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Tier 1 (General) Extension case: Approved in 23 days (45 days less than average)
United Kingdom
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13 Oct 2009
15 Oct 2009
15 Oct 2009
17 Oct 2009
05 Nov 2009
06 Nov 2009
23 days
15 Oct 2009
06 Nov 2009
Got it back by special delivery! Yayyyy!!! For anyone interested it is valid from end of my current expire which happens to be Monday for 3 years!

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Posted by smohamed
15 Oct 2009 #1
Can you please let me know how you claimed for 120 points.

Posted by alag20
15 Oct 2009 #2
under 28 - so max for age
over 40k - so max for salary
bachelor - so 20 for education
10 maintainance
10 english
10 / 5 for uk experience

if i am right - should add up all. i am sorry i didnt look back at my docs as it is quite late. if you want i can check and confirm.
Posted by smohamed
16 Oct 2009 #3
Hi alag,

Thank you so much.

Posted by alag20
16 Oct 2009 #4
Age - 20
Qualifications - 30
Previous Earnings - 45
UK Experience - 5
English - 10
Maintainance - 10

Total - 120

Note : Apparently the application has not been delivered by royalmail yet and it was sent special next day before 1 delivery and it is already 3 days. I am getting very worried!
Posted by smohamed
16 Oct 2009 #5

You are getting worried what should i say it is 49th day today and i am worried as i my son is on learning disablity.

All The best dont worry

Posted by alag20
16 Oct 2009 #6
Thanks man - and all the best to you too.

I am getting worried as your application is with them, so technically you are still valid. If my application is not with them soon then in theory i am illegal in the country.

Secondly i have lost a passport before and you wouldnt believe how much trouble that caused. I am in no position to let that happen again, and i dont know what to do!

I will keep things posted as and when i know more details.
Posted by imran22
16 Oct 2009 #7
how did you pay for your application, if it is credit card just check your outstanding balance, it gets changed immediatly when it is charged.

sometimes posties dont handle the package properly and it gets delivered but doesn't come on royal mail website. This happens alot with normal recorded, i have experienced it myself but it is rare with special delivery.

if your credit card is not charged then call the royal mail customer service and see what they say
Posted by alag20
16 Oct 2009 #8
i called royal mail already several times since this morning. They are saying it was last scanned when it was picked up from post office in London. Since then it is sitting in sorting office due to strikes etc, but special delivery shouldnt be affected by this and they confirmed this:(
Posted by ExtendItNow
16 Oct 2009 #9
In the present situation, its much better to spend some money and go for the safest way. Well, send the app by RMSD, with a self addressed RMSD envelope attached. Maybe the people who are applying now on can learn from your experience!

Good luck man, its tough to deal with Royal Mail on such cases.
Posted by imran22
16 Oct 2009 #10
He did apply through special delivery and they mishandled his. May be you can go to your local delivery office in the morning and protest and ask them to find it out straight away.

Lets see what happens
Posted by ExtendItNow
16 Oct 2009 #11
Oops my apologies alag20. Thats ridiculous, I think you can also try to claim some damages from them. Maybe talking to your local Citizens Advice Bureau will help if this goes on for a longer time!!

My apologies again, I need to read posts more carefully before replying!
Posted by alag20
16 Oct 2009 #12
Thanks. I have been on call with them throughout the day and they are still claiming it is between depots and it was last scanned on 14th:(.

Well nothing can be done now till Monday. Also my passport contains 10 years settlement US H1B visa so that would be so hard if it is misplaced.
Posted by alag20
17 Oct 2009 #13
New Development - i got my ref number from home office and i am so relieved. Royal Mail still cant find the document and claim it is stuck in its delivery sorting office in London.

If this is how they track special delivery, i wonder what happens to normal posts!
Posted by imran22
17 Oct 2009 #14
I told you to check your payment. sometimes they dont track it properly
Posted by ExtendItNow1
17 Oct 2009 #15
Hi alag/imran,

As you can see in my case history I applied on the 8th, the app reached them on the 9th, somehow they did not take payment till the 14th, and I havent still received any reference number from them.

Should I be concerned? The fact that payment was successful makes me feel they should give a reference number unless there are other issues like invalid photograph or something.

Any comments/suggestions?

Posted by alag20
17 Oct 2009 #16
Hi Extenditnow1,
don't worry it might have been delayed due to royal mail strikes or something. If they have taken your payment it means they have recieved the application.

They don't check anything till late in process.
Posted by alag20
05 Nov 2009 #17
My visa expires on the 8th and i still havent heard anything back and hence getting worried. I am also planning to make a trip due to work around 18th of this month. Should i send them an urgent treatment or something? i noticed someone else reported here to have got their approval who applied with me/ after me!!!!!!
Posted by dark22
05 Nov 2009 #18
If it helps, my application was sent on 6 Oct, received by Home Office on 7 Oct, and I have only just received approval today. So I wouldn't worry just yet. You are still eligible to work whilst the visa application is in process, so even if it expires on 8th and you haven't received approval by then you will be able to continue to work.
Posted by alag20
05 Nov 2009 #19
hi dark22,
thanks for your message. i know i am allowed to work even after - but explain that to people at my work! Secondly it is that trip cannot be finalised till i get this sorted. i sent royal mail pre paid special delivery envelope so i am keeping my eyes glued to see if royal mail tracks that this afternoon.

Who knows, like last time, they may not track it as in my original application, even though i got it back via the special delivery, i couldnt track it on royal mail website....
Posted by sddk
11 Nov 2009 #20
Dear alag20,

Have u sent any evidance other than certificate for qualification,for tier 1 extension?

Guidance says :

' been given permission to stay in the United Kingdom under Tier 1 (General) or the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, and previously scored points for the same qualification for which he/she wishes to claim points in his/her current application, does not need to send evidence of his/her qualification again."

please advice.

Posted by alag20
11 Nov 2009 #21
i had sent them my original hsmp approval letter, FLR letter and the original ref letter from my University's Head of department. This letter contained both confirmation about my degree, year, and english language. This was dated from when i had originally applied for HSMP as i sent this then along with University Certificate, but i didnt want to send the certificate again.

Also if you have IELTS, i would send that, but make sure it is no older than 2 years as last time for my HSMP i sent one which was given at Student visa time and they rejected it. Later in appeal they accepted the proofs were sufficient as i had included UG University Certificate in computer science from UK.

Hope this helps!
Posted by sddk
11 Nov 2009 #22
tks alag.

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