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Quebec Skilled Workers case: Approved in 659 days (74 days less than average)
United Kingdom
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
30 May 2012
14 Jan 2013
27 Feb 2013
24 Apr 2013
29 May 2013
03 Jun 2013
19 Apr 2013
28 Feb 2014
20 Mar 2014
24 Mar 2014
386 days
659 days
07 Oct 2012
24 Mar 2014
18 June 2013: Right of Permanent Residence fee requested and paid 18 Nov 2013: GCMS notes received. Show criminality in progress, security and eligibility not started. 28 Feb 2014: scanned copy of new passport requested 29 Feb to 3 March(?): ECas updat

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Posted by Leo12
22 Apr 2013 #1
Posted by Leo12
27 Apr 2013 #2
Congrats for MR
Posted by ashik
16 May 2013 #3
Can you please tell me about the processing time mentioned on your medical request email ?
For my case it was mentioned 10 monthes processing time. I just want to know this time varies or not.
Posted by catpea33
16 May 2013 #4
My medical request email didn't say anything about a processing time.
Posted by CatP
21 Jun 2013 #5

Can you tell me which visa office your application was forwarded to after Nova Scotia? Was it London or Ottawa?

Posted by catpea33
21 Jun 2013 #6
It was sent to Ottawa
Posted by CatP
21 Jun 2013 #7
Ahh thanks!
Posted by CidCid1
19 Feb 2014 #8
Hi Catpea33,

Could you please tell me how do you know that your due date is 19th April 2014? and also... where can you check that your criminality and security is in process or not??
Many thanks in advance!
Posted by CidCid1
19 Feb 2014 #9
Posted by catpea33 on 19 Feb 2013
For the due date and in-process parts, I ordered my GCMS notes. The due date is usually set for one year after AOR date. The GCMS notes also has headings for the different stages, e.g. eligibility, criminality, and it'll say completed, not started or in-process. I believe criminality is first and takes the longest with the remainder of the stages all being completed in about a month based on the notes of people who have decision made. Have you ordered your notes?

Posted by CidCid1 on 19 Feb 2014
No I have not. I didnt know I had that option. How can I do it? is ordering my notes gonna affect my timing or my process somehow?

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