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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 115 days (-55 days more than average)
13 Mar 2008
17 Mar 2008
17 Mar 2008
06 Jul 2008
15 Jul 2008
115 days
30 Nov -0001
16 Jul 2008
I Got my Papers Yesterday. Thanks to every one

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Posted by dinuhsmp
14 May 2008 #1
Wait!!! Wait!!! Wait!!! My application is also around the same date.... I think we may have to wait atleast for another 10 days...
Posted by fanie4u
16 May 2008 #2
coooool Raj!! you wil get the positive result !! jus keep faith on u
Posted by willdsEND
16 May 2008 #3
Hi rajbhog

hru man cming to refernce number they r huge applications so they r nt sending though some of the guys r getting becos of luck ok. i have'nt recived refernce number till last week but i hve called them on (+44-114 207 4074) then option 2 - again option 2 , wait for 6-8 mts mre than tht they will pick the phone, wait untill they answer i too got my ref no. by calling HO, so dnt worry all de best keep posting and updates gud luck once again
Posted by rajbhog
19 May 2008 #4
Hi reddy2629,

Thanks for giving the number ........ But i tried so many times they are not responding.
Posted by willdsEND
20 May 2008 #5
hi rajbhog hru man tx any updates from ur side....god bless u dear all de best
Posted by tanya3187
26 May 2008 #6
hello rajbhoj
even i have appld for hsmp and my appln reached HO on 17th march..
plz do keep me informed if there are any changes in ur status(approved or rejected).. and i wil do the same...
my email id is [email protected]
Posted by rajbhog
03 Jun 2008 #7
Posted by mycanal
09 Jun 2008 #8
after 14 weeks , u can , and u should, complain at bia website..
Posted by joyindia
16 Jun 2008 #9
Did you try calling HO? In my case the date of fee debit is 10th March and still not recieved any status
Posted by hach
16 Jul 2008 #10
Hi Rajbhog,

Many congratulations to you. One small doubt... How come your date of approval is same as the date of receiving papers?
I was just trying to gauge the speed of processing applications by the approval date, so kindly provide the same.

Posted by joyindia
16 Jul 2008 #11
Congrats, Good luck for EC.
Posted by hach
16 Jul 2008 #12
Yes, Clarified. Thanks a lot!
Posted by balumna
16 Jul 2008 #13

I received a mail from customer care, the mentioned decision and your doucments are have been returned to you by Airmail on 11th July 2008.

When I can expect the documents. Please help if any one knows.
Posted by ashu27
30 Jul 2008 #14
Congratulations on your HSMP. We are actively seeking IT professionals holding valid HSMP for our client requirements in UK. Please feel free to get in touch on [email protected] for the same.
Posted by dibsinbox
18 Dec 2008 #15
Congrats your case got approved,. I gave my Calcutta Univ. B.com Original cert and NARIC. And claimed 30 points nut ECO said that only original certificate is not satisfactory. I need a small help can you please tell what docs u submitted for your Qualification, I have applied for an administrative review.
Your reply will be profoundly obliged.


PS : I got points on the other sections.

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