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Provincial Nominees case: Approved in 467 days (41 days less than average)
British Columbia
06 Nov 2009
11 Mar 2010
Los Angeles, USA
15 Mar 2010
20 Jul 2010
20 Jul 2010
22 Jul 2010
03 Aug 2010
10 Nov 2010
22 Dec 2010
16 Feb 2011
21 Feb 2011
21 Feb 2011
467 days
15 Mar 2010
22 Feb 2011
Transferred from Buffalo, NY office to Los Angeles, CA office. Passport sent to LA office on January 11, 2011.

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Posted by jcpark2010
20 Jan 2011 #1
Any updates of passport return?
Posted by jcpark2010
25 Jan 2011 #2
Hi any good news? I'm also similar case to you it seems to be latel and frustrating.
Posted by aprad
26 Jan 2011 #3
Where did u send them to?
Buffalo or Ontario?
Posted by jcpark2010
26 Jan 2011 #4
To LA office, I got email for PR on 22nd Dec.
Posted by kwtangerine
26 Jan 2011 #5
Still nothing yet.. I sent my passport on the 11th of Jan though, so I expect to receive it some time next week.

jcpark2010, when did you send your passport to LA?
Posted by jcpark2010
26 Jan 2011 #6
They received my passports in LA office on 4th Jan.
Posted by jcpark2010
27 Jan 2011 #7
I have got reply from LA office for my question as below. I don't understand but nothing I can do.

Dear Applicant,
Your file is the queue for final review. This process might take 2-3 weeks.

Posted by janicegu
28 Jan 2011 #8
jcpark2010, LA visa office received my passport on Jan 4th as well.
I sent email to them on Jan 21st to check the status of my passport, they sent me same email as you received...

My file is the queue for final review. the process might take 2-3 weeks.

I guess we have to wait another couple weeks! good luck!!
Posted by kwtangerine
02 Feb 2011 #9
Anything yet guys? jcpark2010 and janicegu, did you receive your passport back?
Posted by jcpark2010
02 Feb 2011 #10
Posted by janicegu
03 Feb 2011 #11
nope not yet.... this is really painful waiting this long....:(
Posted by jcpark2010
09 Feb 2011 #12
Did anybody get Passport? not yet for me..
Posted by janicegu
10 Feb 2011 #13
Not yet.... :(
Posted by kwtangerine
10 Feb 2011 #14
Nothing here too.. BTW, did you guys check your eCAS status? Have they been updated at all? Mine still says in process with the last update saying that my case was transferred to LA Office on the 10th of November..
Posted by jcpark2010
15 Feb 2011 #15
Anything yet? it's frustrating..
Posted by aprad
16 Feb 2011 #16
what is your eCase status?
Posted by kwtangerine
16 Feb 2011 #17
No change in my eCAS status still..

janicegu and jcpark2010, what's your status on eCAS?
Posted by jcpark2010
16 Feb 2011 #18
I think It's same to you guys -- "In process"
Posted by sekrup
16 Feb 2011 #19
In both my PNP and CEC cases the eCAS status didn't change until we landed.. so I'd say at this point eCAS is useless...
Posted by janicegu
17 Feb 2011 #20
nothing has been changed... "In process"

I actually sent an email to LA visa office on Feb 15, 2011 re: status of my file but hasn't heard from them yet..

Posted by kwtangerine
17 Feb 2011 #21
I wouldn't be surprised.. I sent them an inquiry email on Feb 14th and they still haven't gotten back to me yet.
Posted by aprad
18 Feb 2011 #22
Just received our Passports back..
Our eCase changed to "Decision Made" 2 days back.

All the best to you guys waiting for PP.
The wait will end soon

Posted by kwtangerine
18 Feb 2011 #23

congratulations!!! Was your case transferred to LA office as well?
Posted by jcpark2010
18 Feb 2011 #24
Congratulations! Apdrad,
But Your case is processed in Buffalo office right?
I, kwtangerine and janicegu seem have been waiting for almost 2 months since we got the Passport request form LA Office.
Posted by jcpark2010
21 Feb 2011 #25
I'm glad to hear this good news from you.. Congratulations! kwtangerine.
I checked my mail box today there was nothing but you gave me a hope.
Did you enclose return envelope such as Fedex when you send the passport to LA? and where do you live in BC?
Cranbrook BC is where I live.
Posted by kwtangerine
21 Feb 2011 #26
Hi jcpark2010,

Thank you! Finally it came.. I hope you will get yours soon too. I enclosed a Fedex International Priority return envelope and I live in Vancouver, BC. Based on the Fedex tracker, it was sent last Friday (Feb 18, 2011) at around 3.30PM. The date on the Immigration Visa is Feb 16, 2011. I am sure yours will come later this week. Best of luck! :)
Posted by kwtangerine
21 Feb 2011 #27
Oh btw,

my eCAS status still says "In Process"... so I guess what Sekrup said is true.. eCAS is pretty much useless at this point
Posted by jcpark2010
21 Feb 2011 #28
As there is no Fedex service in this rural town.. I couldn't make to enclose it here.
I hope to receive it within this week. Thank you for sharing the details..
Posted by janicegu
22 Feb 2011 #29
I got my passport back today and I got landed in Victoria!!

Finally... done!!

Hope jcpark2010 will get your passport soon.

God bless you!!
Posted by jcpark2010
22 Feb 2011 #30
Awesome! Janice Congratulations! did you enclose return envelope of Fedex like?
And will you share the shipping informations?

Also would like to share your story if you want.
[email protected]

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