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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 10 days (50 days less than average)
United States
United States
23 Apr 2007
27 Apr 2007
27 Apr 2007
03 May 2007
17 May 2007
10 days
30 Nov -0001
17 May 2007
Approved! Letter dated May 3. Received documents May 17

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Posted by fortordtwobuck
03 May 2007 #1
Just called customer service today - made a decision on my case!!! *CROSSING MY FINGERS*
Posted by sarahpell
06 May 2007 #2
good luck - my payment was debited same day so will call tonight and see how mine is going. my first decision (refused) took over 2 weeks to get to me so hope this one will not take so long by airmail. and thanks for diirecting me here from the forums!
Posted by push
07 May 2007 #3
That was quick dude. All the best !!
My payment too got cleared on 27th, but I have not received the reference number yet. Did you call/mail them to get it?
Posted by fortordtwobuck
07 May 2007 #4
I don't know the final decision yet, hoping it is good. Definitely call them. Also, ask them where you are in the process (with primary case worker, being reviewed, etc.) Let me know where you guys are in the process! :)
Posted by push
07 May 2007 #5
When I mailed them regarding my reference number,this is what I got:
Dear Peeyush

Thank you for your email

I am pleased to inform you your application has been received and is currently under consideration

HSMP applications can take between 5 and 14 weeks to clear
I hope this is helpful.

I dont know what does it mean ??
Posted by fortordtwobuck
08 May 2007 #6
That means nothing. You need to call. That is the only time I got any information
Posted by gordon
11 Jun 2007 #7
Dear fortordtwobuck

Have you gone through the entry clearance process in the US ? I'm doing so by post through the consulate in NY, and it seems that one is required to submit the online application, passport, photo, and the approval letter.

However, on the britainusa.com website, it also says 'It is your responsibility to satisfy the entry clearance officer that you meet all the criteria of the category under which you are applying.' Does this mean that one should submit all the supporting documents that were submitted in support of the initial application ? That would seem awfully excessive to me, but I am worried that they are implicitly expecting certain documents to be submitted for review.

May I ask what you did ? Many thanks.

Posted by fortordtwobuck
11 Jun 2007 #8
Gordon -

Yes, you absolutely MUST provide all of the documents that you sent in your initial application (along with the approval letter). This is what I sent:

1) HSMP Application Documents
2) Passport
3) Application printout with photo (I also included an extra photo that wasn't cropped down in case I cropped too much)
4) Financial documents (Bank and investment statements)
- My bank statements
- IRA statements
- Savings account statement
- Also stated in application that my parents would be helping out with application
Posted by alnirve
04 Mar 2008 #9

Did you use an agency to help you fill out the application? If so, which one? In live in Tennessee. I just found out my application was rejected, probably on salary evidence, even though I know I qualify. Apparently I need help. [email protected]

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