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Provincial Nominees case: Approved in 835 days (-327 days more than average)
10 Dec 2007
18 Aug 2009
Manila, Philippines
30 Sep 2009
30 Oct 2009
14 Dec 2009
17 Dec 2009
06 Jan 2010
04 Jan 2008
30 Oct 2009
05 Nov 2009
23 Feb 2010
24 Mar 2010
24 Mar 2010
835 days
26 Oct 2009
24 Mar 2010
God is an awesome Father and His goodness never ceases to amaze me!!!

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Posted by anrey
07 Dec 2009 #1
hi tsarie! hopefully you get your medical request soon. good luck and god bless.
Posted by tsarie
07 Dec 2009 #2
Thanks, Anrey. We are still waiting for it. Hopefully we'll get the request this month or January.
What stream are you applying for?
Posted by anrey
09 Dec 2009 #3
Hi tsarie, I also applied under family stream. It took almost 20months before you received your approval/nomination. That's a little longer than most timelines i have seen. Did you have any missing documents when you applied?
Posted by tsarie
10 Dec 2009 #4
You're right, Anrey. Although there was really no rush on our part. We applied half hearted bec everything here is okay naman for us. My husband is working in a bank and I'm doing well in a five-star hotel so things are just within our reach. Our perspective in life changed when I had our son as we're more focused now on his future.
We don't have any missing document. We got the official letter Aug 2009 but as early as July they called my aunt in Winnipeg to let them know that our papers are sure to go.
Have you received your provincial nomination? Just get yourself busy and things will fall accdg to God' plan.
Keep me posted.
Posted by tsarie
14 Dec 2009 #5
Hi Anrey, just received the request to undergo medical. I hope that everything will fall into its right place. We might do it this friday - pending our availability. Regards to you.
Posted by carly26
25 Jan 2010 #6
hi tsarie,
CIC did not ask for additional documents... Wala pang request for RPRF, only medical request.
Posted by tsarie
25 Jan 2010 #7
ok they have a different way of doing things now ha. Usually, they give the AOR first and they ask you for original documents plus payment for RPRF. After which, they'll give you a schedule to undergo medical.
Anyways, goodluck on your medical exams. Keep me posted.
Posted by carly26
26 Jan 2010 #8
tsarie we received AOR first, followed by medical request. They did not ask for original documents, nbi clearance, bank certificate lang ang original . The rest notarized photocopy. Good luck and God bless
Posted by snailcic
24 Feb 2010 #9
Congratz! Wow, Manila is so fast, wish I can send my app there ;)
Posted by snailcic
24 Feb 2010 #10
Forgot to say 'see u in Winnipeg' ;)
Posted by tsarie
24 Feb 2010 #11
Hi Snailcic,
I must say that the processing now in Manila is faster than last year.
Where are you from?
Posted by lainelaine
25 Feb 2010 #12
Hello! im new here and wanted to get opinions about personal net worth statements. I am just 23 years old and I do not have any investments yet. Can I just leave it blank? and regarding the bank accounts? do I need to have bank account not later than 6 months? Thank you.
Posted by tsarie
25 Feb 2010 #13
Hi Lainelaine,
Are you applying under MPNP? Do not leave it blank - just put in you bank account details and their amounts and whatever assets you have.
Posted by lainelaine
25 Feb 2010 #14
Yes po im applying under MPNP family stream. Do i still need to ask my parents para itransfer sa name ko title ng bahay at lupa para my asset ako? Ano po advice nyo about this? plus di po ba magtataka ang Canadian Govt that I have these assets in my name at the age of 23? and a sudden S10,000 CDN at my bank account? Thank you po.
Posted by tsarie
25 Feb 2010 #15
With the land title, it's very expensive to have it transferred to your name. You will need a lawyer to do that and it will take some time.
Your money in the bank should have record that it's been yours for quite some time.
Posted by lainelaine
26 Feb 2010 #16
So is it ok if my only personal net worth would just be my bank account? Thanks again.
Posted by ushnath
20 Apr 2010 #17
Hi tsarie. I have applied to cic manila after provincial nomination. Can u please tell me what were the documents requested by them to you. Thanks in advance

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