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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Pending for 4389 days (-4321 days more than average)
United Kingdom
22 Feb 2012
23 Feb 2012
24 Feb 2012
01 Mar 2012
2833 days
29 Feb 2012
16 May 2012
Main Applicant + 1 dependant -- Recieved Biometric letter on 24-March-2012 -- Biometric done at Post office on 26-March - 2012 Now waiting for the decision :)

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Posted by sherazaries
16 May 2012 #1
You not the only one mate.

I gave mine biometrics on 26 march and still wwaiting.

My application also include one dependent and I am on salary.

What about you guys?
Posted by viki83
16 May 2012 #2
Same here mate bio done on 31st n still nothing. I dont know why they r delaying for us handful of people wheras those who did on 10th april r geting bak docs
Posted by sherazaries
16 May 2012 #3
@viki83 Does your application include dependent and is of salary or limited company?
Posted by viki83
16 May 2012 #4
3 dependants and salaried employment. I am passing through a miserable time as already booked flights for Pakistan for 2nd june, going back after 3 years and new baby born. Are you Sheraz from Dundee Scotland ?
Posted by poly
16 May 2012 #5
Even i'm in the same boat, did my bio on 27th march (+1 dependent), salaried employment. Waiting...waiting and waiting...
Posted by viki83
19 May 2012 #6
Unfortunately we are all in the same boat. I have got my flights booked for 2nd june and still nothing in today's postage too. Dissapointed to see a person who gave biometrics on 13/05/2012 received approval :(
Posted by haiksuresh
19 May 2012 #7
who is that person. i dont see any one after 10th april got docs...?
Posted by viki83
19 May 2012 #8
Person who gave biometrics on 13/04/2012 - Approved http://www.immigrationboards.com/viewtopic.php?t=103445
Posted by sherazaries
19 May 2012 #9
no progress for me yet. still waiting
Posted by hariom123
19 May 2012 #10
hi viki83, the case thread on immigrationboards.com did not return any result. can you confirm if that is true. thanks.
Posted by viki83
19 May 2012 #11
The thread is deleted by a f.....g moderator who keeps on deleting any time-line thread and has nothing else to do. The guy sent special delivery return envelop and gave bio on 13/04 and tracked royal mail today which shows a delivery scheduled for Monday, means it must have been stamped yesterday and posted today.
Posted by poly
24 May 2012 #12
@sherazaries - I got my BRP today, so backlogs are getting addressed now. Yours will be on your way. Good luck!
Posted by sherazaries
24 May 2012 #13

@Poly: Thanks mate and congrats, Hope i would get it soon aswell.
Posted by rknshree
12 Jun 2012 #14
any news ?
Posted by chejarla
23 Nov 2012 #15
have u got visa plzz tell me
Posted by afzalfinance
17 Jan 2013 #16
Are you still waiting for your Visa decission or you got it?

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