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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 141 days (-73 days more than average)
United Kingdom
16 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012
18 Jul 2012
18 Jul 2012
04 Dec 2012
141 days
18 Jul 2012
10 Dec 2012
Finally I got approval letter and docs, waiting for BM card. Thanks to all people and trackitt.com for sharing info

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Posted by VISA2012
18 Jul 2012 #1
Hi ,

Is your fee got deducted.. ?

Posted by mrnvisa
18 Jul 2012 #2
Yes, Just now checked.Fees are deducted
Posted by VISA2012
18 Jul 2012 #3
congrats , which is your bank..

mine HSBC still waiting, yesterday they had received my application, but still not yet got deducted the free..
Posted by mrnvisa
18 Jul 2012 #4
thx, Me used Barclay's.
Posted by VISA2012
20 Jul 2012 #5

Have you received your acknowledgement letter?

Posted by mrnvisa
23 Jul 2012 #6
Not yet,
Posted by VISA2012
30 Jul 2012 #7
Have you received biometric letter ? Please update..
Posted by SGAI
31 Jul 2012 #8
Hi, I am just wondering how this people work. @ mrnvisa your fee got deducted on 18th and you recd your acknowledgement letter on 18th (I think dated 18th) and I got my fee deducted on 13th and my acknowledgement letter was dated 17th which I recd on 20th (after 4 days). This means we can't make any guess there could be 4-5 days up or down to what you expect from general. But strange this time when I need it soon it is getting late than everyone else.

What I am imagining their process is like this -
They put all application in group and process it in group. We are in same group (doesn't matter 2-3 days early or late) and now for our group they started releasing Bio-letter and some of them are send on Friday and ours might be send on Monday and we could get it by Wednesday as they send it by second class post. Let see if it come tomorrow ... trying to be positive we will get it soon ...

Also those whose letters were sent out on Friday are lucky as they got benefit of Saturday being counted as working day for royal mail.

Thanks! For sharing your experiences. Please update as you get your Bio done.
Posted by mrnvisa
31 Jul 2012 #9
What you said is True, There is no proper way we can guess, we just need guess roughly 1 week + or - to others.

Is there any timeline to give bio metrics once we receive letter.Or its upto us when we go and give?
Posted by SGAI
01 Aug 2012 #10
No idea about timeline to submit detail, but that is important point as in case if things get mishandled by royal mail and we could get suffer. Did You recd ur Bio Letter?
I am still waiting ... this delay is pushing me day by day in danger zone of chances being not able to attend my conference.
Posted by VISA2012
01 Aug 2012 #11
got my biometric letter today..
Posted by mrnvisa
01 Aug 2012 #12
Cool man, at least our applications are looked by someone.

Is there any timeline in when do you need to give biometrics
Posted by SGAI
01 Aug 2012 #13
Did you get bio letter in today's post?
Posted by vasya29
01 Aug 2012 #14
Applying by post

An applicant making a postal application will
be sent a letter notifying him/her of the need to
make arrangements for himself/herself and any
dependants applying with him/her to have their
biometric features recorded.
The applicant must record their biometric
features within 15 working days of the date of
this letter. The letter will set out the options
available. The options will include booking
an appointment at the Home Office Biometric
Enrolment Centre and may include the option
to go to at a Post Office.
Posted by VISA2012
01 Aug 2012 #15
mrnvisa - did you receive your biometric?
Hopefully you should also receive tommorrow..
Today I had received my biometric and also done with biometric ..now next waiting started..
Posted by VISA2012
02 Aug 2012 #16
mrnvisa and SGAI have you received your biometric today ... please update
Posted by VISA2012
02 Aug 2012 #17
Congrats !! now waiting for SGAI to give Good news.. today he is not active, may be he had gone to give his biometric ..

SGAI -- update
Posted by AKS7
02 Aug 2012 #18
Please put your Biometric done date in the reference number column.
It would make it easier to track applications. Whether u have been approved or not please do so.
Posted by rohiritu
03 Aug 2012 #19
Hello guys,
I read all your messages and i am with you guys as well on the same boat but i applied my visa a week or 2 earlier then u guys.
Uk ba received my application on 9th july2012, my fees was taken on 13th july 2012 and i received and done with my biometric on 16th july 2012 and i dont know how. i received my ackwlodgement around 24th july.
Since then i am just waiting for any news.
Will keep you guys updating about whats happening with my visa.
Posted by rohit1233
06 Aug 2012 #20
case filed on 7th july, reached there on 10th july, ackmnt letter and bio letter recvd on 16th july, bio did on the same day 16th july...finger crossed for good news..best of luck guys...
Posted by mrnvisa
08 Aug 2012 #21
Hi Guys,

How are you all doing? Anybody has got updates? I dont have any updates after my BioMetric done, Just to say Hi to all and make sure we are all still on same state
Posted by SGAI
08 Aug 2012 #22

Yes we all are waiting since then. No new updates from my side. Will definitely put here as I hear anything
Posted by SGAI
13 Aug 2012 #23
Hey Guys ... I have a good news. I got my visa approved and BRP today. I cannot not imagine so quick in a week they process my application. I have sufficient time now to apply for my schenghen visa. Thanks to you all and thanks to UKBA, they are simply great!!!
Posted by mrnvisa
14 Aug 2012 #24
Congrats !!!!
Posted by tatari06
20 Aug 2012 #25
Hi Guys, I am also on the same boat, I filed application on 16th july which reached home office on 17th, fee deducted on 18th and Biometrics done on 2nd Aug... i think mine and mrnvisa process progressing on the same days..:)
Posted by hm007
04 Sep 2012 #26
Hi SGAI, congrats!
As u hav received ur approval on 13th Aug. could you pls confirm which date u did ur biometrics? Have u got ur application procesed as normal or did u request ukba to expedite ur case?

Hi mrnvisa - any update on ur case?
Posted by mrnvisa
04 Sep 2012 #27
No yet, Just waiting , Any body knows number to call UKBA my employer is asking weekly about my visa
Posted by hm007
04 Sep 2012 #28
ur employer should not be worried on ur visa to come back, as it is totally fine to work until u hav filed ur extension in time...u can refer to this post for more details on eligible to work while you are waiting for your application to be decided...

also refer to this UKBA link
Posted by mrnvisa
05 Sep 2012 #29
thanks for the details.
Posted by VISA2012
26 Nov 2012 #30
any updates...
Posted by Rickyg
03 Dec 2012 #31

Please update your status once you receive your approval documents..

Posted by chejarla
04 Dec 2012 #32
Please update your status once you receive your approval documents..
Posted by chejarla
06 Dec 2012 #33
i think will get as soon as possible plzz update when u get
Posted by chejarla
17 Dec 2012 #34
hai sir iam applied through salary employee what documents need to send please tell me

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