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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 130 days (-70 days more than average)
27 Mar 2008
28 Mar 2008
31 Mar 2008
04 Apr 2008
04 Aug 2008
11 Aug 2008
130 days
30 Nov -0001
11 Aug 2008
Received my docs today along with the approval letter. I feel quite relaxed, having received my original documents back. I am planning to apply for EC around Dec - Jan timeframe. Request you all, if you have done some research on EC, to post me some

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Posted by hsejar
06 Jun 2008 #1
Dude, watz ur ref no...my applctn is on same time line..and my ref no is 2580**
Posted by ApacheRG
03 Aug 2008 #2

My ref. no. is 2582*

I have been watching many cases over past few weeks and I am hoping that my case will be decided soon - this week or next one.
I have also sent the fax for courier pickup.
Posted by sanit
04 Aug 2008 #3

me too. My is 2586**. They are processing for application recieved date on 28 Mar now.
Posted by hach
06 Aug 2008 #4
Hi Apache,

Any joy with ur application?
Posted by ApacheRG
06 Aug 2008 #5
Hi Hach

Got a mail from Home Office yesterday to arrange for courier pickup.
Still dont know whether the decision is positive or negative.
Posted by hach
06 Aug 2008 #6
Thanks for the update mate. Hope you get the good news soon. Good Luck!
Posted by karthikeyan
11 Aug 2008 #7
dude.. within howmany days.. the docs will reach india from HO ? can I track it anywhere?
Posted by ApacheRG
12 Aug 2008 #8
I had requested them that I want to get my docs couriered. I received a mail from HO on 6th Aug that my docs are ready and I shud arrange for a courier.
I made the arrangements and the docs were picked up from HO on 7th. The courier delivered it on 11th (monday). It was pretty quick.

Not sure how many days it takes by AirMail.
Posted by chellas
12 Aug 2008 #9

I have applied for hsmp on March 24th, and my papers were received on March 27th.
My reference number starts with the series same as yours, i.e 2582**.
I have not received any information from HO.
When I have mailed them 10 days back,I have got a reply that they are currently
working on March 25th dated applications, and it will take some time.
Kindly let me know whether I need to call them and ask for my status.

Posted by ApacheRG
13 Aug 2008 #10
Hi Chellas

Your application should have been processed before mine since my application reached HO on 28th.
I believe every Case Worker is assigned a set of applications, for eg. someone might have been assigned applications from 24th - 27th March, and another case worker might have been assigned 28th March - 31st March (just to say).
So in such a scenario, its possible that the applications received later could be processed earlier.
Nevertheless, your application should be under processing and you should be receiving your docs pretty soon.

I never mailed or phoned them for my application status. I just sent a fax in july that I want to get my docs back by a courier. So, when decision on my case was taken, they mailed me telling that decision is taken and I shud arrange for a courier.

Let me know if you have any more doubts.

Posted by chellas
13 Aug 2008 #11

Thanks for the comments. Will wait for few more days until I get any feedback from HO, and then
call up and check.


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