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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 237 days (-177 days more than average)
United Kingdom
26 Feb 2008
27 Feb 2008
03 Mar 2008
14 Mar 2008
20 Oct 2008
23 Oct 2008
237 days
30 Nov -0001
24 Oct 2008
I have got my HSMP Visa and received my passport as well. I was initially refused and awarded 70 points out of 75 points claimed and they did not award me 5 points for UK experaince because i did not submit the copy of visa to show that i was on a student

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Posted by mirzafidabaig
04 Mar 2008 #1
Hi All,

I have sent my application on the 26 Feb.08 for initial approval. I claimed 75 points. I need to know once i will get initial approval, do i have to apply for EC under rules and will theey extend my visa for 3 years?

What will be the process for EC in my case as i have applied within UK?


Posted by cooldude143
28 Mar 2008 #2
You have to apply under new rule of EC with reduced fees of 350 pounds. You will get 3 yrs visa
Posted by mirzafidabaig
02 Apr 2008 #3
once i will get the approval, i will apply for EC and pay 350 pounds to get 3 years extension?

If its correct then do i also have to submit my bank statement to show that i had atleast 800 pounds in my bank for the last 3 months or can i show my wife's statement who is with me on student dependent visa.
Posted by mirzafidabaig
01 May 2008 #4
any idea why HO takking so long to process my application?

Are they checking everything, is that the reason its taking so long.....
Posted by danialbutt
16 May 2008 #5
Brother send your first visa with your review, inshallah you will get approval
Posted by mycanal
10 Jun 2008 #6
i, think, danial is right, u should fight back, with ur copy of ur visa u got from ur home country ,attested copy. and along with that college letter saying fulltime, starting and ending date and ur and course name.
consult a good lawyer or etc as well, somtime it could be somthing minor.. but dont givup... keep trying and give us good news...
Posted by mirzafidabaig
11 Jun 2008 #7
I am really upset, we cant submit any additional documeents in the review, even if you send they wont accept it. I have ssubmitted my review, and claimed those 5 points on the basis that the evidence they required does not cclearly states that it sould cover the whole study period and i have provided what they requested.

I wrote to them that the requirement on the guidlines and evidences required on thee form have beeen fulfilled, i have submitted my HO letter and HO shouldd have all my previoud records since i have come to UK.

I said their form iss imbigious and misleading. Its their fault why should we suffer.

My student visa has expired as well and tier1 team has got my passport.

I ddont know when i will get my review decision.

Any idea in case they dont accept review and reeturn my documeents, how much timee theey will give me to leave the county as my visa was expired on 30 april 2008. I have submitted my documents in time before visa expired for FLR undr Tie1. on 27th April 2008?

Will i still get 28 days to leave the country?
Posted by danialbutt
11 Jun 2008 #8
no dont worry, if they are holding your passport, they will give you temporary admission letter and you will remain legal in UK.
But if you have got your degree from UK, why dont you apply for IGS (International Graduate Scheme). They are eligible to give you atleast 2 years workpermit and you can work for anyone. for ref check all Tier option for students.

Final solution is to consult with a Solicitor. Believe me if you will directly negotiate with Immigration they wont consider because they are bastards. I know you have to spend some money on solicitors but they know how to deal with them.

If you consult with a solicitor, they can claim your 5 points. Its not a big deal. Go and do it.

Wish you All the Best.
Posted by mirzafidabaig
11 Jun 2008 #9
Do you know any solicitor, and what can we do now . we have already sent for review. and I have to go back to home country to re aply for IGS as my student visa has expired
Posted by mycanal
11 Jun 2008 #10
North east, Yorkshire and Humberside

The North east, Yorkshire and Humberside customer service unit can deal with complaints from customers living in the region or complaints about the service provided by the region.

Phone: 0114 207 6565

Fax: 0114 207 6368

Email: [email protected]

Address: North East, Yorkshire and the Humber Region CSU, PO Box 3468, Sheffield, S3 8WA
Posted by mirzafidabaig
11 Jun 2008 #11
as you guys are aware of my case, what shall i write to them any idea.....

Who they are and what they do.....?

Will it make any difference if i email them...?
Posted by mycanal
11 Jun 2008 #12
mirza, i think , u should get a good consultant or lawyer and fight ur case, u should appeal/review your case, as i think they have refused you wrongly. i think most or all ppl dont saveup the letter from embassy we get and think and beleive that the visa stamp is enough, so they should not require the visa letter , specialy if one is here from so many year.
also at the same time, write a complaint letter and email them and see what they say. but the main thing is to consult professional and appeal/review ur case. u got uk degree, that makes ur case quite strong. and just one question , why did u not extend ur study visa,while u were waiting for hsmp..?
Posted by mirzafidabaig
11 Jun 2008 #13
i could get IGS or extend my student visa but i did not because i only wanted to stay here on hsmp..... I have already applied for my review so how can a solilcitor or consultant help in this regard.
Posted by danialbutt
11 Jun 2008 #14
there is option of 2nd review. HO will say you dont have 2nd review option but a friend of mine in UK got the approval in 2nd review with the help of a solicitor. So dear dont spoil your time. Tell me where u living in London, then i will guide you to locate your nearest solicitor. I used to live in Ilford. You can even search from internet. Furthermore you can discuss your matter with workpermit.com company in London. Get their number from website and ring them. Just tell and ask the way forward in this situation.
Good Luck.
Posted by mycanal
13 Jun 2008 #15
yes, mirza, keep consulting as many lawyer, consultant, citizen advice bureau and solicitor refereed by but sahib, as in illford there are many pakistani, u never know , whih brain will give u the right answer/hint to prove ur case.
i think in review, just ur copy or ur very first visa and entry clearance stamp and copy of ur fist year college should be enough but better to consult few other.
these says, they are approving indians on rapid basis and for pk ppl, they are throwing refusals left and right and if not then they put them in delay strategy. they are trying to halt us with every possible objection and delay strategy.
Posted by SAHI
13 Jun 2008 #16
Hello, mirza what happend to ur case. What solilcitor think about your case? Will you have to leave UK to apply again for HSMP or IGS?
Posted by mirzafidabaig
13 Jun 2008 #17
I have consulted so many people, solicitors, consultants, but all say its 50% chances that your get approval in review. It all depends on the case worker. When i called HO they never tell you in details and leave you half way. If they dont accept my review and send my documents back than i dont have any other way to apply within UK. I will have to leave the country and re apply from Pakistan.
Posted by mycanal
30 Jun 2008 #18
still, not too bad, if u get ,two year, psw post study work from pak for uk. and then u can work or do business in first year and apply for tier 1 , showing uk income, u already have uk degree/master, so seems very good chances to me.. wish u didnt had to go back and come again, but incase u loose the review and no lawyer give u hope then it is better to not to over stay and ruin chances of igs/psw.
lets hope and pray that u get good positive reslut from review.
Posted by mirzafidabaig
01 Jul 2008 #19
Well i am going to send them a letter explaining all my situation, hope they might do something. And thanks for your help.
Could you please tell me how lng does it take to get IGS from pakistan?
Posted by mirzafidabaig
12 Oct 2008 #20
Still have not received any decision on my application...... Any idea what are they doing with review cases and what is the success percentage?
Posted by SAHI
12 Oct 2008 #21
I am also waiting for my application to be processed through Review. I have contacted HO and got to know that my Review is under consideration. When did you apply for Review? I applied on 21 July, 2008.
Posted by SAHI
26 Oct 2008 #22
Congrats Dude:)
Posted by mirzafidabaig
27 Oct 2008 #23

HO received my review application on the 27th May, 2008 and i got my decision on the 20th October, 2008. No news is a good news.

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