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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 118 days (-50 days more than average)
United Kingdom
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12 Jul 2012
13 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012
20 Jul 2012
Bio on 1/8/2012
07 Nov 2012
09 Nov 2012
118 days
13 Jul 2012
09 Nov 2012
Bio done on 01/08/2012. Faxed my new offer letter on 31/10.. Received approval letter on 9/11/12.. Hurrraaay.. I pray God to speed up process for every one.. Passport,Approval and BRP received on same day.. valid till 7/11/14

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Posted by VISA2012
17 Jul 2012 #1
Hi ,

Is fee had been deducted from bank?

Posted by muralipad
17 Jul 2012 #2
Yes fees debited today (17th july)
Posted by VISA2012
18 Jul 2012 #3
Thanks you.
Posted by VISA2012
20 Jul 2012 #4

Did you receive your ackowledgement letter?

Posted by VISA2012
22 Jul 2012 #5
Thanks for update,
please update once you receive your Biometric..
Posted by VISA2012
26 Jul 2012 #6
Congrats for your acknowledge..

please updte once you receive your Biometric.
Posted by SGAI
27 Jul 2012 #7
Did yopu recd your bio metric invitation letter
Posted by muralipad
28 Jul 2012 #8
I am still waiting.. I guess no one in that time period received yet..
Posted by VISA2012
30 Jul 2012 #9

we are still waiting for our Biometric letter..
Posted by SGAI
30 Jul 2012 #10
No one recd biometric letter yet. I called them again today and come to know that my letter has not been yet issued as if then it would have been on their system. This time she asked me to give ref no and after that confirm this to me. As I was an emergent case she suggested me to send my request to a fax no along with all documents confirming my travel and booking. Let see what happen.
Posted by VISA2012
30 Jul 2012 #11
SGAI - See notes of Murali, he had received his biometric tomorrow, so we can also expected may by tomorrow..
Posted by SGAI
30 Jul 2012 #12
Thanks Murali! for updating us and keeping things updated as it helps us a lot to plan things. A kind of relief.
Thanks Visa2012 for linking all relevant cases together and being an active member
Good Luck to all
Posted by VISA2012
01 Aug 2012 #13
Today myself, youself and Nazabrar we three of us done same day Biometric..
Posted by muralipad
20 Sep 2012 #14
Current updates shows waiting time is around 100Days.. frustrating in answering HR every month..
Posted by muralipad
05 Oct 2012 #15
Im in critical situation.. im in permenant job but planing to switchover... but new employer is ready to continue further round of interviews only if visa approval visa made (almost final stage).... how to handle this.. any suggestions.. am I legal to employ switch over my employer during renewal .. any links to support that...
Posted by akly
22 Oct 2012 #16
Hello Muralipad/all, has any body contacted home office recently on which date bio enrol applications are being considering now? its been 110 days for me waiting ... waiting ... I have given bio on 25/07/12. I have been to lot of stress.. .. my new employer is after me... currently not working any where .. can any one suggest what is the best way to get it processed asap. I did a mistake of appling via post.
Posted by Ravi2129
22 Oct 2012 #17
Hi to evry1.Im sailin in the sameboat guys.Its bn more den 5mnths since i posted my application.23rdjuly is my biometric date.I m gettin married on 10th nov n flyin to india on 4th.I m stil waitin.I requested ukba 3times to process my app asap bt i gt an rply sayin ur reason to expidate ur application doesnt meet are criteria.I m stuck n very annoyin n frusteratin.
Posted by muralipad
22 Oct 2012 #18
Hi Guys,

There is similar case: http://www.trackitt.com/uk-immigration-trackers/discuss/tier-1-general-extension/1943

You can send the employment offer letter and probably request letter from new employe.. tell that you are depend on them...

Ravi.. Did you send the scan copy of the marriage invitation and you can try through local MP to support your situation .. also send the phone number details of the bride, brides father etc...
Posted by Ravi2129
22 Oct 2012 #19
I sent them my wedding invitation copy along wid my flight booking confirmation.Hw to contact local mp??
Posted by akly
23 Oct 2012 #20
You can visit local MP Constitution Office and tell your situation .. All they do is that sends an email to Immigration officer and you will receive a letter from MP saying that he has contacted Home Office. that's all..from MP. I have visited local MP office 2 weeks back but there is no result until now.
Posted by muralipad
24 Oct 2012 #21
I got my offer letter today. I need to join on 3rd dec. Not sure should I expediate now. Officially Visa got expired on July 27th. Should I expediate now or wait.. literally going mad. Any link to support that I can change my employer during visa renewal process..
Posted by muralipad
31 Oct 2012 #22
Send the fax today to expediate with my offer letter and covering letter.. will see how the response is..
Posted by amit29sept
31 Oct 2012 #23
hi Murali,

kindly keep updating if you get any reply from home office.
Posted by rajind
03 Nov 2012 #24
hi murali please update me once you have any news.
good luck !!
Posted by rajind
06 Nov 2012 #25
any update guys.....?
Posted by amit29sept
06 Nov 2012 #26
no friends nothing new. even i posted the docs that reached on yesterday morning but no update from UKBA. even today date moved to 10th july on processing times page from 5th july.
Posted by muralipad
06 Nov 2012 #27
No good news yet.. another 25days to join .. these guys processing for 10th july.. but may/june backlog also more..
Posted by lalitmittal17
09 Nov 2012 #28
hi mate............congrats...........did u received your approval letter and passport just now? and did u expedite ur case as i did my biometrics on 12 july and still no news......please help........many thanks
Posted by muralipad
09 Nov 2012 #29
What a great relief.. no more postal in future..Got a call from my wife about documents.. what a great weekend ahead.. all the best for every one.. All the group members in this site are very helpful and Thanks to Trackitt guys..
Posted by amit29sept
09 Nov 2012 #30
congrts Murali - is this the result of expedite? If yes than how they intimated/acknowledge you that your case is processed.
Posted by muralipad
09 Nov 2012 #31
Hi Amit, yes I send the new offer letter last week..They had send the passport with approval letter today..
Posted by amit29sept
09 Nov 2012 #32
before to that, do you got any call or email from them or it just appeared suddenly
Posted by amit29sept
09 Nov 2012 #33
anyways mate, congrts enjoy. I faxed them on 29th oct and than posted the docs also on 2nd nov. But no news till date
Posted by chejarla
13 Nov 2012 #34
have u got any phone call r mail from ukba before getting letter plzz tell me
Posted by alihsn
15 Nov 2012 #35
Hi muralipad,

I am in a similar situation. Is it possible that you can send me a copy of your cover letter please. Recieved the offer letter today and very confused. My email address is [email protected]

Many thanks,
Posted by chejarla
17 Nov 2012 #36
hav u got any phone call or email from ukba before getting letter plz tell me

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