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Quebec Skilled Workers case: Pending for 4214 days (-3481 days more than average)
Hong Kong, China
24 Mar 2011
12 Apr 2011
4205 days
14 Oct 2011
31 Mar 2013

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Posted by ssbsmile
29 Dec 2011 #1
Hi Dear,
I am also intrusted for Quebec Immigration,Can you tell me from which consultancy service ur using.
Posted by yogie
29 Dec 2011 #2

I am not using any consultancy services. I applied at my own.

Posted by PKMCL
21 Jan 2012 #3
Hello Yogie, I am from India and submitted my application at the same time as you did; have recieved my File number and am awaiting further instruction. Would It be fine if I could email / call you to discuss a few queries I have.
Posted by arjunmca
27 Feb 2012 #4
HI Yogie,

Many people got interview letter at the time as you did. You should have got interview call by this time.
Please update if you a get a call.

Posted by tex2011
21 Apr 2012 #5
Hi Yogie,

I have applied 15 days ahead of you. Have you received any update ? few days back I wrote a mail to BIQ, Hong Kong, They wrote me back that my application is in pending study.

Could you please ask the same and let me know your application update ?

Posted by yogie
21 Apr 2012 #6

No, I am still waiting for the interview and yeah, I too inquired to BIQ, Hong Kong abt. half a month before and same reply I got as yours.
Actually we have to wait quite more time bcs. one of my friend applied in Nov. 2010 and still waiting for the interview....
BTW what is your AOT?

Posted by tex2011
21 Apr 2012 #7

My BE is Mechanical Engg and MS in Aerospace. Though aerospace is in priority list they told me that they are considering files based on date of receiving.
What is your AOT ? Which city are you from ?
Does your Nov, 2010 friend received any preliminary assessment result ?

Posted by yogie
22 Apr 2012 #8

It's really unfair to know that they are treating the Priority applications based on the date of receiving rather to treat them on the priority basis !!! Well, my AOT is Telecom Technician (not falls in the priority ,section B of preferred area of training). I am from Gujarat. No, he is a Dentist and still haven't received any Preliminary Assessment result.

Posted by tex2011
22 Apr 2012 #9

When you contacted BIQ , Have your received like this reply ? Also check with your Nov 2011 friend.

Veuillez noter que votre dossier est en attente d'études, merci de

Posted by yogie
23 Apr 2012 #10

Yeah, I and my friend too got the same reply as yours.

Posted by tex2011
22 Sep 2012 #11

How are you doing ? Any update for November interview. Does your Nov 2010 friend got interview call.

Posted by yogie
22 Sep 2012 #12

Nothing much really... No, he hasn't yet any news for interview. Though one of his friend who applied in first week of Nov. 2010 got interview call and his interview is on Nov. 5, 2012 at New Delhi.
Posted by tex2011
23 Sep 2012 #13

One guy from IT , he applied in Nov 2010 also got the interview call. what is the AOT who got the interview call?

Posted by yogie
23 Sep 2012 #14

His AOT is also BE computer Engg.
Posted by Pnto
27 Oct 2012 #15
guys any news ...from HKG ? applied in April 2011 in between I have got two letters one AOR and other asking for req of further docs . They have given 90 days to respond . I have sent those , no news after that ..
Posted by yogie
27 Oct 2012 #16

Nothing until now....still waiting, waiting & waiting !!!!!!!!
Posted by RupalB
28 Oct 2012 #17
Hi yogie,
thanks for information. I was reading this thread and came to know that one IT guy got an interview call who applied in Nov 2010. However I have also done B.E.I.T and then MBA (IT) and applied in Dec 2010 but I didn't receive anything from them. I requested BIQ office to change my residence address via email and I hope it should have been done, I also received acknowledgment from them via email for change of address.
I am planning to submit my baby's information via email at this time and once she receives her passport, I can send physical document.
Waiting is really bad...
BTW did you guys prepare for french? I read on Quebec site that interviews are waived for Indians..but then why they call for an interview? If I will get an interview call then it would be tough time for me to learn french and appear. Since I did basic level french which will be useless because I did it before year!!
Any advice??
Posted by yogie
29 Oct 2012 #18
@ RupalB,
You should have been called for the interview by this time or at-least should have been put into the waiting list... but as u haven't get any news from BIQ HK .....it's very difficult to say what's going on at BIQ HK. However it seems that your turn will come very soon....so be prepared well for the interview. Also I don't think so that they will consider your baby's info via e-mail and update your file, however u can try that way and don't forget to send them all your baby's document as soon as its available in order to get 4 more points.

I am surprised as well as shocked to know that interviews are waived for Indians !!! where did u read that info on Quebec site? Also regarding your french, it is highly advisable to brush up your french again as nowadays they put more emphasize on french knowledge...so u should at-least be able to introduce yourself and your family in french and should be able explain your education, job duties and basic knowledge abt. Quebec in french.

Posted by Pnto
17 Feb 2013 #19
Flocks ALL...

Latest info is that " All the files filled under Skilled Worker from HKG office are sent back to MONTREAL for assessment and take a final call " So going forward HKG office is no more going to see any skilled files Applications from HKG office. But this I feel fishy ...

rest of all like business etc every still process in HKG office.

Just my view is - I was doing lot of analysis on Approved files by filing country or processing office , I found some thing interesting.

Who ever is filing from USA - Buffalo got approvals in no time and no rejections. Countries like Mexico etc also got more as they speak french. India is given least importance. and if you see HKG office in particular I see they are more FOR Chinese applications.

May be this is the reason why Quebec asked to send back all files to Montreal to assessment rather doing @ HKG. for skilled workers

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