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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 106 days (-38 days more than average)
United Kingdom
21 Dec 2011
22 Dec 2011
11 Jan 2012
05 Apr 2012
10 Apr 2012
106 days
29 Dec 2011
12 Apr 2012
Submitted application for Myself and 2 dependents.. director of a limited company. Application invalidated due to payment issues. resubmitted on 18 jan and now approved on 10 April 2012 after about 120 days

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Posted by SinghEssex
29 Dec 2011 #1
Hi Bulls,

I have also applied for extension and my situation is also the same (Director of my own Ltd Company). I assume your personal earnings would be salary and dividends from your ltd company. Can I please ask you about the what all documents have you submitted?
Posted by junaidakb
30 Dec 2011 #2
HI bulls,

I have applied on the same date, let me know when you got response or your fee deducted from you account.
I have given my Debit card Details.

Posted by shiningbulls
02 Jan 2012 #3
Hi Singh, I didn't show any salary .. only dividend vouchers and accountant letter.

Hi Junaid, I will keep you posted but I wont know when the fee is debited as I have applied via an agent and they will be paying on my behalf in turn.
All the best to you both.
Posted by SinghEssex
02 Jan 2012 #4
Thanks for the info.
Posted by kb42
16 Jan 2012 #5
Thats sad to hear mate, did you get a letter for biometric ? After almost a month they are saying payment failed ??!
Posted by shiningbulls
16 Jan 2012 #6
That's the most disgusting thing mate.... if there was an issue with payment should have notified earlier....
What can u do ....
Posted by junaidakb
16 Jan 2012 #7
disgusting mate.....next time try to send postal order to avoid it.... is it the only thing they ? you mentioned fee debited date?

Posted by shiningbulls
16 Jan 2012 #8
Yeaah will have to do something on those lines... I wasn't sure that its my fees or someone else's as i submitted via visa agents and i assumed it is debited on 3rd which is when they issued a reference letter....
Posted by SinghEssex
16 Jan 2012 #9
Hi. Sorry to hear about this mess. Did you ever get a letter for biometrics? If yes, did you go through with the biometrics?
Posted by shiningbulls
16 Jan 2012 #10
NO Mate... I did not get any biometric letter... they wont call me for biometric unless the payment has gone through.... i dont know what the hell they were doing for 1 month...
Posted by SinghEssex
17 Jan 2012 #11
I think that speaks rather poorly about how organized First Migration are in terms of handling their clients' cases. Even your ref letter was received about 20 days after the date of application, when normally people receive it in roughly a week. The only thing that can explain that you received the ref letter even though the payment was not through yet is that UKBA has some special arrangement with First Mig where they do not wait for the payment to be there before issuing the ref letter. And then finally the payment was not taken care of by First Migration and that caused this problem.
What have First Migration got to say about this problem that you are facing?
Posted by anton11
18 Jan 2012 #12
Hi Sad to hear. Thanks for Sharing.
What are the next steps? Appeal? It will be good to now. Thank you.
Posted by shiningbulls
18 Jan 2012 #13
Hi Singh and Anton,

Its not exactly a DENIAL its an INVALID Application so technically I need to resubmit my application again which I have done today.

Yes It's carelessness on FirstMigration's behalf even though they claim there has been nothing wrong on their end and they have added that into the cover letter while submitting the case again.
It seems to be an issue with the Bank or UKBA system, FM have claimed they have already spoken to HSBC and the bank confirmed there was no declined payments and had funds in the range 20K+ in the companies acccounts so cant say what went wrong..

I have been told that UKBA has outsourced the process to Siemens who are not very familiar with the processes so far which has resulted in recent delays...or so they claim..

The unfortunate part for me is if it was supposed to be a problem with payment they should have notified in the first week or so... My reference letter was
issued on 3rd Jan and ususally thats when the payment is taken but this notification was issued 13th Jan and receieved by FM on 16th Jan... Not sure what the hell UKBA were doing till then....
Posted by anton11
19 Jan 2012 #14
OK. Good Information. Thank you Bulls.
Do you still have time on your existing Visa?
Posted by anton11
19 Jan 2012 #15
OK. Good Information. Thank you Bulls.
Do you still have time on your existing Visa?
Posted by shiningbulls
28 Jan 2012 #16
Initial application
Application Sent 21 Dec 2011
Reference no received 11 Jan 2012
Application Returned: Rendered INVALID due to them having issues with taking fees.: 16 Jan 2012

Application Re-sent: 18 Jan 2012

Reference no received: 27 Jan 2012
Reference no letter dated 23 Jan 2012
Posted by shiningbulls
08 Feb 2012 #17
Still waiting on the Biometric invitation letter.....fingers crossed....
Posted by vtindia
21 Feb 2012 #18
Hi shiningbulls,
I also applied on 18 Jan and rcvd ack letter but still waiting for biometric invitation letter...did you rcv your biometric invitation? hopefully we should rvc by end of this week...pls keep posted me...good luck.
Posted by vtindia
24 Feb 2012 #19
Posted by shiningbulls
08 Mar 2012 #20
Called UKBA again... they lady found my details and confirmed the letter was posted on 5th march... hope to get it tomorrow.....
Posted by Choudhry
08 Mar 2012 #21
Good news, congratulations,
Posted by vtindia
08 Mar 2012 #22
hope you are bit happy now..atleast things start moving on....
Posted by Choudhry
08 Mar 2012 #23
I was trying to call but no body is picking up. Can you plz guide me how to call and what options to chose from

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