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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 103 days (-43 days more than average)
01 Mar 2008
06 Mar 2008
03 Apr 2008
12 Jun 2008
16 Jun 2008
103 days
30 Nov -0001
01 Aug 2008
Got my Visa Stamped for 3 years Under Tier 1 transitional. Applied for EC on 1st July and got it on 31st July.

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Posted by dinuhsmp
26 Apr 2008 #1
Can you please update us on your status???
Posted by hsejar
12 Jun 2008 #2
Dude...many congratulations on your approval, can you please let us know the full ref no as it is approved?

It would give idea to other on the applications which are under process.....thnx in advance
Posted by ricknaround
12 Jun 2008 #3
congrats VUKU!
Posted by Crocodile
12 Jun 2008 #4
Hello.....Congrates for approval ...
Can you please let me know how to arrange prepaid courier from INDIA ....? I asked at DHL but they are not providing services in INDIA . Also if we receive a mail related to courier arrangement than on which number we need to dial to get status.
Appreciate you quick reply.
Posted by dinuhsmp
12 Jun 2008 #5

Congrats for your approval. Can you please tell me whether you have sent a fax earlier to HO stating that you'll arrange for courier pickup? If so can you please tell me the fax number of the HO, also the procedure for arranging the courier pickup. I think this is the 14th week for your application and the HO people are keeping up their word !!! :)
Posted by karenmck
12 Jun 2008 #6
how did HO contact you? via email or phone?
cheers and congrats!!!!!!!
Posted by sureshdnn
13 Jun 2008 #7

Congrats VUKU, my file is also reached the same date. please send me u r full reference no. any way all the best for u r EC.

Posted by VUKU
13 Jun 2008 #8
My full reference number is 257837. I sent a FAX last week to HO requesting me to update when decision is made so that i can arrange for a courier pickup. You can send fax to the following numbers.
Fax: 0044 114 207 4000 / 0044 114 207 2894.
I faxed them on both the numbers and called them up on next day to ensure that their system is updated with my request and the person on the other side(HO) confirmed the same.
Nice that the HO has comeup with the IVR system which approx gives the wait time........
Posted by VUKU
13 Jun 2008 #9
Friends the process around document collection will happen only thru MBE, we need to book them for the courier pickup and the same can be delivered over DHL or Fedex and few other franchises.....
Posted by karenmck
15 Jun 2008 #10
how did HO contact you? via email or phone?
cheers and congrats!!!!!!
Posted by VUKU
15 Jun 2008 #11
On email......... as per their new service standard they dont call anyone......
Posted by sureshdnn
16 Jun 2008 #12
Thanks for u r reply
my ref no is nearly to yours. i have one doubt per day howmany applications are processed in home office, do you know about that.
Posted by VUKU
16 Jun 2008 #13
Sorry Sureshdnn,

I have no idea on the number. But i have read somewhere that 4/5 app gets processed on a day by a case worker.

But i guess the case worker prefers to approve the cases immediately which ever has got a legible presentation and documentation.. And based your app received date.
Posted by sureshdnn
16 Jun 2008 #14
Thanks VUKU

Yesterday i called to home office but they do not give any information on my application. they said only after 14 weeks they will tell the status.

when did you called the home office , after received the mail from the HO or before, because u got apporaval in exact 14 weeks.

awating for u r reply
Posted by sureshdnn
16 Jun 2008 #15
i think my approval date is near, so i need to arrange a courier pick up
Posted by Dino
17 Jun 2008 #16

Congrats ! I hope u recieved your documents by this time.. After contacting MBE they will ask for the case worker details like where they need to go and whom they need to get in touch with to get your doc from HO..

How did u managed to get those details Over phone or be mail.

After getting those details whom did you opted for service like DHL , FEDEX..

Posted by VUKU
17 Jun 2008 #17
Hi Dino,

You first have to fix a convinent time with MBE guys for pickup, and drop in a mail to HO to confirm whether they are ok with the fixed time. Confirm the MBE guys once the HO is ok with the timings.

Everything has to be on mail. You cant call either the case worker or MBE.

I went with UPS as MBE can despatch it on the same day. UPS will be delivering it tomorrow.
Posted by guruprit
18 Jun 2008 #18
Dear VUKU.....

dear i have posted one query for you but i have not received ans on that ,,,,,,

you have posted that you got the mail from HSMP Team saying that you got the approval.......

so my question is that you sent mail on which maid id so they give you posittive reply.....

plz help its urget.

Many Thanks,
Posted by kbanoth
19 Jun 2008 #19
Dear VUKU,
Can you plz let me know how to contact MBE guys(like phone number or Mail id). Thanking you in anticipation.

Posted by VUKU
19 Jun 2008 #20
Hi Dino,

You will get the MBE requested details like contact and everything from the Mail which you recevie from the HO to arrange a courier pickup.
Posted by VUKU
19 Jun 2008 #21
Hi guruprit,

There is no specific mail id to whom you can contact, untill the HSMP team contacts you. Once your case is decisioned and if you would have faxed them about courier pickup, the Case Worker will contact you from his ID to arrange a courier pickup where he would give all his details and contact number for courier pickup.

Hope this helps DINO as well.....
Posted by VUKU
19 Jun 2008 #22
hi kiran kumar,

You cant call MBE on any number. the first mail that you would get from them is not to call them.

You can mail them on [email protected]

I'm pasting the signature that i got from their mail for your reference.

We look forward to hearing from you by email.



Mail Boxes Etc
Devonshire House
49 Eldon Street
Sheffield S1 4NR
[email protected]
Posted by sureshdnn
21 Jun 2008 #23
please send the mail ids of home office and enquirys.

i do not have mail id of home office
Posted by karenmck
27 Jun 2008 #24

Could anyone send me the fax number for HO as I was given one, on the phone but it desn't seem to w ant to work
Posted by Tatata
28 Jun 2008 #25
fax 00 44 114 207 2894
Posted by aprreddy
03 Jul 2008 #26
HI all,

I am planning to apply for my EC in teh first week of Aug. I am maintaining the funds from May 2nd onwards.

Can any one tell me what are the documents need to submit ?

Right now i am planning to go alone. because I maintained the funds for me only.

I am planning to take visa for my family later.

I heard that if my family is not coming with me then they need to wait one more year to come there.

any body can clarify my doubts.

rami reddy
Posted by gmahe
06 Jul 2008 #27
Hi Vuku,

I need some clarification regarding hotel accommodation proof for EC.
Could you please advise whether there are any bookings that can be done without any charges.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by VUKU
06 Jul 2008 #28
Hi Gmahe,

You can book any hotel in booking.com, where you just need to ensure that they don't charge by going thru the terms and conditions of hotel. i have booked Norfolk House Hotel in croydon as my offer letter has got Croydon address in it.

If you have an offer letter then its better to find out a hotel nearby workplace.

Do let me know for further queries.

Posted by gmahe
06 Jul 2008 #29
Hi Velu,
Thanks for the reply.
From one of the discussion, i got this hotel info.

They do mention that the creditcard will not be charged.

Still, i was slightly concerned as whether anybody has tried out like this, that too for this hotel.
Posted by VUKU
07 Jul 2008 #30
Hi Gmahe,

Seems this hotel is charging around £65/night. Whatever i have booked is around £55/night.

I have used this to file my EC and i'm awaiting for the result.....

Posted by hsejar
10 Jul 2008 #31

All the best for your EC, i hope it comes soon.

Have few concerns , hope you can address this....

1) After 30 June , VAF 9 and Appendix 1 is considered for EC, i have VAF 9 dowloaded but could not find Appendix 1 and Integra Form, can you help on getting this forms?

2) I have maintained more than 2800 pounds for the last six months, Along with this i had planned to get CA certificate showing my PF, FD and bank statemnt as liquid funds &FLat value as Immovalble funds...As this maintainenance fund is mandatory now, does this additional funds would be of any help or it is not necessary?

3) What all documents did you submit for EC ?

Thanks in advance....
Posted by hsejar
13 Jul 2008 #32
I have gone through VAF 9 and appendix 1 forms, but couldnt find any section asking for UK accomodation. Is that been removed?

Your inputs on my above two queries would be of much help... pleae help :)

Thanks in advance.
Posted by cecnov2013
21 Jul 2008 #33

This is Sathya from chennai. I have got a question for you. Did you search for job from India independently or through any consultant. Any help on getting a job is highly welcome. This is my personal id [email protected]. Please reply if you have any details that can be shared.

Thanks in Advance
Posted by ashu27
30 Jul 2008 #34
Congratulations on your HSMP. We are actively seeking IT professionals holding valid HSMP for our client requirements in UK. Please feel free to get in touch on [email protected] for the same.
Posted by hsmpec
01 Aug 2008 #35
Hi Vuku

Do you have the format for the invitation letter as a part of the accomodation proof.
Also could you please confirm if the bank statements can be from a UK bank account and can we club the statements from two different bank accounts

Posted by VUKU
02 Aug 2008 #36
Hi hsmpec,

I booked a hotel for accomadation. You cant show a combination of indian bank account and UK bank account as you would either considered for BAND-A or BAND-D. As the ECO officer will be revalidating our approval.

Posted by hsmpec
02 Aug 2008 #37
Hi Vuku,

Thanks for your reply. The HSMP has been approved on the basis of my Indian account and I don't intend to show a combination of Indian and UK bank accounts. I was just asking if we can show that the funds for EC have been maintained in 2 different accounts in UK since I have been maintaining funds in UK.

Posted by hsmpec
07 Aug 2008 #38
Hi Vuku

Could you please help me with another query of mine. Is it mandatory that we provide a bank statement for last 15 months?
I am maintaining funds in an account which started just 8 months back and it would not be feasible for me to provide 15 months statement. What would you suggest?
Posted by kbanoth
04 Sep 2008 #39

Can you please help me with the info on how to file EC. I will be greatful to U if U can send across the procedure/details. My mail id [email protected]

Posted by tknayak
21 Jul 2011 #40

You received your approval on 15th after taking biometric on 5th.
I took my biometric (with two dependants) on 11th, but did not receive anything yet.

Can you please let me know whether you have dependants? Is it fair to expect the letter sometime soon? My case should be pretty straightforward.


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