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Provincial Nominees case: Approved in 228 days (280 days less than average)
29 Jan 2010
05 Apr 2010
Buffalo, USA
20 Apr 2010
29 Jul 2010
29 Jul 2010
16 Jul 2010
26 Jul 2010
16 Aug 2010
14 Sep 2010
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228 days
14 Feb 2010
22 Mar 2011

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Posted by Mermaid3011
09 Apr 2010 #1
congratulations! Finally your PNP arrived! So now you are about 6-7 weeks behind me. Once I receive my med request you should get yours soon too! But I am still waiting :o( not even the AOR has been sent out... I suppose it'll take 3-4 months for the AOR/med request and then another 2-3 months for the PPR/Visa. Good luck!!! B.
Posted by opnp1
09 Apr 2010 #2
Hi Mermaid Thanks, how are you? Ya finally my PNP has arrived...It took a while to receive it...but nevertheless, whats more important is that I received it.... Why is it taking so long to get the AOR..is it not 2 months from the time you submit the application...Anyways, you will be receiving it by the end of this month I guess...

Now i am filling out the forms...Could you please tell me in question 9 in IMM0008 schedule 1, when you say Yes you have applied for canadian visa,which i suppose every one did, what explanation do you write...Do you write something like this..."Yes, Applied and Approved for Canadian Student Visa (Study Permit) in 2009.."

Is this okay...or do i need to write something else....Can you please help me...One of the overhead is filling these forms....

Posted by Mermaid3011
12 Apr 2010 #3
Yes - I just listed the visa's I had applied for like this:
"date applied, what kind of visa, issue date, file number"
I think that should be enough.
Good luck!!! Let me know if you hear anything!
Posted by opnp1
14 Apr 2010 #4
Thanks Brigit...I appreciate your help.

So did you manage to get your medical request? Also are you planning to do medicals now even before you receive the request...Or you already have finished your medicals....

What do you think is advisable...Can I do medicals even before they request it...It will save at least 3 weeks of time......I guess you should be receiving your medicals by the end of this month...Best of luck
Posted by Mermaid3011
15 Apr 2010 #5
Well... up to now I wanted to wait for the med request. But I read that someone on this forum did the medical before he received the file number and med request. He then called the doctor as soon as he received the file number and had the doctor send one set to Ottawa and the applicant sent one set of medicals directly to Buffalo the day after he took his medicals.

I never knew that works, but it seemed to be o.k.! I am thinking of doing this too. Especially because it might safe time if the doctor asks for more tests.

What about you? Are you doing your medical before they request it?
Posted by opnp1
22 Apr 2010 #6
Hi Brigit,

Sorry I was unable to reply at the earliest...I was very busy in arranging and collecting my documents....Finally I sent it to CIC, with application being complete in every aspect...No further documents missing or to be sent....

Concerning doing medicals, I will get my medicals done before I get the medical request..In that way I will save atleast a month.....what about you.....At what date did CIC received your application? Did you receive your medical request?

Do you think it is possible to get medical request after 2 months....
Posted by sfa2006
22 Apr 2010 #7
Hey guys i sent my application to CIC on Apr 8th 2010...any advice of what can be done before hearing anything from Buffalo? How long is the CIC Buffalo taking to process cases approved under PNP Program???
Posted by opnp1
22 Apr 2010 #8
To sfa2006,

it will normally take around 3 months to get the medical request. meanwhile if you have any documents pending, you need to send them as soon as you receive your AOR. if you wish, you can get your medicals done before they request it..
Posted by syedinaqvi
30 Jul 2010 #9
Thanks, find answer inline

Can you please answer the following:

1. Are you in USA or Canada?


2. When was your application received by CIC?
19th April 2010.

3. Did you receive both AOR and medicals?

4. How did you receive the medical papers..through regular post or through courier?
It looks like regular registered mail. with 1.22$ stamp on it.

5. Are you able to check your online status through CLIENT ID?
Not yet.

Posted by syedinaqvi
06 Aug 2010 #10
Posted by opnp1
07 Aug 2010 #11
Thanks syedinaqvi,

I hope we all get pr soon...Be in touch...
Posted by neochap
16 Aug 2010 #12
Hi opnp1,

Congratulation on getting PPR!! That was pretty quick.

Did you receive any initial assessment as Buffalo had said in AOR letter? or did they directly sent you the PPR request through email?

Did you contact buffalo regarding your application after you finished your medicals?

Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Posted by saima786
17 Aug 2010 #13
Hey Opnp1

Did you received your PPR? i received medical request. Applied in Apr 2010 - Buffalo CIC (PNP).

Posted by marcx
17 Aug 2010 #14
Wow, you are super fast! I just finished my medical exam yesterday and hopefully i will heard some good news soon. Congratulations again!
Posted by syedinaqvi
21 Aug 2010 #15
Congrats! It was super fast.
Posted by opnp1
21 Aug 2010 #16
Hi All,

Thanks for your response...Sorry I was away for a week for my work......

@Neochap: Hi Neochap, no I did not receive any initial assessment as it was mentioned in the medicals and AOR. Yes they sent the PPR request directly through email as I authorized them to use my email for communication...

Yes I contacted them after sending my medicals through email...Also just to let you know, I did my medicals in advance...So as soon they issue medical request to me, they already had my medical results.....That has helped me a lot in saving my time....

Also since I am in Canada for very long time, may be that might have helped in background check...Also I have not been to any other country except Canada and also have not gone outside of Canada since I came here....I sent all my clearances with the initial application.....

I emailed them asking if they received my medical results and also asked them how long will it take to get the PPR request since I might have to leave abroad for my work purposes.....However, in the reply they sent me the PPR request.....and said that medicals were received....

Did you receive your IA ? It has been a long time for you....Be in touch....I will keep you updated....

@saima786: Yes I received my PPR request through email.....

@marcx: Thanks Bro...Hope that you get ur PPR soon...

@syedinaqvi: Thanks Bro....
Posted by saima786
21 Aug 2010 #17
Hey Opnp1

When did you received your request for medicals?
Where did you nquired about medicals been received?
How long did you waited for after you requested, till you got PPR?
When did you initially applied?

Wondering, becuz i applied on 08th Apr, submitted medicals on 8th Aug. Awaiting response now. What would you suggest?

Posted by opnp1
21 Aug 2010 #18
Hi Saima786,

**I received instructions to do medicals on 29 Jul 2010.
**I inquired at buffalo if they received my medical documents.
**I sent them an email after around 15 to 20 days of my medicals being sent to buffalo...my medicals reached buffalo around 26 Jul 2010. I contacted Ottawa office to know about this...I got PPR request in the reply after I sent them an email...
**My application was received on 20 Apr 2010...

Hope this helps...You can send an email to them asking if they received your medicals...I doubt because you have just finished your medicals...Ottawa takes around 3 to 4 weeks to send your results....I was ahead as I did my medicals before they were requested....
Posted by saima786
23 Aug 2010 #19
Hey Opnp1
Thank You. Where shall i send email? DMP sent my medical results to Ottawa, m i suppose to send medical confirmation to Buffalo? How did you authorized that you should get everything on email?

You sent your passport, right? how long you think is the wait time after that?
Posted by backplace
02 Sep 2010 #20
Hi Opnp1, can i ask you a question about Passport Request?
In the letter, do they require that your passport has to be valid for a period of time? And how long is that? 1 year or 2 years?
Posted by neochap
05 Oct 2010 #21
Hi opnp1,

I need your help. I got PPR through email today. I need to know what is the format of name in your PPR email.
My email subject says : Passport request letter - B000000000 - my LastName FirstName
Also inside email : lastname firstname

Did you get in the same format?
Buffalo had screwed up my Medical forms earlier and interchanged my first & last name. After informing them, they had made the correction & had resent new medical forms.As, I would be authorizing someone to get my visa stamped. I need to find out beforehand if they have made the same mistake again.

What is the format of name in your PPR Email?
Eagerly awaiting your response.
Posted by potsan18
27 Jan 2011 #22

I am really hoping you can answer my questions.

1. I did my medical on December 1, 2010. It reached Ottawa on December 14, 2010.
2. Buffalo started processing my application on Janaury 15, 2011 and I got MR and AOR in mail on January 24, 2011.

Now questions

1. How did Ottawa know to send your results to Buffalo? My DMP did nto write don any Buffalo info or my client ID.
2. I sent e-mail to Buffalo yesterday and they said, they do not have my medical results. When should I check with them again?
3. Should I do medical again?

thanks in advance
Posted by opnp1
21 Mar 2011 #23
Hey Neochap,

Sorry man I was on my business trip for almost 8 months and never got a chance to visit this site. I'm sorry for that. But lol it is a very belated sorry and a response as well.

Regardless, I want to reply to your query as you have been extremely helpful to me. The ppr letter has my name as last name and then first name.

But it doesnt matter as you are already a resident by now. Hope you are having a great time.

Posted by opnp1
22 Mar 2011 #24
Hey Potsan18,

Sorry man I was on my business trip for almost 8 months and never got a chance to visit this site.

Ottawa forwards the results to the place you write on your medical forms. You or your DMP has to mention buffalo office and your client id number.

Check again with buffalo if they have received your medicals, if not, I am afraid you have to redo it again or ask your dmp to forward the results again. Not sure if they keep any records.
Posted by potsan18
22 Mar 2011 #25
hi opnp1. Ottawa has recieved my medical. Only problem it was not forwarded to Buffalo, becasue DMP did not write Buffalo. I e-mailed Buffalo and told them that med results are in Otawa and then can see it on federal system. No reply since last week wednesday. Do you think it will be OK or should I re-do medical?
Posted by opnp1
22 Mar 2011 #26
Hey Potsan18,

Just wait for their reply. If you dont get any, you will have to go to your DMP and ask him to resubmit by writing buffalo on the form.

But before that, contact ottawa office directly through phone. And ask them to send it to buffalo. ottawa phone number you can find it here in the forum,

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