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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 22 days (46 days less than average)
United Kingdom
22 Jun 2011
23 Jun 2011
24 Jun 2011
28 Jun 2011
14 Jul 2011
15 Jul 2011
22 days
22 Jun 2011
20 Jul 2011
Biometric completed on 05/07/2011 at Croydon Office. Application approved and received paper work on 15/07/2011. BRP received Valid until 31/07/2013.

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Posted by tknayak
27 Jun 2011 #1
Please let us know when you receive the Reference number and the biometric letter.
Posted by tknayak
06 Jul 2011 #2
You are lucky. I got my biometric appointment at Croydon for 11/07/2011
Posted by tknayak
15 Jul 2011 #3
Congrats VUKU.
I have never seen a case resolved faster than this. 10 days turn around after biometric is really fast.
Posted by VUKU
15 Jul 2011 #4
Indeed I didn't believe, Might be I guess that UKBA has cleared the backlog.
Posted by tknayak
15 Jul 2011 #5
Thanks. I am excited too. My biometric was done on 11th. So I should expect the postman to knock my door sometime next week.
Posted by VUKU
16 Jul 2011 #6
Yeah, you can expect the same unless if you are not a contractor.
Posted by tknayak
16 Jul 2011 #7
How does it make a difference if you a contractor?
Posted by VUKU
16 Jul 2011 #8
Generally it will be quite straight forward for the case worker with minimum documentation if you have been a permanent employee with an organisation. Else, sometimes, the case worker has to defer the case to their officers for recommendations.
Posted by tknayak
16 Jul 2011 #9
In my opinion, if you are in a permanent employment, it would be easier for the caseworker since he has to just verify the salary slips and bank statements. If you are a contractor, the caseworker will have to go through all sorts of documents normally a contractor provides (dividends, accountant statement etc.). In your earlier comment, I thought you said if you are a contractor, the case becomes easy to handle.

Anyway, thanks for your comments.
Posted by neerajchain
20 Jul 2011 #10
Congrats VUKU on your VISA extension. I have received an acknowledgement receipt letter which includes the reference no from UKBA on 19th July 2011. I have not yet received any notification letter for Biometric. I am not sure if they would be sending one as, during my initial Tier 1 General application from India, I had undergone Biometric at the Mumbai VFS so ideally, UKBA would be having my facial image and fingerprints. Did you receive 1 single letter for acknowldegement and Biometric appt or 2 separate letters ?

Do advice.

Posted by VUKU
20 Jul 2011 #11
Hi Neeraj, you will receive a Biometric invite letter in a day or two. If you have any dependents, there will be additional letters for them as well which will carry a case reference number which you will have to use for registering online and book an appointment. Better to call them over the phone as most of the near available slots don't appear online.

You will have to appear for biometric irrespective of the one that you gave in India. After you give your biometrics they will ask you wait for some time which might take up to 3 or 4 hours (took four hours for me). During this time they will verify the provided biometric details against the one that was taken in India and also against the Police database and National database. If there will be a problem, the person appearing for the biometrics will be taken for an investigation straight to the Police station.

Also the Biometric residence permit (BRP) will bear the photo that is being taken during the biometric.

Good luck with your Application.
Posted by neerajchain
20 Jul 2011 #12
Thanks VUKU for the quick response. I will await my Biometric confirmation letter. Incase slots are not available at the Biometric centers, might consider the WALIN option at the nearest post office where they carry out Biometric, might be worth paying £16 sumthing.

Anyways thanks for the reply once again.

Cheers !!!
Posted by VUKU
20 Jul 2011 #13
Unless if you are a single applicant, you can appear at post office, but keep in mind, that the verification will not be done on the spot like when you appear in the PEO office. If you have enough time before your current VISA expires then you could walk into post office.

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