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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 96 days (-36 days more than average)
27 Feb 2008
04 Mar 2008
05 Mar 2008
17 Mar 2008
02 Jun 2008
96 days
30 Nov -0001
02 Jun 2008
Thanks to every one I called HO they said that my doc's are ready for courier pick and approved.

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Posted by molsang
09 May 2008 #1
any update about your approval?
Posted by jayaram
12 May 2008 #2
No.. Not yet..
Posted by willdsEND
18 May 2008 #3
hi jayaram

As per i knw they vl nt reveal the info over the phone but u can ask them is decision made on ur application or not. We have to wait untill we get docs to home. No other go but i found sme posts they mention that they got mails to pickup docs from HO and sme guys made private couriers also cross ur fingures hope v get approval letter asap all de best keep updates gud luck...

thanks & regards
Posted by jayaram
19 May 2008 #4
Yeah hope for the best....
Posted by willdsEND
02 Jun 2008 #5
hi jayaram

congrts bro all de best for ur EC...gud luck
Posted by gmahe
02 Jun 2008 #6
Hi Jayaram,
Even my application reached on 4th March.

could you please let me know at what time you called up HO and in which number? And how long did the phone ring before somebody answered?

I tried calling several times and nobody is really picking up the phone..thatswhy.

Thanks in advance...
Posted by jalandhar
03 Jun 2008 #7
Hi Jayaram,

Congrats man............., i need some information from, when did u call to HO. how long did the phone ring.

All the best 4 EC..

Posted by maheshrvce
03 Jun 2008 #8

Didnt they mail you regarding the courier pickup. Had u sent fax request to them or not?
Posted by jayaram
03 Jun 2008 #9
Hello All,

I have sent a fax to them to courier my documents. When I called them *waiting time is 8mnts*, they said that my documents are ready for pick up. First they didnt reaveled the status of my documents. When i aksed about the collection point address, they have revelaed that i got approaval. I'm happy now.

Posted by vffdvdfvfdvsfv
03 Jun 2008 #10
Congrats Jayaram.....Bro, Can u pls lemme know the details about EC.......Even my Case was up to the same as yours....I crossed my fingers for almost 3 months...But Atlast i got the papers last week.

Posted by jashere
03 Jun 2008 #11
Hi Jayram,

Congrats on your approval. If you do not mind, can i please request the last 3 digits of your reference number. They seem to be close to my reference number. You could email that to my email id : [email protected]

Posted by krsk
03 Jun 2008 #12
Congrats Jeyaram... Mine is the same dates except that the application received on 6Mar and am waiting for my papers. Guess you are applying from Chennai...First three digits are same and would you mind sharing ur last three digits to me through an email?

All the best.

Posted by jayaram
04 Jun 2008 #13
Reference No; 255003.
Posted by ashu27
31 Jul 2008 #14
Congratulations on your HSMP. We are actively seeking IT professionals holding valid HSMP for our client requirements in UK. Please feel free to get in touch on [email protected] for the same.
Posted by karthikeya
23 Oct 2008 #15
I have resigned from the company as they forced me to travel onsite and even I was not on indian payroll at the time of applying EC so even I am also in the same situtaion hope everything goes positively...by the way what is exp. and which platform?
Posted by jayaram
24 Oct 2008 #16
Hello Karthik,

I'm having 6+ yrs exp and Test Lead.


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