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Quebec Skilled Workers case: Pending for 4408 days (-3675 days more than average)
Buffalo, USA
08 Jun 2010
3941 days
15 Jun 2010
15 May 2011
Application Filed in Montreal for initial review...

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Posted by gettingcsq
20 Jul 2010 #1

Did you receive an AOR yet?
Posted by qswcanada
08 Sep 2010 #2
Sry for the late reply(quebechopeful)..

I did get my AOR in the last week of July..
Posted by gettingcsq
19 Nov 2010 #3
Hello! Have you heard anything from your preliminary processing? Any updates?
Posted by qswcanada
13 Apr 2011 #4
NO Updates till now :( . I am not sure how much time do they need for initial processing...
Posted by merlin221
11 Jun 2011 #5
Hi! Any news on an interview?
Posted by merlin221
05 Aug 2011 #6
Hi qswcanada! Any news on your application? It's been really quiet in Buffalo lately.

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