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Quebec Skilled Workers case: Pending for 3929 days (-3196 days more than average)
London, UK
27 Sep 2011
07 Feb 2012
01 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012
21 Jul 2012
3479 days
09 Aug 2012
29 Apr 2013

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Posted by Katayoon
09 Aug 2012 #1
Can you add your federal app file date
Quebec AOR date
Initial assessment (e-mail from Sydney)

Posted by sani1
11 Sep 2012 #2
Hi mouradb

Any news from London yet?

Please keep updating
Posted by Katayoon
14 Oct 2012 #3
Mourad, have you heard any news?
Posted by mouradb
15 Oct 2012 #4
No, Rien, Nada, Walou, Niette,
dead all way long hwo about you? any news?
Posted by Katayoon
15 Oct 2012 #5
Thanks Mourad for replying. No news at all. I see that many federal skilled workers who applied in 2009-2010 are getting passport request these days, although some even did medicals later than us. Probably they are cleaning the backlog to finalize these "old" cases and they should move to most Quebec applications closer to the Christmas. Because one QSW candidate who did Meds in June got e-mail from London: "we hope to finalize your case around December".
Please update your case when you have news. I will keep you updated.
Posted by Katayoon
05 Nov 2012 #6
Hi mourad, thanks a lot! I hope they are not going to cancel my passport request again!
I hope you get yours soon too!

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