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Quebec Skilled Workers case: Pending for 4746 days (-4013 days more than average)
Burkina Faso
Buffalo, USA
21 Aug 2009
10 Mar 2010
14 Feb 2011
30 Aug 2011
21 Sep 2011
4601 days
21 Nov 2009
22 Sep 2011
Case sent to Ottawa.....

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Posted by digital
11 Mar 2010 #1
Hi Bouboulou,

Congatulations on that part, I know it has taken a while so this should be an ouf!

I d like to know are u in the us on a student visa ? if so, when do you have to graduate as wrriten in ur i-20?
Posted by bouboulou
11 Mar 2010 #2
Hey Digital my brother from west africa,

Whats up? hope u hunging on there... I already graduated with a Bachelor and is doing his OPT (Optional Practical Training). Did u graduate or not yet? I submitted my application when I had almost 10 months experience in US on top of some experience back in West Africa. I just copied my last i-20 and submitted the i-94 and the first 10 pages of the passport. I dont know why it took them so long to get back to me. I received a letter a month ago that my materials are complete and they were waiting on a decision. Finally they waived the interview. Le francais etant notre langue de combat en Afrique de l'Ouest labas.
Posted by digital
11 Mar 2010 #3
Nothing much bouboulou,

Yeah i graduated last year and am awaiting CSQ now. By wating for that long for CSQ u went over ur opt termination date rite ? or Quebec immigration office took your opt time frame in consideration to process ur case? In otther words, has the csq reached you whitin ur opt time ? tu devrai deja pense a obtenir ton casier judiciare du fbi. Bonnes chances pour la suite.
Posted by bouboulou
12 Mar 2010 #4
I got the CSQ during my OPT. My OPT is ending next May 10. You know, they messed all my plans up. I was thinking i would have got the CSQ by December. I requested all the police crearances from all the countries i lived in for more than 6 months and the FBI and the state. My plan was to get Canada residency and go for my Master. Since the economy is messed up here too, my employer does not want to sponsor for H1b. Donc ce que j'ai fais comme le CSQ ne me parvenait pas vite je me suis reinscrit ici au USA. J'avais deja pris les histoires comme GMAT pour l'universite de Concordia au Canada et j'ai eu un bon score donc l'universite dans laquelle je me suis incrit ici vient de m'informer qu'ils vont me donner Grad Assistantship. Pour moi maintenent le Canada sa sera pour l'annee prochaine. Le temps etait trop coince et toi meme tu sais comment il faut rester dans le status ici au US. Ta deja ete labas au Quebec? En Decembre je vais me depecher labas pour voir l'emploi labas c'est en comment. Il ne faut pas on va fuir partir labas et aller trouver que c'est pas fameux comme coin. J'ai des amis qui ont quitte partir labas depuis Janvier mais jusque la cest petit job des alors que d'autres ont Master.
Posted by digital
12 Mar 2010 #5
Salut Bouboulou,

c'est bien dommage que cela soit arrive ainsi. Je pense quand meme que ce que tu voulais est arrive de toutes les facons, bien qu'il ne soit pas arriver comme tu le souhaitais. Il faudra etre flexible maintenant. Le master prend pas beaucoup de temps, et meme quand tu auras le visa canadien, on te donnera une annee, a ma connaissance, avant que tu entre sur le sol canadien et avant que le visa expire. Ton programme fini quand normalement? 2012? j'aimerai savoir quand t a appliquer en aout, regardais tu regulierment le tableau de delai traitement ainsi que la maniere dont ils mettaient les informations concernant le delai a jour ?
Posted by joelunpe
05 Apr 2010 #6
how was your interview experience? I have an interview call in April. Any valuable advice. Same here my OPT has expired. Thanks in advance

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