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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 10 days (58 days less than average)
United Kingdom
09 Feb 2009
10 Feb 2009
11 Feb 2009
19 Feb 2009
23 Feb 2009
10 days
30 Nov -0001
23 Feb 2009
send 7 weeks before end of leave

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Posted by skahashmi
10 Feb 2009 #1
How did you calulate this points are they inclduing english and Maintanance funds points as well ?
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
10 Feb 2009 #2
Yes including all points .
English points and Maintanence points are mandatory :)
Posted by skahashmi
10 Feb 2009 #3
So for extension did you submit english language points claims documents again as it says we dont need to if our HSMP is after Dec 2006?
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
10 Feb 2009 #4
No I did not. For my initial application I had send a letter from the University stating my course was in English. the unioversity is recognised on the points calculator. Anyways, I dont think they will need to verify all that again. If they did need to , the shouldnt be presenting an option like this "Already proven for Initial HSMP application".....
Posted by skahashmi
11 Feb 2009 #5
Thanks mate I did the same in my initial application... keep us updated about the status. I also sent my case yesterday without the english document as I already claimed it in my previous application. Will enter my case in tracker as soon as I get the confirmation.
Posted by skahashmi
11 Feb 2009 #6
Hi did you guys sent it to Post Box 496
Dh99 1WQ ?
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
11 Feb 2009 #7
No the courier address. Special Delivery is a courier service......
Posted by skahashmi
11 Feb 2009 #8
I did sent with recorded next day delivery at this address and it receieved today
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
11 Feb 2009 #9
ok....just that it will remain in the post box for collection...dont worry guys.... its with HO now..they will take their own sweet time after they have the money!"
Posted by skahashmi
11 Feb 2009 #10
Thanks alot for your help. Is your fee debited ? Did you get your ref number ?
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
11 Feb 2009 #11
The fee was taken yesterday. Will reflect in 2-3 days once they claim it..maybe tommorrow..I should be getting the ref no tommorrow or maybe day after or maybe next week...maybe never at all... :)
Posted by david2030
12 Feb 2009 #12
Hi, did you pay your fees by postal order? How do you know that your fees was taken. What is the meaning when you say "Will reflect in 2-3 days once they claim it..", where will it reflect?
Posted by skahashmi
12 Feb 2009 #13
I payed by credit card and it says online the amount in Pending Transactions
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
12 Feb 2009 #14
I payed by Debit Card. Money was taken on 10th( or rather a request was placed for it - as mentioned by HSBC).After requesting it, they need to claim it...and that was on the 11th.
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
20 Feb 2009 #15
Send the urgent treatment letter on Monday, twice, one by normal fax and the other by efax....no responses so far.
Posted by skahashmi
20 Feb 2009 #16
Hi George they don't respond to fax urgent treatment only can help you to pass your case to case worker soon but case worker will take normal time he can't treat it as urgent.
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
20 Feb 2009 #17
If the case worker has it...It should not take so much time....all and more proof are in place.. anyways lets see :)
Posted by skahashmi
20 Feb 2009 #18
That's good best of luck mate
Posted by VANK
20 Feb 2009 #19
Hi George, You said Special Delivery is a courier service. How did u know that? I was thinking that all Royal mail services are Postal and all private mail services are courier service. So i sent my application to the postal address using the Royal mail special delivery. Did i send to the wrong address then?
Posted by skahashmi
20 Feb 2009 #20
Hi tamilkumaran don't need to worrry about that I also sent my application with next day recorded delivery to Post Box 496
Dh99 1WQ and its been recieved and payment taken also
Posted by VANK
20 Feb 2009 #21
Thanks skahashmi for that info now i am bit relaxed :)

Any ways do u have got any 01 number to call Home office to enquire about the received applications???
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
20 Feb 2009 #22
There is a numbe it is 0870 606 7766

Anyways, they will not reveal anything till it is 6 weeks.... :)..let me know if u were successful :)
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
23 Feb 2009 #23
Extension now ends in April 2012. So that is 2 months more so that I can get my PR by that time.....
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
23 Feb 2009 #24
the Urgent Treatment was responded to in 3 days.
Posted by skahashmi
23 Feb 2009 #25
wow so lucky mate your case was really handled very fast. Was your case under JR ?
Posted by VANK
23 Feb 2009 #26
Hi GeorgeJoseph,

Congratulations dude! !

Did you ask specifcly for additional 2 months in your covering letter? Can you provide statistics bit more clear like VISA issue date, UK entery date, VISA expire date and VISA extended date.

Actually i came to UK 4 months late after i was issued the VISA. So i am wondering if i will also get additional 4 months to cover up for my PR.
Posted by extAPP
23 Feb 2009 #27

congrats mate... can you let me know if you applied under JR?
did you have to send ur degree certificate again?

Posted by GeorgeJoseph
23 Feb 2009 #28
i send urgent treatment. My wife's fixed term contract was getting over. They needed to see her visa to get it extended.SO i send her contract as proof. I did not apply under JR.
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
23 Feb 2009 #29
Hello Guys,

I did send my degree.. I was not under JR... Initial entry was granted on 03 April 2007. My new leave ends on 03 April 2012...Surprsingly my wife's l;eave expires after mine on 30th April 2012!!!!!!!! By 2 months I meant that they have been given the extra leave for march and april(since I applied in feb 2009 and not March 2009) - since they have carried it over to the new visa...so I do no need to apply for new leave and can directly go for PR...for those who are aware - the PR process takes only a day through an immigration lawyer....

Hope that Helps....
Posted by iman
23 Feb 2009 #30
Can you please tell me, what was the reason you gave for the urgetn treatment and did you have to pay for this request. also if you could let me know the procedure and further information.
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
23 Feb 2009 #31
Hello Iman,

I quoted the reason mentioned above. The reason has to be plausible.I was planning to send a request again today but then it came today morning.There is no need to pay anything more.

Posted by yvr1978
25 Feb 2009 #32
Hi George,

Congrats, I am planning apply for Extension, Can you let me know did you sent any documents for address proof (like electricity bill or water bill).

Thanks in adavnce.

Posted by GeorgeJoseph
25 Feb 2009 #33
Hello Venkata,
I did not send any docs for address proof. There is no need to send any documents like that.My wife stays with me, for her too, there was no need to send proof-of-residence documents.

Posted by clintonmdu
01 Mar 2009 #34
Hope eveyone in this trail are much experienced so can you please advice what will happen if my payslips are not signed and stamped?
this is for my extension of 2yrs hsmp.
Posted by rik321
03 Mar 2009 #35
Could you please let me know the fax number you have sent the urgent treatment...
Posted by rik321
03 Mar 2009 #36
Could you please let me know where you download the Urgent Treatment Form as well.
Posted by lkb99
09 Mar 2009 #37
Can anyone post the fax numbers for urgent treatment? HSMP JR/TIER1?
Posted by niki123
02 Apr 2009 #38
HI I have sent my application on 26th jan, and claimed all the points by referring a solicitor. I am a bit concerned as my visa is finishing on 21st of April. If I get a negative result and that after 21 of april I need to go back? I do have second year of my IGS left, I am quite confused what should I do ? Should I withdraw the application or should I wait for the result ?
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
03 Apr 2009 #39
Hello niki123, pls wait for you visa. If you have a second year left on your IGS, they will not cancel it(if you get rejected for tier1)

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