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Quebec Skilled Workers case: Pending for 3836 days (-3103 days more than average)
New Zealand
Paris, France
15 Feb 2012
3248 days
21 Feb 2012
27 Oct 2013
Rct of app 23/3. Sent change from HK to Paris 7/6, recv 5/7.

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Posted by man2
24 Feb 2012 #1
hi kyliec,
what is ur major ?
regarding languages after Dec2011 they require french or IELTS certificate, process take some time u can start french class
Posted by kyliec
24 Feb 2012 #2
hey. i read that, but i literally don't know any french - they honestly can't expect you to take the test if you're going to get 0 - what's the point? I've enrolled in french classes and submitted that to them. I've also indicated (as the process does take forever) that I will be moving to France at the end of the year on a working holiday visa - so even when (or if) i get to the federal part, I can be immersed in the french language.
My bachelors was in international business and my masters was in applied finance. I have prince 2 certification and my career is in change/project management - so plenty of jobs, particularly in Montreal.
I haven't heard anything back. I honestly hope they don't come back and say you need to submit a TEFAQ score. I wouldn't even know where to right my name! The biggest pain will be, I emailed the Hong Kong office and they took forever to respond, but even if I am located in the UK, they will expect (if an interview is required, which i think it will be) that I have to go to Hong Kong and couldn't go to Paris. I don't know maybe i'll be lucky! I did write a pretty aggressive letter stating my situation and why i wanted to move to Quebec. I also talked about the fact I'm very adaptable and even though I don't speak french i have lived in foreign speaking countries such as spain and austria - so who knows! They may just say yes because australians get a 2 year working holiday visa anyway (if your under 30) - which is 1 year less than getting residency - that might be why there are no australian or new zealand trackitts for canada!?
Have you submitted?
Posted by kyliec
24 Feb 2012 #3
just another point - re-reading the "rules" for application. it does specifically state - "if you wish to claim points for french (TEFAQ), english (IELTS)" - and I make well enough points with English only - it was more trying not to have to go to interview stage! fingers crossed - its the waiting game! :)
Posted by man2
27 Feb 2012 #4
good luck dear
yes i have submitted on August2011 before they update about the requirement of TEFAQ, IELTS,
i have started basic french class at Alliance Francaise.
i think they wont ask you to take TEFAQ test as you have submitted IELTS cause they say Proficiency in French OR English
i wish i could do anything to avoid the interview at Hong Kong.
Posted by man2
27 Feb 2012 #5
yeah your bachelors of business is really good and got high point on the list of preferred areas of training,

all the best
thank you

Posted by kyliec
27 Feb 2012 #6
thanks tom! i know! i really don't want to have to go all the way to hong kong. fingers crossed, you never know really what may be a tipping point for them to approve versus "let's just see how adaptable this person is". I guess if i was in Oz would just be as far to go to from Edinburgh - still a pain though. maybe its to see how serious people are about going, by spending another 400 bucks to go and interview for an hour? who knows.
Good luck to you too... have you heard anything yet? i.e. confirmation that they received your application etc?
I mean its been 6 months....i'm hoping to at least hear whether or not i have to go to an interview sooner rather than later. As I can apply for the federal skilled visa, i just would rather go to quebec - but if anything at least to canada... so hoping i hear something before july!
Posted by man2
29 Feb 2012 #7
thanks kyliec :)
i agree with all what you have said,
yes i have received the confirmation from them they just say my file is opened and they got the processing fee, i receive this acknowledgement on October. i think they will send it to you this month.

Posted by kyliec
11 Sep 2012 #8
Because comments field is character restricted - see update below:
have posted three original letters of my enrollment and attendance of Beginner and 2 Post beginner french classes (the latest being sent in Early september for current course) - however, my french is still pretty terrible, it's hard to learn when you're not immersed in it.
Received my 1 year French Working Holiday Visa, have taken copy of the visa in my passport and posted with address details in France to Paris on the 6th of September.
My residential address will change to France from 30th November for 1 year from UK to France - so i still fall under the jurisdiction of the Paris office. This visa is specific for australian and new zealand passport holders and gives us 1 year "holiday" with ability to work to fund this holiday - hence a working holiday visa.
I have not received any confirmation of receipt of any additional supporting documentation i have sent. i am hoping my 1 year in france will get my french to a good level and also (if i have to) better peform in the interview. but will keep this posted on any updates!

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