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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 233 days (-165 days more than average)
United Kingdom
04 Apr 2012
05 Apr 2012
18 May 2012
10 Jul 2012
Bio done on 21 July 2012
23 Nov 2012
26 Nov 2012
233 days
14 Nov 2012
27 Nov 2012
Applied by Post on : 04-April-2012 Application Received at visa office : 05-April-2012 Feed Debited : 18-May-2012 Biometrics Done : 21-Jul-2012

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Posted by bonzibuddy
14 Nov 2012 #1
UKBA hasn't updated the processing dates for almost 2 weeks now. Its frozen at 10 Jul. Wonder when will they update it next.
Posted by bonzibuddy
14 Nov 2012 #2
I might expedite my case if I don't get the visa by this week.
Posted by bbrox
15 Nov 2012 #3
Hello mate ! I have noticed that it is well over 6 months since you've applied. I guess you are entitled to call them and find out about your application. Did you call them ? If so, what did they have to say ? I am still awaiting decision on my app. Cheers
Posted by bonzibuddy
15 Nov 2012 #4
Hey bbrox,

I have been constantly calling them. Every time I get the same response. "The case is in processing status. You will need to wait".

Posted by bbrox
15 Nov 2012 #5
Oh! I am sorry to hear that. The contempt they show towards tax paying-law abiding foreign residents is incredible. I hope you get it soon!

Best regards,
Posted by bonzibuddy
19 Nov 2012 #6
UKBA has updated their website.

"We are currently considering applications where the applicant attended a biometric appointment on or before 16 July."

Sounds good to me
Posted by bonzibuddy
20 Nov 2012 #7
Faxed the docs for fast track processing on 19-Nov-2012. When should i expect a response from them?
Posted by bonzibuddy
26 Nov 2012 #8
Called up MP to follow up with my application with UKBA. They assured that they will contact UKBA and get back to me at the earliest. Contacted UKBA this morning. They advised that my documents were dispatched on the 23rd of Nov. They should be in my post box by today or latest tomorrow.
Posted by bonzibuddy
27 Nov 2012 #9
Finally after a long wait received by Passport and the approval letter. Awaiting my BRP card. Now I can fly in peace next week. Trackitt has helped a lot in providing the required guidance. Faxing your application for fast tract processing and calling up your MP to assist in chasing the case, really works. Hope this helps other as well. Thank you everyone...
Posted by dvsp
27 Nov 2012 #10
Congrats and very happy that you finally got it :)
Posted by acharyapank
02 Dec 2012 #11
Hi @binzibuddy -Can you please email me the document list and format of the letter you faxed to UKBA to expedite your case .
my email :acharyapank@gmail.com


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