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PERM case:
21 Jun 2012
24 Aug 2012
My employer mentioned it was "employer based audit". They mentioned it might take more than 2 years for the case to be adjudicated. They asked me to sign ETA 9089 form and to get notarization for an affidavit.
21 Sep 2012
09 Apr 2013
292 days
26 Sep 2012
15 Apr 2013
My PERM was applied just before the sixth year of my H1 started. I have to check with my employer if they can apply for 7th year extension in jun 2013 based on PERM Audit pending option. Please let me know other suggestions.

H-1B case:
07 Jun 2012
07 Jun 2012
19 Oct 2012
Employer and client letter, Lease agreement, education details.
15 Jan 2013
222 days
10 Oct 2012
16 Apr 2013
Why is it taking so long this year. Denial reason not known yet. What are the options now. Employer told he will file an MTR. What is the timeline for this. I am very disappointed and frustrated now. MTR was denied too.

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