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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 125 days (-65 days more than average)
22 May 2008
28 May 2008
28 May 2008
30 May 2008
24 Sep 2008
09 Oct 2008
125 days
30 Nov -0001
09 Oct 2008
07/10/08 - Docs are on their way to Kazakhstan and today they told me by phone i've been granted! Hooray! London, I'm almost there:) 06/10/08 So, I got a message from HO that my courier can pick up the docs on Oct 3rd. The decision will be known as soo

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Posted by Fatima2004
13 Jul 2008 #1
Hi, i dont know if there is any help but yes, the friend of mine (actually she and he hubby) already got approval. Later than was promised, but still
I think like this - if I get -OK, if I dont - nothing fatal.
You can write me on [email protected]
Posted by zalex
28 Sep 2008 #2
I have the same situation, my application was received 28th may and I called them recently, they just said:
have you seen 19th may on our website? so you need to wait...
Posted by zalex
01 Oct 2008 #3
do you have any news? i call em every 2 days, yesterday they said: "your application is assinged to a case worker"
Posted by Astartika
06 Oct 2008 #4
Hi, Zalex, I received a message from them on Friday, October 3rd saying that I can arrange my courier to pick up the docs. Today I called them to find out the decision, but they said they can reveal it only after the documents have been taken by the courier out of their office. I've arranged the MBE Sheffield courier to pick up my docs tomorrow. Actually it was the same with me, when last week on their site it appeared that they are considering cases dated June 4th, I immediately called them and thus found out that my case was under consideration. Then on Friday I got the message. That was unbelievably long - 131 days, more than 4 months. I'm sure this all was meant to be, there is nothing without reason. Let me know youк news. And how soon are you going to apply for Entry clearance?
Posted by klop
11 Nov 2008 #5
hello, I've got one question to you. Did you company received any calls from BHC or someone else to verify details provided?
my company has got a plenty persons in HR department and hence I'm warring that they won't pay enough attantion to verification call ((
have you already left KZ?

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