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Quebec Skilled Workers case: Approved in 244 days (489 days less than average)
Buffalo, USA
12 Jun 2008
03 Oct 2008
01 Nov 2008
20 Oct 2008
19 Nov 2008
21 Jan 2009
11 Feb 2009
11 Feb 2009
102 days
244 days
30 Nov -0001
11 Feb 2009
File transferred to Detroit on Jan. 13, 2009. Medical instructions received with CSQ, did those BEFORE sending the application to Buffalo. Buffalo said that meds received at their office (email on Jan 8, 2009). Passport arrived in Detroit on Jan. 30. Visa

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Posted by saarfraz
10 Dec 2008 #1
hey ,
I have a couple of Questions , like you i also got my Section A medical form with my csq , applied for federal on 2nd Nov 2008, yesterday i got AOR but they sent medical form with it , i have already done the medical exam and included the relevant form with my federal application , do i have to do my medicals again ? (medicals done on 29th oct) or would they eventually get the results from ottawa , (the section A form i already submited just had my name and date of birth )
Posted by doomie
10 Dec 2008 #2
They will probably get the results eventually. You could still send them an email and ask them whether they really want you to pass the exam again, but it's very unlikely (they probably included it just out of habit).

I didn't get the Section A with my AOR so I suppose I was 'luckier', though it probably makes little difference. I wouldn't worry too much about it, you should probably be fine (but sending an email asking whether they got the medical exam results and/or whether you should take it again is probably a good idea).

Good luck!
Posted by aghijan
12 Jan 2009 #3
Hi! I'm not quite familiar with Quebec immigration process.

Do I need to file 2 applications?

How much application fee should I pay? Is it 390 or more?


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