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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 47 days (21 days less than average)
United Kingdom
not sure
19 Oct 2011
20 Oct 2011
21 Oct 2011
27 Oct 2011
05 Dec 2011
07 Dec 2011
47 days
19 Oct 2011
07 Dec 2011
Biometric Letter Received: 21/11/2011 Appointment Booked for: 25/11/2011 Biometric Done: 25/11/2011 Approval Letter Received along with Documents: 07/12/2011

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Posted by Sannu
30 Oct 2011 #1
Hello Sir ji, I am watching your case as my case is also same. could you please advice did u manage to receive and book biomatric? if yes how long you have to wait to get an appointment? My nearest PEO is Glasgow but i am ready to go to any where for biomatric. Thanks
Posted by pkseepat
04 Nov 2011 #2
Hi Mr.Singh,
Have u received your Biometric Letter yet?
Posted by Singh2011
04 Nov 2011 #3
No, I haven't received any email or letter for Biometric yet?
Posted by Singh2011
04 Nov 2011 #4
No, I haven't received any email or letter for Biometric yet?
Posted by engrsarfraz
04 Nov 2011 #5
Hi Sardar jee,

I am applying just a week before expire; and using Forms t1-general-form (Version 04/2011) & pbsdependantapplication1 (version 07/2011) along with Payslips, Bank Statement, Letter from Employer only. Am I ok?

Posted by Sannu
21 Nov 2011 #6
Did you receive invitation for Biomatrics:?
Posted by Singh2011
21 Nov 2011 #7
Yes, I received Biometric Letter today and booked appointment for Friday...
Posted by Sannu
22 Nov 2011 #8
Sir where did you book appointment? which PEO?
Posted by abhijitkumar
22 Nov 2011 #9
How did you do the biometic appointment ... I mean thru phone or thru website. I got a date on 9th Dec.
Posted by Sannu
22 Nov 2011 #10
Abhi which PEO did you book an appointment?
Posted by Singh2011
23 Nov 2011 #11
I have booked online in Liverpool
Posted by Babe
07 Dec 2011 #12
Please can you clarify if you the weekends are included in the days for waiting time..Mine is 18days today and I have so many interviews lined up asking for right to work in the UK. I really dont want to show them HO letter.

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