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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 54 days (14 days less than average)
United Kingdom
15 Nov 2012
16 Nov 2012
19 Nov 2012
bio 5/01/2013
08 Jan 2013
10 Jan 2013
54 days
17 Jan 2013
17 Jan 2013
this application was my new born baby boy as dependent application. didnt get refrence number expedite case. Got biometric letter 0n 05-01-2013 did on same day.

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Posted by JimMoriarty
17 Jan 2013 #1
Do you expedited your case, my friend?
If yes then how?
Posted by JimMoriarty
17 Jan 2013 #2
No worries, just read it fully. Nothing to do with main application - My bad!
Posted by ahmadjalil
22 Jan 2013 #3
AOA Khizarm,

I have also applied for my new born baby boy. It's been 2 months and I haven't received reference number same like you. I emailed them few days ago and they told me that they have already posted me a biometrics letter on 16th January (which I haven't received yet).

Actually I have to fly back to Pakistan in early March and I want to know how did you expedite the case?

Many thanks.

Posted by khizarm
22 Jan 2013 #4
Walaikum Assalam Ahmad, kindly email me ur mobile number so we will discuss on phone will explain what to do,my email address is [email protected]
Posted by zaynab
25 Jan 2013 #5
ahmad jalil can you please provide email adress where you emailed them as my 4 month old application has been pending since 2 months as well and i need to travel to PAkistan soon. i have already missed my sister's wedding because of UKBA delay and incompetency. would appreciate quick response thanks
Posted by ahmadjalil
25 Jan 2013 #6
@zaynab: I emailed my query to [email protected]fice.gsi.gov.uk
I got response in 1 working day and I did receive the Biometrics letter on 23rd. Wish you best of luck.
Posted by zaynab
25 Jan 2013 #7
thanks alot i have emailed to ukbapublicenquiries but haven received any reply as yet. what kind of details did u add in email for this kind of response?
Posted by ahmadjalil
25 Jan 2013 #8
Following was my short email:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I applied for my 6 months old son's Tier 1 dependent visa on 21st November 2012. The fee has been deducted but I didn't recieve acknoledgement or the biometric letter.
May I place a request to post the biometric letter please.

I also provided my son's complete credentials including passport number. I also added my BRP number.

Following was the response:

Good morning.

I can confirm that a biometric letter was issued to your son on the 16th January. Please allow until the end of the week to receive it.

Kind regards
Appointment Exception

Posted by zaynab
25 Jan 2013 #9
i dont have my daugher pp no with me . is that ok?
Posted by ahmadjalil
25 Jan 2013 #10
If you have received Ack letter then you can use the reference number but if you don't have it then following information should suffice.

Baby Surname:
Baby Firstname:
Application Date:

Main applicant's Name, BRP # etc.

Posted by zaynab
25 Jan 2013 #11
thanks alot much appreciated

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