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Provincial Nominees case: Approved in 196 days (312 days less than average)
03 Apr 2008
Buffalo, USA
22 May 2008
13 Jun 2008
27 Jun 2008
16 Sep 2008
16 Oct 2008
16 Oct 2008
196 days
30 Nov -0001
27 Oct 2008
I received my passport on October 24, 2008 dated October 14, 2008. Hurray. The journey has finally ended.

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Posted by NSNPCI
05 Aug 2008 #1
how long did it take to receive your provincial nomination?
Posted by edmontonion
08 Aug 2008 #2
I think it took me 2-3 months to get the provincial nomination.
Posted by NSNPCI
08 Aug 2008 #3
Your case looks going pretty fast, rt? Mine is for Nova Scotia, waiting for the nomination for the last 1.5 months. what is initial assessment? Is yours a US H-1B stream?
Posted by desertrose
08 Aug 2008 #4
Did your file transfer after IA or it remains in BUF?
Posted by edmontonion
11 Aug 2008 #5
Initial Assessment is a document sent by CIC informing the candidate about the assessment of the application. It usually comes after AOR for PNP stream. Mine is not a US stream. It is a PNP. I'm already on work permit.
Posted by edmontonion
11 Aug 2008 #6
Hi desertrose,
My file is still with Buffalo and have not been transferred yet. How about yours?
Posted by TINU
17 Sep 2008 #7
Congrat on your PR. I sent my PR application Aug 4/08 as BC PNP.
Posted by olusolalekan
18 Sep 2008 #8
Posted by edmontonion
03 Oct 2008 #9
Hi Tinu,
Thanks. Best of luck on this journey. Let me know if you need any help.
Posted by waitingforpr
05 Oct 2008 #10
When you recieved the request to submiit your passport, within how many days were you requested to submitt your passport.

Thanks for your help.
Posted by waitingforpr
05 Oct 2008 #11
Just few question on timelines:

A) How many day approximately after medicals were you guys requested to send landing fees which is $ 490/individual. How many days u had to pay that fees.
B) How many days after submitting landing fees were u requested to submitt your passport, how much timeframe was provided by CIC to submiit your passport.

Thanks for your help.
Posted by edmontonion
14 Oct 2008 #12
I think it was 2 months. I sent my landing fees at the time of applying for the immigration.
Posted by edmontona
14 Oct 2008 #13
Hey edmontonion, any news about your passport?
Posted by rchel72
16 Oct 2008 #14
I got a letter from Seattle where they asked for Items that I sent before, they said the need the following items marked: my medicals (which they put an X on the place to be marked) and police certificates (i sent this alreay and the're less than 1 year).
I don not understand this letter, I sent an e-mail asking but it can take up to 28 days to get a reply. does anybody knows or got something like this before?
Posted by mercy
16 Oct 2008 #15
hi, that must be your IA letter. do they state if the interview is required or not?
i received a letter from Seattle where they asked for my medicals with an X marked on the side as well. there were a whole bunch of other items on the list(police certificates, RPRF, photos) but those items weren't checked. but they ask for medicals because it takes some time for Ottawa to send the results to Seattle, usually 2-3 moths. so my guess they just havent received them yet.
Not sure about the police check, was it marked as well (X)Perhaps you need to provide another Police check.

do they state if the interview is required or not?
Posted by rchel72
16 Oct 2008 #16
they say that an interview was not required, they asked for the RPRF, and a copy of birth certificate. (those items are checked withan X
sorry... what IA stand for?
the police cert. were not check. do they still want for me to do this again?
Posted by mercy
16 Oct 2008 #17
hi, yes thats the IA- Initial Assessment. you just need to submit the ones that are checked. looks like they want you to pay the RPRF and give them the birth certificate. After that expect the PPR :)

good luck!
Posted by rchel72
16 Oct 2008 #18
PPR is the permanent residence?
should I call Otawa to see if they sent my medicals?
why they didn't ask for my passport?
Thank you for your help
Posted by mercy
16 Oct 2008 #19
they asking for your money first, and birth certificate. you could call Ottawa if want, apparently its hard to find out if they sent the med or not. but Seattle is probably has your meds. already.
my guess is you are at your background check right now. Shouldn't be too long, but depends on how many countries you lived in and stuff like that.
PPR = passport request.
Posted by mvapz
20 Oct 2008 #20
Hi edmontonion

How is going your process, did you get already the visa? This is taking time.
Posted by edmontonion
20 Oct 2008 #21
Hello everyone,
I'm still waiting for my passport to return. As per the tracking system, Buffalo received my passport on September 29. No news yet.
Posted by mvapz
20 Oct 2008 #22

sorry ask you again, but did you sent your passport to Buffalo or Seattle?
Posted by edmontonion
20 Oct 2008 #23
Hi mvapz
I sent it to Buffalo. I just checked that the E-cas says that a decision has been made. Hopefully I will hear from them soon.
How is your case going.
Posted by mvapz
20 Oct 2008 #24
Hi Edmontonion,
thanks for answering. Our case is like your case, in time. Buffalo started our process May 9th, then sent to Seattle May 28th, we made the medical exams June 11th and we are waiting for the PPR. It's so hard to wait. Because our work permit expired Jan 03th and we have to pay international fees (again) in Dec if we don't get the visa. I would like send an email but I don't know if they like emails. But we have to know if we have to renew our work permit or not.
A question, why did you sent to Buffalo? I thought we have to sent the passport to Seattle. Edmontona went, in person, to Seattle, to stamp the passport. I think we are going to do the same, but just my husband and my son. It's so expensive for all family.
I hope you can get your visa soon.
Posted by edmontona
20 Oct 2008 #25
Just to clarify: edmontonion's file was never transfered to Seattle, so the passport has to be sent to Buffalo.

mvapz, in your case your file was transfered to Seattle, so you will have to send your passport there.

edmontonion: "decision made" in ecas under your circunstances usually means that they have stamped your passport, congratulations! Do you have a way to track the returning letter?
Posted by edmontona
20 Oct 2008 #26
mvapz, if the reason why you would pay international fees is that your work permit is expiring, can't you extend it?

It will be cheaper to extend your work permit and send the passport by mail!
Posted by mvapz
20 Oct 2008 #27
No, if we don't have the permanent resident card we have to pay international fees (3x+)! We already payed in August and I think we have to pay again in December. It's not fear, but..... just a miracle can help us.
Posted by edmontona
20 Oct 2008 #28
Have you checked that you really need the PR card and not the PR status?
Posted by mvapz
20 Oct 2008 #29
Yes, Nait tell us that they want the permanent resident card! But we'll try with the COPR, if we get it until Dec.
Posted by edmontona
20 Oct 2008 #30
It's a gray zone, but you can always quote the CIC page:


"If you leave the country, you will need this card to return to Canada. If you do not plan to leave the country, you do not need the card."

Meaning that the PR card is only needed as a proof or PR for entering Canada. But they won't ask you for the PR card inside Canada. Or at least, that's what CIC thinks.

If I were you, I would call the CIC call center at 1 888 242‑2100 (after getting PPR, and before spending so much money in a ticket to Seattle) and explain the situation, and ask them if NAIT can legally ask you for the PR card. Maybe it is even illegal that they won't accept the COPR as proof of PR (but I don't know).

Just a note: the CIC call center can answer your questions about PR cards and being in Canada as a PR. They won't know anything about Seattle, so they won't be able to answer the question of who has to go in person to get the PR stamp.
Posted by desertrose
20 Oct 2008 #31
Congratulations, your passport is via mail. You can go to your local CIC office for your landing, call the CIC number to request an appointment.
Posted by mvapz
21 Oct 2008 #32
Hi Edmontonion,
thanks for your answer, i will see that. Did you get the "decision made"? Really? Where are you going to take your appointment, which Cic office? Here in Alberta? If yes, congratlations!
Posted by edmontonion
21 Oct 2008 #33
HI Edmontona, mvapz,
My case was dealth in Buffalo , so I did not sent anything to Seattle. My decision has been changed to decision made but have not received back the passport. I have included the return envelope but the tracking number does not provide any information yet. May be they have not yet sent it back.
I'm thinking of landing in locally in Canada Place. That's what have been written by one of the british person in one of the forums. I'm sending a link. May be it helps somebody. Once cannot need to take an appointment even. Looks good to him!!!
Here it is:

Let me know if anybody have any questions.

Posted by mvapz
21 Oct 2008 #34
Hi Edmontonion,
thanks a lot for sent this website! I could smile when I saw all of these little yellows smiling too. It is good smile a little bit when we have to wait. wait. And it was so good to know that we can land here at Canada Place.We are in the same situation, work permit and more than 1 year here in Edmonton. Great!
These forums are very helpful to us.
Posted by edmontona
21 Oct 2008 #35
Just to clarify, the rules have recently changed and now everybody with a legal status in Canada can land inside Canada. There is no requirement of one-year work permit. Here's the reference:


However, it may be required to make an appointment.

I don't know how this new rule relates to the old rule that said that holders of one-year WP could land inside Canada without appointments. I suggest that you call the Call center to get more info (specially Edmontonion, since your passport is surely on the way back from Buffalo).
Posted by desertrose
21 Oct 2008 #36
Book an appointment as soon as you get it back. What tends to happen with Canada post is when they update the info it is not in real time. If it comes up, it probably has been delivered and the trend seems to be for Alberta, receival on Friday because it gets shipped on Tuesday. my assumption. Happy anding.
Mvapz.............yours is coming soon like a movie. Hopefully! All the best.
My file was also in Buffalo
Posted by waitingforpr
21 Oct 2008 #37
So I question,

What was the address you wrote on the envelope, "To and From ". I mean the envelople that you have sent to seattle.

Posted by edmontonion
22 Oct 2008 #38
Thanks Edmontona for the reference. I will try to call Canada Place and see if I can go without an appointment. If not then I'll call CIC for an appointment. I sent my passports in a grey envelope already provided by CIC. So I just have to write my address on it. I also included a return envelope where I did not mention the CIC address but my home address only. This is the envelope which they will use to return my envelope.
Please note that I sent my envelope to Buffalo and not seattle.

Posted by edmontonion
23 Oct 2008 #39
I personally visited Canada Place to check if we can land there. The CIC office is on the second floor, south. The good news is that if one has a valid work permit, he/she can land here. They only entertain these cases on Thursday. No need to book an appointment. Timings are from 9:00 am - 3:30pm.
I will land there once I receive back my passport.

Posted by rchel72
23 Oct 2008 #40
I got another letter today about my medical, I don't think this is good.
they sent me a lleter asking to go back to the Dr. that did the exam and take this sealed envelop with me. this can't be good.
This envelop is for the Dr. and I can't even see what is inside.
Any tips? does anybody has ever got something like thak?
Posted by edmontonion
24 Oct 2008 #41
I think they want to do some further medical examination. This happens sometimes. Did not happen to me. You should book an appointment ASAP. No other choice I believe. Do ask the doctor what it is and why it has been sent.
Posted by mvapz
24 Oct 2008 #42
Hi Edmontonion,
NO, we didn't get our PPR, not yet! we are waiting for that a lot. I don't know if we can asked Seattle. I would like to ask them, but...
But they still don't ask for the people who made the medical exams on May 20, I don't know what happen, why they are getting longer.
Posted by edmontonion
24 Oct 2008 #43
Hi mvapz,
I think they are doing the background check and that is why it is taking so long. What does your e-cas say? Did the medicals been uploaded in the system by Ottawa. Did you check? when did the medicals reach ottawa.
Posted by mvapz
24 Oct 2008 #44
Hi, we don't know nothing about that. I don't know where look from these. We have a lawyer and it is not easy. Our case is "IN PROCESS", just that and "file send to Seatle on May 28.". I know just that. How can we check if the medical are uploaded in the system by Ottawa? Thanks
Posted by edmontonion
24 Oct 2008 #45
Many people have written about their experience when contacting ottawa. Some succeeded while some did not. See the contact number and etails on the following forum. You may give a try.


The other thing is that if you are in so hurry, get the caips notes. That might be helpful.
Posted by mvapz
24 Oct 2008 #46
very interesting, is it something sure? Doesn't affect our application? Do you know how much it can cost?This take time to have the caipsnotes? Seatlle is taking longtime, lon gtime more in this moment to process ours applications.
thank you so much
Posted by edmontonion
24 Oct 2008 #47
It does not affect your application. The website says about it. cost around $ 35 dollars. Not very much. Takes around 2 months. But good for you. You can know the status on it. I think you should order it. Can pay by credit card or paypal.
Posted by Mino
26 Oct 2008 #48
Hi everyone,

Anybody applied the PNP while they are working or studying in Canada?

I've just done my medical exam in October 2008. I am currently working in Canada (since 2007). Have you be asked for the Canadian Police Certificate? RCMP
If so, how long it took for Ottawa to process it? Should I do it first even the visa office has not requested yet, to save some processing time?

Thanks in advance for your response!

Posted by edmontona
26 Oct 2008 #49
Most of the people don't get asked RCMP even if they have been living in Canada. Typically, you would get asked RCMP is your name is very common or if your name is similar to someone who does have a police record.

I've seen that you've already got medicals and IA. Most probably, you won't get asked the RCMP.
Posted by Mino
26 Oct 2008 #50
Thank you very much Edmontona!

Posted by mvapz
27 Oct 2008 #51
Hi Edmontonion,
Congratulations! Good for you, finally you got your passport.
Posted by olusolalekan
27 Oct 2008 #52
Good luck in canada!
Posted by mercy
27 Oct 2008 #53
Congrats Edmontonion! Finally!
Posted by edmontona
27 Oct 2008 #54

Good luck for Thursday!
Posted by edmontonion
27 Oct 2008 #55
I finally received my Passport with PR visa. The journey has ended. Thank you everybody especially Edmontona for your suggestions all along. I'll share my landing experience. If anytbody have any questions, please let me know.
Posted by wintertime
27 Oct 2008 #56
I am in canada now, my street address(NOT mailing address) has been recently changed, if I inform an officer my new street address when I land at local CIC office, is it too late or will it affect anything? (I've been waiting for my passport back since the end of Sept.Hopefully I will get it soon.)
Posted by edmontona
27 Oct 2008 #57

The address to where the passport with the visa is sent and the address you give them at the time of landing don't have to be the same.

For example, I've used my work address for my PR application, but I've used my home address at the time of landing, even though I was in Canada and living in the same place during the whole process.

The only thing that you should worry about now is getting your passport with the visa back.
Posted by lennon001
29 Oct 2008 #58
HI Edmontona,

I would like to ask your a question. I received NY office request to send my passport within 30 days for PRvisa. In the letter they said the passport had to be valid at lease one year. My passport will expire in next May. I didn't renew it since medical examination or the possiblity for interview request. However, I sent my passport on 15th since it takes more than 30 days to renew my passport. I wrote a note to them explain why the passport is not valid for one year and express I will finish landing procedure as soon as I have PRvisa. I am currently working in Canada. I don't have to cross board. I think I should hear from them in a couple of weeks. Hope everthing goes well. Have you hear anything simliar to my situation. Thanks,
Posted by edmontonion
29 Oct 2008 #59
Hi lennnon001
The request which I got from Buffalo office was to submit a valid passport. It did not say that it should be valid for one year. Normally the rule is that one should land in one year and that is why the ask you to submit the one year valid passport. But it does not matter if your is not valid for one year. the will put the visa with the expiry date conincides with your passport expiry date. That is what happend to me. My passport will expire in April 2009 and they put the PR expiry date as April 2009 for me and for all my families. The only thing is that you have to land before that which I think will not be a problem for you

Posted by rchel72
29 Oct 2008 #60
so if the passport expired in 1 year and the visa is valid for 1 year. would you have to apply for a second PR ? and go for the same process? or just apply for an extension?
Posted by edmontonion
29 Oct 2008 #61
Hi rchel,
There is no extension granted for PR. if you have not landed in the given time you have to apply again for the immigration. If you have landed once, it is done and there is no need for second PR.
Posted by edmontona
29 Oct 2008 #62
Hi lennon, I don't think you should have any problems.

the reason they wrote that is because the can't stamp a visa that is valid beyond the validity of your passport. If your passport expires in May, then your visa will expire in May or a year after your medicals, whichever comes first. You won't be able to extend the visa (as edmontonion says), but you shouldn't have any problems landing before May.
Posted by lennon001
30 Oct 2008 #63
Thank you so much for the information. I am keeping my finger cross.
Posted by mvapz
30 Oct 2008 #64
Hi Edmontonion,
Today is the big day!!! How was at Canada Place? Thanks
Posted by edmontonion
31 Oct 2008 #65
Hi Everybody,
Yesterday was a big day for my family. Hurray!! We finally landed at Canada Place. It was a great experience right from starting the immigration process to landing. We were at the Canada Place at around 9:30 am. There were 5 -6 people ahead of us waiting for their turn. But I think they were not there to land. CIC tackles issues pertaining to study permit, work permit, citizen etc. I think I was the only one for landing. They asked me to show the Confirmaton of Permanent Residence and Passports. They asked me the legal status of me and my family who were with me for landing. After that, they asked me to wait and somebody will call us shortly. We waited for almost an hour. It was pretty a long wait. May be the staff were busy with other stuff. Anyways, after an hour, they called my name and asked us to come to the second counter. They asked me if there is anything wrong on the COPR and if i want to highlight it.
The COPR was fine but they still want us to proof read it. They asked us to sign on the COPR and gave us the copy of it and said that it is an official document and even after citizenship one might need it to show the proof. So keep it in a safe place.
They stamped our passport and wrote that we have landed here on the date stamped. They informed us that we need to stay 2 years out of 5 years to maintain the PR status. They congratulated us on this day and said that we can go downstairs to changes the SIN.
We went to Service Canada and it was pretty easy task. The lady was really nice and said that we should celebrate this occassion. She asked us the old SINs and provided us the SIN in about 10 - 15 minutes. She said that my legal status has just changed from Workpermit to Permanent Residence. She said that before people have to go to the border to land but now one can land here which is a good news.
Overall it was a great experience.
We celebrated this day and went for a lunch to a good restaurant.

Finally the journey has ended.

Posted by mercy
31 Oct 2008 #66
Great news! Happy for you edmontonion! Thanks for all your info and good luck to you in the future.
Posted by edmontona
31 Oct 2008 #67
Congratulations edmontonion!

Make sure you update your status with Alberta Heath Care as soon as you get the PR card. I had a bad experience with them... If you can, go there in person with all your family's cards.
Posted by mvapz
31 Oct 2008 #68
Hi Edmontonion!
Congratulations!I am happy for you and your familly, great day. Good luck now here as a permanent resident. Thanks for all information that you gave us.
Have a good day.
Posted by wintertime
31 Oct 2008 #69
Hi, Edmontona
Thanks for your reply.

Congratulations edmontonion.
Posted by rchel72
31 Oct 2008 #70
Congratulations!!! Edmontonion
Posted by edmontonion
31 Oct 2008 #71
Thank you everybody. Edmontona, I'll keep that in mind.
Posted by wintertime
01 Nov 2008 #72
Does anybody know if I can get my PR Card sent to my P.O. Box rather than my Street Address? Thanks.
Posted by jetu
15 Nov 2008 #73
hai edmontonion,
im new in this discussion, i am in edmonton working in a restraunt on 2 yers work permitt under 6242 cook trade.,i applied my pnp on 19 july 2008 after 4 mont yesterday i got pre assesment letter n theysays, candidate file has been placed in queue for pocessing & asked 40-60 days for this,
my question is whn i will get pnp nomination letter , plz can u explaine me whole process and you applied under which code
thanks alot n regard
Posted by calgariabound
17 Nov 2008 #74

I have two question for your.. 1. Were you asked for RCMP fingerprint?

2. Did you have to show proof of fund during the time of landing?
I would you really appreciate your reply.
Posted by jetu
18 Nov 2008 #75
hi calgariabound,
thet did not ask me 4 RCMP n proof of funds , coz i came here on work permitt,
keep in touch bro, have u aalso applied 4 pnp, if yes then under which code or proffession
Posted by shoc
24 Dec 2008 #76
I have a question for you , did you send a copy of your single./multiple entry visa or the work visa when you submitted your application to buffalo?

Posted by mvapz
07 Jan 2009 #77
Hi Edmontonion,
Could you tell me to take an appointment at Canada Place it takes long? Could you take the appointm some days before Thursday?
Posted by mvapz
07 Jan 2009 #78
Hi Edmontonion again
Now I saw your comment the 23th October! Don't need to book an appointment! Very interesting.
Posted by waitingforpr
13 Jan 2009 #79
which mail service did you used.
when did u mailed you passport
Posted by Mani001
22 Jun 2009 #80
I sent my CIC application in March 2009 and recieved medical request in June 2009 . When I submit my application at CIC in March 2009 the PCC from States in US are already more than 3 months that is the PCC were given in the month of Oct 2008. CIC has not mentioned about the PPCs so far. Will it be better to get a new PCC and send it to CIC in advance to avoid delays ? What is the chance that CIC will ask to send new PCC due to PCC being expired at the time of submitting the application ? Thanks for Help .


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