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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 55 days (5 days less than average)
22 Feb 2008
25 Feb 2008
07 Mar 2008
17 Apr 2008
07 May 2008
55 days
30 Nov -0001
07 May 2008
yahoooooooooooooooo..... thanks to ALlah he finally heard my prayers.

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Posted by zaynab
18 Apr 2008 #1
i dont know why its takin so long cuz its been 52 days since they received my docs. i even mailed to check but recieved automated mail that there a lot of applications n i need to wait........ is there any average days that these guys take for approval or is it just random????
Posted by unkown
20 Apr 2008 #2
hi im waiting for almost 3 moths and it will b 14 weeks next week and im still waiting even though i applied from UK,apparently it is taking too long coz of work load and they a work from back dates as a appeal by courts against ho regarding hsmp extension and might b tey r giving appeal effect to those cases and in some case they r sending docs to pakistan BHC ISLAMABAD for verification ad no one know how long they gona take so we all need patience and hope for best,and averege disposal is now 90 % in 14 weeks and i think we r in least 10 % and it might take years to decide,so best wishes to u
Posted by zaynab
21 Apr 2008 #3
i had applied from pakistan and mine is initial application. they started reviewing 25feb application on 15th april so it means from 15th april it will take 3 months more.....????
Posted by unkown
21 Apr 2008 #4
there is nothing u can say abt them,mine is initial application as well and from uk but still waiting i dont know wat ll happen,and i think u have to wait a long time as well i reckon,,,
Posted by unkown
07 May 2008 #5
congratulations to you and best wishes for EC and plz keep praying for us
Posted by danialbutt
08 May 2008 #6
Excellent, Congratu........................................Another Pakistani got approval, its really exciting. Good Luck for EC and pray for us. Bye
Posted by mycanal
08 May 2008 #7
congratulations for us all. we all are very happy. ur success gave us all a hope. i was quite depresed after reading about an applicant , who;s all orignal documents were damaged by home office accidently by flooding in sheffield. and many others... he has been waiitng over a year.i have been waitng from last 4 months and know few other ppl who have been waiting over a year. some six months. and i phone my MP but she said they cannot do anything at all.
so urs is the only positive case from last two months.its like a lone star in a very long dark night.
Posted by Hassan
12 May 2008 #8
Plz can anyone let me know about verification checks on employment. Do they do verfication checks on each application or they select ramdomly. Also do HO does verification checks frm UK or they send to BHC in pakistan? I was informed that they don't do verification checks on initial HSMP application but they do checks when applied for entry clearance? Plz let me know the correct procedure.
Posted by aila
18 Dec 2008 #9
Hi Zaynab,

I just applied for EC a few days ago and waiting anxiously for the answer. I saw that you had applied as the principal applicant and your husband has applied as the dependent. It is encouraging to know that girls can be principal applicant's too :) Same is the case with my application I am the principal applicant and my husband is applying as the dependent. when are you planning to go to the UK or are you already there. I hope to be in touch with you :)

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