mistake in 2009 applied through an Agent...! now the Agent forwarded me an query from AINP - does anyone has similar experience. Query is simple to update Address ...my H1b approval copy etc. I sent to my Agent. What is your suggestion..should I send one copy directly to the AINP?

Posted by md04
11 Dec 2012 #7
Does any one know what is timeline between AOR RECEIVED and MEDICAL REQUEST
Posted by life2010
21 Sep 2013 #8
What do u mean by original Pcc? Did u send a photocopy before?

What was the issue date of ur Pcc? Coz Pcc as per cic expires in 12 months in some cases!
Posted by md04
21 Sep 2013 #9

I sent Original first time - last year. My first PCC letter was dated Sept. 18th 2012.

I will apply new PCC for me and my Wife. But for my elder Child, who is already in India for College study...it will be difficult ...and they require new updated PCC for all three of us.

Also, they require to give some kind of proof as in Children's birth certificate - Parents' name have suffix of "BHAI" and "BEN"...which we typically see in my home state...but how to prove that...?
Posted by life2010
22 Sep 2013 #10
Hmm it's weird as they cic on website mentioned to clear all the ainp cases before aug 2013. It's sept and I still do not see any movement. ? What was suppose to be a 6 mo is now a 3+ yr wait time.
Posted by md04
26 Mar 2014 #11
I sent new PCC and explanation for "Parents names in Childrens' birth certificates" and CIC received on Jan 09th 2014. I have not received any update since then.

When I inquired further, I got below standard reply: " Your application is in the queue for an officer to review it...." I think I have bad luck with this case...!

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