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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 44 days (24 days less than average)
United Kingdom
20 Jan 2009
21 Jan 2009
23 Jan 2009
29 Jan 2009
05 Mar 2009
10 Mar 2009
44 days
30 Nov -0001
13 Mar 2009
HSMP to TIER1 -- non JR

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Posted by PekingDucks
28 Feb 2009 #1
Good luck dvi919 :D
Posted by PekingDucks
04 Mar 2009 #2
Hey dvi919 - it's been more than 6 weeks right? will you call the H.O. to check the status of your application? :D
Posted by mrite78
04 Mar 2009 #3
any new mate...?
Posted by dvi919
06 Mar 2009 #4
I called HO yesterday and they said it is being processed now so I expect something soon, hopefully in next week or two.
That would mean total waiting time of up to 8 weeks which seems to be the norm for non JR renewals.
Posted by PekingDucks
06 Mar 2009 #5
From this website, it looks around 40+ days (a couple at 49 days), but 56 seems extreme!
Posted by PekingDucks
09 Mar 2009 #6
Still no news dvi919? Gumtree applied on the same day as you and received it in 43 days. Hope your app is ok. Will you call the H.O. to check again?
Posted by dvi919
10 Mar 2009 #7
Just called HO and they confirmed package sent out on Sat and gave me reference number! So should be with me today or tomorrow hopefully.
Posted by PekingDucks
10 Mar 2009 #8
Fantastic!!! Wouldn't expect the H.O. to have been working on a Saturday.
Posted by PekingDucks
12 Mar 2009 #9
Still nothing in the post?
Posted by dvi919
12 Mar 2009 #10
It arrived on Tuesday but wasn't there to sign for it. I'm picking it up today ;)
Posted by PekingDucks
12 Mar 2009 #11
Yippee!! update update!
Posted by dvi919
13 Mar 2009 #12
I got approved! Finally got my passport back;) Good luck Duckie.

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