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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 70 days (-2 days more than average)
United Kingdom
24 Feb 2012
27 Feb 2012
24 Feb 2012
12 Mar 2012
04 May 2012
09 May 2012
70 days
27 Feb 2012
16 May 2012
-BRP Received on 15th May. Visa dates: 5 May 2012, to 5 May 2014. It means by this delay I got extra 2 months of stay in UK which might help me apply one extension less. Since, I entered UK 2+ years after getting my visa. - Documents received. Waiting fo

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Posted by nilsgate
26 Mar 2012 #1
- Reference Letter received with PBSxxx no on 12th March
Posted by AKMar2012
28 Mar 2012 #2
Hi nilsgate,

How did you do you biometric done at post office, is there any need to book an appointent through UKBA site ?
OR, just go to the specific post office with your biometric letter ?....would really appreciate if you can explain the process in details.
Posted by nilsgate
28 Mar 2012 #3
- Search the post office which is nearest to you. Google UKBA List of post office for biomertric enrolment.
- Call and check to the post office if the machine is working. It would be frustrating to walk into post office only to find a broken machine.
- Most of the post offices open around 9 am, but you will find a long queue even if you walk in at 9:20, so be there by 8:30-45.
- When your turn will be called out, u will be asked for the letter sent by UKBA and ushered into a booth.
- Your name and dob will be confirmed.
- You will be asked to take the digital photo and digital impression of 4 fingures of right hand, right thumb, 4 fingures of left hand, left thumb in order. No inks are involved.
- You will be asked to pay 19.20 gbp, by debit-card/cash.
- You will receive back the letter with barcode with a sticker on it and the payment receipt.

HTH, however no one told me those instructions :-).

No appointment is required for any no of dependents.

Posted by AKMar2012
28 Mar 2012 #4
Thanks a lot nilsgate :)
Posted by AKMar2012
28 Mar 2012 #5
Hi Nils,

Many people are in the forum saying that in post office you can not have your biometric done for more than one applicant....is it true ?
are you also a solo applicant or do u have any dependent with your application ?
Posted by nilsgate
28 Mar 2012 #6
And many people in the same forum are also saying that you can do it in post office for dependents as well. :-)

- I am solo applicant.
- UKBA sends Biometric Letters one per person and not one per application, which implies they dont mind you doing it at post office.
- And recently one of my friend has done it, at post office with this wife and kid, however, he has only done it last week and yet to receive any further communication from UKBA.

Posted by AKMar2012
28 Mar 2012 #7
Thanks Buddy.
Posted by AKMar2012
20 Apr 2012 #8

Didn't you receive your documents back, it's already about a month after ur biometric?
Posted by nilsgate
30 Apr 2012 #9
@ak: I am still waiting.. but as per gut feeling it should come in this week.
Posted by hariom123
09 May 2012 #10
congrats mate.
Posted by richard2007
09 May 2012 #11
congratulations !!!
Posted by AKMar2012
09 May 2012 #12

Are you a 'Self Employed' or 'Employed'....people r saying if u r a contarctor put self employed...but in this case it is taking bit longer time.
Posted by haiksuresh
04 Apr 2014 #13
Hi nilsgate,
Need your help. for my 2nd extension got only 2 yrs. I sent a mail to BRPError. Do you have any idea when they will reply to my mail. and also how many days they took to issue a new BRP. My mail was haiksuresh(at)gmail.com

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