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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 23 days (37 days less than average)
19 Feb 2007
21 Feb 2007
21 Feb 2007
14 Mar 2007
21 Mar 2007
23 days
30 Nov -0001
20 Mar 2007

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Posted by febhsmp
28 Feb 2007 #1
welcome hari to the elite group
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
02 Mar 2007 #2
Hello Hari,
Did u file for the HSMP yourself or thru a consultant?Did u pay by DD or by cheque?
Posted by hari77gct
05 Mar 2007 #3
I paid through Creditcard
Posted by hari77gct
05 Mar 2007 #4
Filed directly
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
05 Mar 2007 #5
how many days did it take for you to get the Ref Number?
Posted by hari77gct
05 Mar 2007 #6
I gotta the ref no last week, only when I enquired about the status in email.

In most of the cases, they send the ref number after finishing the payment stuffs. In which mode u paid? If creditcard, check out if there is any pending authorisation on your card.
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
05 Mar 2007 #7
I paid by cheque.I went thru y-axis bangalore. Did they tell which days applications they were currently working on?
Posted by hari77gct
05 Mar 2007 #8
Dont know on which date application they work?.Mostly I will call them by tomorrow to check the status. Howmuch y-axis charge for consulting??
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
05 Mar 2007 #9
Ok do let me know what they say.Y-axis charged 47.5 k for their services.
Posted by sudhaj
11 Mar 2007 #10
hi ,
as of 8th march they are processing the applications received on 12th february.
Posted by hari77gct
12 Mar 2007 #11
Even yesterday I checked with HSMP. The file is not assigned to any CW yet :-(.
Posted by landinuk
12 Mar 2007 #12

I cant understand there process...then how come mine is alloted to a case worker. Did u send them an email?
Posted by hari77gct
12 Mar 2007 #13
Hi landinuk,
Even I was wondering.., how they process. My ref no is < than yours but still not allocated to a CW :(.
BTW, From where you applied? India or UK?
Posted by landinuk
12 Mar 2007 #14
I applied from chennai...
Posted by hari77gct
12 Mar 2007 #15
Are u online in gtalk? my id is hari77gct
Posted by sudhaj
13 Mar 2007 #16
Today i have called and they are processing applications received on 21st feb
Posted by hari77gct
13 Mar 2007 #17
sudhaj, Are u available in gtalk?
Posted by hamsa
13 Mar 2007 #18
Hari, My Gtalk id is hamsa07 I have added yours, I am from bangalore lets talk later
Posted by GeorgeJoseph
14 Mar 2007 #19
Yes, I did...Thanks......
Posted by hari77gct
14 Mar 2007 #20
Current update: My file is assigned to a CW
Posted by sudhaj
16 Mar 2007 #21
I mailed to the HO and they said my application decision has been taken. i have asked them to tell me if i need to make the courier arrangements. i didnt get any reply. the CW said member of staff will respond to me at the earliest. Do any one have any idea about this.
Posted by hari77gct
16 Mar 2007 #22
Hi sudhaj,
thats kewl, what is your ref. no?
btw, through which courier r u planning for pickup?
Posted by invisibleman
02 Apr 2007 #23
I have got a doubt regarding SALARY TRANSACTION in the bank statement...people are saying that the company's name should reflect in the salary transaction so that the cae worker can decide whether the income has been really earned from the company or not. But in my bank statement, my salary transaction is being mentioned as just SALARY and nothing else. Can U please share your exp regarding this?

Posted by sudhaj
04 Apr 2007 #24
even for me in the ICICI bank statements and the UTI statements the transaction is as "By SALARY". in you pay slip the net amount and the credited amount will be checked. Incase you are taking an employer letter , then ask then to write the bank name and the account no also in the salary certificate.
Posted by invisibleman
04 Apr 2007 #25
Thanks Sudha for ur input.
I am seeing many cases getting rejected just because of the reason that the transaction states SALARY and nothing else.
Your clarification has revitalized my hope on HSMP :-)
Posted by ashu27
14 Sep 2007 #26
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